Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate

By Nutrex
Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate Nutrex
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why is my lipo 6 black ultra concentrate is wet and like its melting?..
ive been using lipo 6 black ultra concentrate for a week now and why is that its wet and its like its melting?.. is it ok to store it to fridge to avoid...

having a problem..
guys i need your suggestions,, on my first day of taking this 30 mins before meal it feels good, focus energy and hot feeling,, but after the first 20...

Plateaued after a week of taking?
I have been taking this product for about a week. When I started taking it I was 225lbs (I just had a baby 6 months ago by the way and im 5'9'' and 21...

does this really works?
im planning to take this fat burner, and do you think guys this could help me get those definition on my muscles? what i mean is cuts, my only source of...

morning or noon?
Just got this product for a week. My salesman advice me to take one pill per day and that's during first thing in the morn. But the problem is I workout...

After cycle supplement
I took Lipo6 Black UC for 1 cycle but when I was about to buy a bottle for my second one, the stocks are out. So I opted for the Normal Lipo6 Black. Here's...

how to loose chest fat quickly? is cardio enough? and which cardio?
I have just started to take the pill from today. i have fat in the chest. i want to get rid off this. Which exercise i have to perform?

Does Lipo 6 work as well as OxyElite Pro?
I tried oxy elite pro, and it works like a charm but unfortunately i suffered from having hemorrhoids few weeks later. Any problems with lipo 6 BUC? does...

can this be taken Pre W
hey guys i have just finished using my few caps of OEP ,which i had stacked with ANS DILATE. seeing some good results . now i want to keep this on for...

hw would i achieved it?
guys im buying this prduct th is month, i have a bottle f kre alkalyn. and im planning t sotck both lip at pre workut and krealkalyn post wrkout. by...

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recreate+lipo 6 ultra concentrate
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