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AlphaMax Reviews

By: Performax Labs


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AlphaMax is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Performax Labs. It helps optimize your natural testostorone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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  April 15, 2015

Once again, I found myself the beneficiary of a great Performax Labs giveaway, this time in the form of Alphamax. Alphamax is a pro-anabolic advanced myotropic complex, meant to elevate test and GH production, increase strength and athletic performance, promote lean mass, and control estrogen, prolactin, and cortisol. I was hoping that, after a month run of AD-3/DAA and combined with BPS Combustion, Alphamax would help increase lean mass and strength, while eliminating body fat, with some benefits to mood and energy as well. As far as natural hormone modulating products are concerned, I saw pretty great results, due in no small part to the great profile…


We begin with a great blend of micronutrients:
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) -- 2000iu
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl) -- 234mcg
Magnesium (aspartate) -- 10mg
Zinc (mono-L-methione and aspartate) -- 720mcg

All of these micronutrients are proven to support mood, energy, test production, blood flow, and a number of other crucial processes. In fact, 90% of the body’s zinc is found in skeletal muscle and bone. That sort of distribution ought to tell you something about its importance for strength training. What you get here is a nice little ZMA formula, but that’s only the beginning.

Free Test
Urtica dioica extract containing 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran -- 700mg
Total Test and GH
Mucuna Pruriens extract (98% L-DOPA) -- 150mg
Estrogen and Cortisol Control
Arimistane -- 37.5 mg
Lean Mass Activator
Coleus forskohlii (95% forskolin) -- 25mg
Test Support
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 2000iu

This is a well-rounded, full-service natural hormone support supplement. The only thing it’s missing is DAA, although a full dose is not totally practical in addition to what’s already contained, and maybe the aspartate forms of Zinc and Magnesium help out in that respect – not sure of the science there.

Urtica dioica is an interesting ingredient. Research is inconclusive regarding its test boosting properties, but many of its components (3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran in particular) have shown an affinity for binding to SHBG, theoretically increasing free testosterone. The mucuna/velvet bean offers GH and liver support, as well as bolstering mood and cognitive function, and it comes as a concentrated extract. Arimistane is probably the best over-the-counter AI on the market right now, and it shines here as usual.

The forskolin, again a potent extract, is a nifty little ingredient, and I got an extra bump by taking Combustion concurrently. It’s meant to promote lean body mass by increasing cellular levels of cyclic adenosine mono-phosphate (cAMP), which is associated with higher rate of fat loss. This, combined with its potential for boosting testosterone, makes it a great addition to this product. It’s also supposed to work synergistically with beta adrenergic receptor agonists, so unlike a lot of natural test boosters that work better in caloric surplus, Alphamax makes a great companion to fat burners that contain b2-ARAs, like higenamine.

Keep in mind that the above amounts are per serving, and you take two daily servings, so double the amounts on the panel for a day’s worth of stuff. That makes for a hefty helping of helpful helpers.


Easy peasy, no nasty burps. 2 pills twice daily, separated by 6-8 hours. This seemed to boost my workout performance a bit, or at least my perception of my performance, so I’d typically try to take the afternoon dose within an hour or so of lifting.


This might be the best natural test booster I’ve tried to date. Without blood tests, I can’t comment on test or GH levels with any certainty, but I did experience the typical manifestation of heightened testosterone levels – oily skin, aggression (in and out of the gym), higher energy levels, and elevated mood to name a few. Libido was a bit of a hit or miss, but I could say confidently that my drive was slightly higher than normal.

I also had some supreme workouts during my use. Partly because of higher test levels, and partly, I think, due to the vaso/bronchodilatory effects of some of these ingredients, and they way they contribute to the effects of other supplements I was taking (namely Combustion). While making an effort to shed some body fat, I maintained and possibly even gained a bit of strength, and had consistently exceptional workouts except where limited by joint issues (see below).

I also noticed a much leaner and dryer feel and appearance to my physique, including increased vascularity. Again, I was taking Combustion for the majority of my use of this product, but the combination of forskolin with Arimistane really came through for me. I noticed more defined cuts and striations in a few muscle groups, as well as veins becoming more visible and sometimes protruding where they didn’t before. Pumps and vascularity during exercise were also quite pronounced; I had some of the best pumps of my life while using Alphamax, akin to, but probably a bit less than, what I experienced with Magnitropin.


