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Serious Mass

By Optimum
Serious Mass Optimum
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How many times a day should i take this?
which time of the day and how mant cups a day?

I am really considering about taking this product. How has it worked for others?
Im 5'9" 170 lbs. and have taken many other mass gainers but this seems to be the one with the most calories. So i figured I would see how everyone liked it?

Will This Product Put On Bad Weight?
Ive been thinking about taking this supplement, but what im mostly worried about it putting on bad weight, i want to bulk up but i want to put on little...

Would it be good if i took this with kre alkalyn?
i already bought kre alk and my friend has serious mass and it tasted great. im 5'8 and weigh 135-140 and just tryin to put on some muscle/weight. any...

ON serious mass vs UP YOUR MASS
im 20 and weight 135 and im 6'0. Which one should i get?

Is this a good gainer?
I weight 135 and im 6'0'. Its hard for me to gain weight and i was wondering is this a good gainer? I also take ON whey protein and i was wondering how...

Which flavor is the best?
Need a quick response please. Which flavor should i get? Thanks 8)

What do you think of Serious Mass?
Just picked up a 6pound jug of this Serious Mass, was wondering what anybody had to say about this product. Ive tried plenty of weight gainers, and these...

Can I use kre aklyn 1500 with this prodduct?

Should I take this next or take Iso Mass Extreme Gainer?
Ive seen some good reviews about this stuff right now I been takin iso mass extreme gainer and have gained around 5pounds itss almost gone do you think...

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