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Trust: 52%

gatordevin's DAA Pure Review

May 9, 2011

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 9

This is a tough one to review for me. I have tried prohomones and AAS over the years and now that im getting older (i know im only 25) i wanna take a supplement that wont have a lasting effect on my natural test levels, unless a positive one. with this being said, the only reason i didnt give this product...


Trust: 25%

synman's DAA Pure Review

November 4, 2011

Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10

Well, I have used this exact product 3 times now on three different occasions and with all three experiences, I deffinatly had great results.

First time I used it was for a PCT from Test Cyp/ D-bol stack and along with Tamox. I had a great recovery. My balls had a fullness to them that I had never...

Trust: 0%

FrkNTraining's DAA Pure Review

April 28, 2011

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 9

Alright this is my 1st Review of any product so bear with me. I've been taking DAA Pure for a little over a month now in the beginning I was spliting up the recommended dose of 4 per day taking 2 first thing in the morning before working out and the other 2 at least an hour after eating dinner. For the...

Trust: 0%

20gunsalute's DAA Pure Review

June 21, 2011

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 5

I gave this a 7 due to the fact that it does work, increases strength, libido, muscles are pumped, but like the other reviews I was using other products at the time, mainly creatine magnesium chelate, so I don't know if I can attribute all of this to daa. I do know I had to stop this mid cycle due to...