This is the only real complaint I have. My joints, particularly my knees and hips, had a very rough time towards the end of this run. I should mention again that I started Alphamax immediately after a month run of AD-3, and both products contain 75mg of Arimistane per daily dose. I’ve never used Arimistane for more than a month, and I don’t think I prepared myself well enough for it. Granted, I have a history of knee and hip problems, including Osgood Schlatter’s disease, multiple hip flexor strains, and a host of other minor injuries I sustained in high school.

Even with the joint support complex in Orange Triad and as much as 6g of fish oil per day, I was in pretty bad shape. It was upsetting that I couldn’t reap the benefits of the way Alphamax made me feel otherwise, and really kill lower body lifts the way I wanted to. If I were to plan an 8 week run anytime in the future, I would make sure to cycle my effort more carefully, and really devote the necessary time to mobility work. Maybe even pick up an extra joint support supplement.

Another minor side effect was some disruption of my regular sleep habits in the first few days of use. This could be due to the urtica dioica, as nettle extracts cause sleep issues for people sometimes. It could also have been a "rebound" effect from finishing AD-3. In any event, it resolved itself after a couple of days.


About $35 from most vendors for the 120 count bottle, which is 30 days at the recommended 4/day. This is pretty good for something that works as well as it does, but would set you back $70 for an 8 week run, which is what I’d do if I had my druthers. That’s pretty hefty, and not a purchase I would make readily, for benefits that I see as pleasant but unnecessary. I probably won’t pick it up anytime soon unless there’s a promotion.


The profile is great, and it works. The side effects were pretty darn uncomfortable, and the price is so-so. Nevertheless, for anyone looking for a comprehensive natural hormone regulator, this is my recommendation. It functions well on its own, boosting the “good” and limiting the “bad” simultaneously, but also plays well with others. Definitely a solid product.
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Full Label Disclosure
  • Leaning And Drying Effect
  • Better Mood And Energy
  • Complete Profile
  • Alpha Feeling
  • Joint Pain
Rep: +337
Trust: 100%
  June 2, 2014

Thanks to Performax Labs for the opportunity to run 4 weeks of this solid little test booster.

--Profile-- 8.5/10

Check out Brenth6112's review of this product for a great breakdown of the ingredients. He did a very thorough job and I don't think there's anything I can add in that sense.

I have to give props to Performax Labs for giving us a fully disclosed profile, which allows for easier stacking. I think it's very well rounded, targeting various aspects of lifestyle and performance. That's also why I think this would shine a little brighter as part of a stack rather than as a standalone. Add an additional supplement or two so that it fits more exactly with your goals.

--Effectiveness-- 7/10

Label claims include 'Elevate Testosterone and GH Production,' 'Increase Strength and Athletic Performance,' 'Lean Hard Muscle Mass,' Control: Estrogen, Prolactin, and Cortisol.'

The first effect I noticed was immediate, starting day 1; sleep was noticeably deeper and more refreshing. This effect can be attributed to the L-Dopa, and the effect stuck around from the beginning til the end of my run.

The next effect I noticed was increased appetite, which could be an effect of the L-Dopa, or a side effect of increased testosterone and nutrient uptake/turnover. This effect started about 10 days into my 30 day run and only lasted for a week.

Next effect was actually a decrease in libido and my body beginning to dry out right when the appetite increase ended at day 17. A few days later my libido completely changed gears and I became an insatiable bedroom monster. One of the definite highlights of my run was the craziness under sheets. I don't want to get too graphic, but my gf was too sore to keep up with my pace.

By day 20 the dryness was really getting noticeable from an aesthetic perspective. This effect carried through til a week after the run ended. It was another highlight of the run. I have never looked better in my life than during the last week of this run. (pictures up in my log ) Unfortunately, the dry muscles came with a nasty little side effect of dry joints. It really put a damper on some of the later workouts during this run. For that reason I don't know if I could've run much more than a single bottle of this.

I can't claim to have gained any lean body mass. I hopped on the body comp analyzer before and after my run and it actually increased from 10.7% to 10.9%, without any notable change in weight. I was eating slightly over maintenance the whole run, and I actually really pulled my diet together for it.

Strength gains were there, but they didn't seem to be anything extraordinary. In the first 3 weeks my deadlift increased from 335 to 365. I didn't attempt any heavy squats at the very end of my run because of joint discomfort, so it's hard to gauge the increase there.

