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Serious Mass

By Optimum
Serious Mass Optimum
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Serious Mass ranks #5 of 30 in (Protein > Weight Gainers) and is rated better than 86% of all products in this category.

Serious Mass Questions & Answers:

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taken serious mass 6 lb take another one type ?

after i reach my goal with this product, can i stop taking it and continue to
take whey instead and not lose weight?

im 5'10 and 150 lbs. i need to bulk up fast in a month. what is the cheapest and
best way to do it?

Being an underweight 20 year old, will this help me gain weight?
Hi, I am 20 years old and weight close to 80 pounds. I am 4 feet and 10 inches, so I am not trying to...

I got round scoop inside Optimum Nitrition Serious Mass
I ordered ON Serious Mass 12 Lb online. when i opened it i found round scoop in it (which may be of max...

What pwo supplement should I stack with serious mass?
I've been taking serious mass for about a month with good results as I've put on weight but would like...

Stacking with Cellmass ?
How about stacking serious mass with bsn cellmass post workout ?

course of serious mass
how many month shuld i use this supplement? if i take only 1 pack of 12lbs is it enough to gain weight?...

When is the best time to take this mass gainer?
I just wanted to know when the best time I should take serious mass and if I should take 2 scoops at once our just one?

Can u have a six pack while taking this?
I am 5,9 and 160 and want to get to 180 but I want to have a 10% body fat and get a six pack will this...

Hello Experts, I am 26 years old 119lbs 5'74" I purchased serious mass gainer
I cant take quantity food compared to my friends they are fast & eat plenty. My working hours are in...

Can i stack it with BSN Amino X ?
i am not sure if i can do this or not i mean stack Serious Mass with BSN Amino X !! can anyone help me?

I've taken this product ... and gained 5 pounds in 1 week .
problem is ive gained the weight but im not seeing any changes to my body... also onto my second week...

can we take this post-workout coupled with HydroBuilder
Hi, i've started using serious mass recently to gain the bulkiness. i'm taking 1 serving in a day split...

Does Serious Mass will increase my body fat percentage?
Hello, this is my first question ever on this site, so please don't be too hard on me. I promise I'll...

i am replying to a question asked to me.
yes i dad anorexia and had fallen into a depression after my mother dies in 2010. but i am doing...

can serious mass help with
hi i am a 30 yr old female, 5'5 and was weighing 75 lbs last year june. i started taking serious mas...

Some black dots and some little stuffs in my serious mass bag?
Actually it doesn't expire yet because it is dated as 2013. Sometimes it might protein or something....

i bought a serious mass bag and i didn't get any scoop in it? why is that? is th
Thanks for all guys who will give me the helpful answers. Plus actually i refilled that serious mass...

I didn't get any scoop in there.
i bought a serious mass bag and i didn't get any scoop in it? why is that? is that a mistake or something?

is there any conditions 2 use dis product??
my frnd is sujstng dis brand,but am 18 year old,175 cm hgt and 54Kg weight... is am fit 2 use ds product???

how to take it for gain weight and how much quaintety is best for everyday
and flavour

iam 30 year and my weight is 83 kg and i have just started to taking it and iam
doing gym as well so will you you tell me what is the best way to take serious mass to gain weight ?

How long does one 6 lb container last and one 12 lb container last?

time to take weight gainer
suggst me what is the proper time to take a weight gainer. i m currently taking jack3d as a preworkout....

i am 22 years old with weight of 110 lbs. i have recently started working out which consists mainly of...

Any side effects?
I'm considering buying this product but I'm wondering are there any side effects? I'm hearing people...

should i use it?
i'am 20 and my BMI is 17.3....underweight :((...i want to put up weight.....is serious mass a good option?

The serving sizes are huge, how many scoops should i take a day?
Im 16, 5'11 and weigh 130lbs.

How long will take for Serious Mass to work actually?
I'm 5'5" and 120 lbs with slim body. I started consuming Serious mass for the past three days. Since...

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uhm Serious Mass... really.... I mean really...
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