--Dosing-- 10/10

Everything included in effective amounts, 2 pills in the morning with breakfast and 2 pills before you go to sleep at night. Don't see any room for improvement there.

--Value-- 7/10

This runs for around $33 before shipping. I assume that as the company grows that price point will drop and value will increase, and this company is certainly not going anywhere with products like this. What you're paying for is fully disclosed, high quality ingredients in a unique blend at efficacious levels. AlphaMax doesn't shine from a value perspective, but it is worth it.

--Overall-- 8/10

I loved everything that I saw with this product. I got great sleep, muscles got very dry and tight, and I was wicked frisky. I wish I had more evidence of increased testosterone. While I had a temporary increase in appetite, it would've been nice to see increased acne, aggression, and slightly increased strength gains or decreased recovery.

I think this product definitely has a very clear place in the supplement industry. I will personally use this product again, spending my own money, as a post-ostarine PCT protocol because of the aromatase inhibition and the test stimulation.

I would recommend this product to anybody with aesthetic goals with the caveat that 2 bottles may cause too much dryness to have effective workouts for the whole run.
  • Great Sleep
  • Libido
  • Increased Definition
  • Full Label Disclosure
  • Joint Pain
Rep: +324
Trust: 100%
  May 26, 2014

What's good ladies and gentleman of SR. First and foremost I would like to give a huge shout out to Ant, Cubs, and Nick along with everyone from PerformaxLabs for the opportunity to try out their stellar test booster Alphamax. While I don't have extensive experience with multiple different test boosters, I have tried a few and felt I could give an adequate comparison to those like Anabeta Elite, Testogen XR, and more. Lets jump in!


I can't do the profile justice like Brent, but I can recap for the ingredients I am familiar with:

Arimistane- 75mg- this was first interested me as I have run Erase Pro in the past and I loved it. I know the pros and cons of arimistane, so I could judge whether or not it was effective within Alphamax. It was.

Coleus Forskohlii- normally I have run this at levels around 100-150mg in the past, so 50mg was a low dose for me from a fat burning side, but since this product isnt about burning, rather it relies on Coleus to aid in it's ability to increase testosterone.

98% DOPA (300mg) and ZMA (120mg)- I have used PowerFull in the past with some effect, but nothing to write home about. I was skeptical of Alphamax using it as a sleep aid, but I was pleasantly surprised. Although I had no crazy psycho dreams, the sleep I would get was astounding. For me, it rivaled Resurrect-PM by RCSS. I have always been a late night workout person, so sometimes I don't get to bed until midnight or later, meaning I get on average 6 hours of sleep. When I would get the less, it still felt like I got 8+ hours because the sleep was deep and relaxing.

This is where I got tripped up at first. I started with one dose upon rising, one mid day. Then I switched to one mid day, one preworkout. i finally ended at one preworkout and one before bed after talking with the reps, but I wish this protocol could have been made more clear on the label. Its a very minor hiccup, but one that I thought should be noted.

Effectiveness- 9

This product straight up worked. From a Pr standpoint, I was on top of the game. On April 19th, I attempted a new PR of 405lbs for Sumo deadlifts and was able to get it about 3 inches off the floor. Im new to the Sumo game, but I still got very discouraged by not hitting it. By may 15th, I hit 405 for one rep, and was very pleased. I can safely say this product played a key role in hitting this PR and other PR's as well. On other notes, I felt more alpha in the gym, but my focus was spotty. Sometimes it was on the work at hand, sometimes it was on the yoga pants around the gym. This did get distracting at times, but I was still able to dial in each set and push my limits with every workout. As previously noted, the sleep was amazing as well.

Side Effects- 4 (lower the better)

I did experience dry joints during my cycle of Alphamax. It was expected from the Arimistane, but nothing some additional fish oil couldn't fix. It got a little worse towards the end, but I was able to work around it without damaging my joints. The libido distraction aspect could be considered a side effect, although not a negative one haha.

Value- 8
This is between $27-$32 for a bottle around the web, so its right in the mix with other test boosters money wise. The fact that it uses higher grade ingredients and its additional punch in versatility gives it a step up on the competition.

Overall- 9

I really enjoyed this product and its ability to help me hit multiple PR's during its run. It delivered on its claims and can be placed in the running for one of my favorite pill based test boosters. I would recommend this to anyone wanting an increase in test with an added "lights out" sleep aspect.

For more info and day by day breakdown, visit my log on this product:

  • Great Sleep
  • Builds Muscle
  • Libido
  • Joint Pain
Rep: +1,260
Trust: 100%
  May 18, 2014

How's it going SR. Next up for review is Alphamax by Performax Labs. They were kind enough to send this out to me to log and review so I give you guys many thanks for that. Companies are on a constant search of the next big thing in natural test boosters. First it was tribulus which now leaves more to be desired. Next, DAA was introduced and that seems to be working well. Another approach being used is the ability to create more free testosterone and ingredients to help improve sleep, which is the route Performax Labs decided to take with Alphamax. Let's get into it.

Multi/Fish oil
Milk Thistle
Creatine Nitrate/Creatine Mono Pre/Post
Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Post
Modern BCAA+ Intra
Stimul8 PWO


Below is a list of the main ingredients and the quantity of each. Also included are:
Vitamin D-2000iU(500%)
Vitamin B6-234mcg(10%0

Urtica Dioica 1400mg daily- Basically another term for stinging nettle root and is known for a release of free testosterone. This makes your body's testosterone more readily available for use for things like libido, lean mass, and better mood to name a few. Ive seen it said that anywhere from 500-1500 mg is recommended so this is a healthy dose.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract(98% L-Dopa) 300mg daily- L-DOPA is the precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and epinephrine (adrenaline). It enhances your mood and is known for its treatment of Parkinson's disease. It is known to give vivid dreams and relaxation which helps with getting better sleep. It is produced from the pretty popular amino acid L-tyrosine which is known to increase focus. With this dosage, it is mainly going to increase the amount of growth hormone circulating in the system(200-500mg). Higher doses will help with testosterone increases(160mg/kg bodyweight).

ARIMISTANE 75mg daily- Popular Armoatase Inhibitor(AI). Controls estrogen and cortisol. Benefits from an increase in testosterone and reduction of high levels of estrogen and cortisol. It is a natural compound that is a downstream metabolite of DHEA that exists in the body. Arimistane will elevate your natural myotropic state, leading to more muscle mass, better recovery, decreased fat storage, and increased libido. The first effects users notice is a drying out and hardening effect, showing increases in vascularity and increased definition. The average dose is anywhere from 50-200mg so at 75mg it's a nice dosage but not on the high end.

Coleus Forskohlii(95% Forskolin) 50mg daily- Shown to help with body weight management. Increases cAMP which increases the rate of fat loss and increases testosterone levels. Shown to help with lean body mass gain. Helps with weight loss by making you feel fuller and therefore not eating as much because of a decrease in enjoyment of food. It is said to stimulate lipolysis which helps breakdown fat, increase BMR, increase thermogenesis from food amoung other things. Best thing to take away from this is that it is said to help lose fat while maintaining or increasing muscle mass. I am a bit confused on the dosage though. I can only find where it has been used at 250mg with 10% extract of forskolin.. In theory, that would mean if you divide the 250mg by 10, you would get 25mg and at 95%, this seems about right? Maybe I can get some clarification on that.

ZMA 120mg daily- Helps with REM sleep and is said to increase testosterone but not really for healthy men. This is a highly debated ingredient but anything that helps with sleep can be of benefit to most people. I am also confused on the dosage on this. ZMA is made up of zinc, magnesium, and B6. Recommended Dosage for the zinc is 30mg, magnesium 450mg, and B6 11mg. So this is highly underdosed when you add them all up? Pardon my ignorance.

Vitamin D3 4000 IU daily- Everyone knows vitamin d helps with bone health but it also helps boost testosterone mainly due to it being able to regulate the aromatase enzyme. 3000 IU is recommended year round so there is a fat dose of this.


2 pills twice a day isn't bad. The bottle contained a 30 day supply. What I did like was the ability to vary how you dosed it. I normally went with one does 30 minutes PWO and the 2nd dose before bed. I experimented as well. I took two in the morning and two PWO as well as two in the morning and 2 pre bed. I enjoyed the boost it gave PWO and the sleep quality so that's why I went with that dosage most of the time.


This was noticed most in the days where I took the first serving in the morning. I felt more on top of things and it was just easier to focus.

I'll admit I have had better libido with other test boosters but it did become apparent that there was an increase. This is not a very important effect for me as a 27 year old man but it is a good sign to see during the run.

Strength Gain-8.5
I saw my strength increase steadily in just about every way. Endurance was increased for high volume days and for low volume days I was able to get quality reps of sets of 3-5. There were a handful of rep PR's during this run but not much increase for 1RM's.

Body Composition- 9
This was probably my favorite quality of this product. I gained a total of about 3 pounds all while increasing hardness, leanness, and vascularity. I received a few comments on how I was getting "huge" as well which is always fun. My frame got a little wider and more defined. In this aspect, I feel like this may be the best performing product Ive used.

Great, consistent sleep. It didn't perform quite like a GH booster like MassHGH or Resurrect PM but it was very good for the amount of sleep ingredients in contained. Feel asleep easier, stayed asleep, and had very vivid dreams almost every night. No sleep hangover to note either. I always felt relatively refreshed even though I hate mornings.

I usually don't get a ton of soreness but this seemed to help keep me that way. I always felt fresh when training. I probably take this for granted and also use other supplements to help with this but it is still on par when compared with other test boosting products.

When Taken PWO-7.8
I did get a noticeably better pump when working out. It may have increased energy and stamina but it would have been more subtle. Still not as good as Testogen or Dpol though.

Side Effects-8
I did get some increased acne on my face, back, and chest. This is very rare for me but it is a good sign of increased test so I didn't mind. During the last week of the run I noticed slight joint pain and it was only really located in my right knee. That could be caused by many things so Im not sure if it was the arimistane of just a tweak. Either way I did not get achy joints and some might get from the estrogen control.

As far as price, this is going to run an average of about 35 dollars. That isn't bad for what you get from this product but I think it would be easier to sell at closer to 30. They used recommended dosages with quality ingredients so that has to be taken into consideration when looking at this.

This product deserves a solid 9 from me. It performed beyond my expectations and I was quite pleased to have had this much success. I would highly recommend that you give this a try. With all the key, quality ingredients contained here, it is going to be hard for this to miss many users in terms of effectiveness. I also think it should be noted that I think with adding some bulk DAA powder to this, you should see some great results and is something that I will be willing to try in the future.

Here is the link to the log:
  • Great Sleep
  • Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Libido
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Increased Definition
  • Acne
Rep: +4,269
Trust: 100%

  March 8, 2014

Thanks to the reps over at Perform Max, as well as Petey himself for the hook up.

Let's not delay this any longer...


As a whole I like the ingredient profile as a whole, save for maybe one possible issue.

The ingredients seem consistent with the intent of the product, & appear to be dosed appropriately. I'm so-so on the inclusion of ZMA (I'm so-so on ZMA as a whole), the inclusion of Vitamin D3 is nice, & I like the inclusion of Arimistane®. However, I'm not too sure about the dosage of said Arimistane®. I've seen the dosage recommended at 50mg or more in some places, but it is dosed at 37.5mg per two pills (one serving). That being said, other products like PES' Erase has Arimistane® dosed at 25mg per serving. Furthermore, at the recommended four pills per day, you are getting around 75mg per day. To be fair, I'm not all that familiar with Arimistane®, so I could be just thinking too much about it.

Everything else jives for the most part.


To be frank, I don't think Alpha Max worked as well as I would have hoped.

I did notice some increase in testosterone, but mostly though side effects (specifically acne/"backne"). I won't say that it didn't work in that respect, but not as pronounced as other test-boosters I've used in the past.

As far as estrogen control, I would have to say it did to an extent. Again, I noticed the side effects more (dry/sore joints) & felt that I was leaner in some respects. My veins popped a bit better, shoulders were a tad more pronounced, but nothing exceptional. That being said, I don't expect much from over the counter products in terms of results. I do believe they will help, but just to an extent.

All that said, when I see products like Alpha Max I automatically think "PCT" or "stack with another, stronger test-booster". In those respects, I do feel Alpha Max would have performed much better than it did on its own.


Alpha Max is priced around $35 or so, which is quite comparable to other similar products. For that price you get 60 servings (two pills), which should last right around 30 days/one month at four pills per day (recommended dose). All that considered, the value is about right.


I feel under different circumstances, Alpha Max would have fared much better than the score it received. I wouldn't say products similar to Alpha Max are designed for a specific use, but they do seem to excel under those circumstances. As a stand-alone, though, Alpha Max is very average.
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Increased Definition
  • Less Effective Solo

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