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whats the difference?

I need to find out the difference between natural t boosters and prohormones. I would like to try the Arimatest to see how it works. I had tried some prohormones, Trenadrol in the past was scared away by the libido drop and all the PCT. Seemed more then I wanted to get into. I just need it plain and simple, whats the difference? Thanks!


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Posted December 12, 2009
Natural test boosters are a supplement that does exactly what the title states: Naturally boosts test levels by elevating your body's natural levels, but not making them freakishly high.

Pro Hormones are synthetic hormones that are put into the body and build muscle. However, the synthetic testosterone causes your body to shut down its natural production, which is where the PCT comes in to bring your natural levels back (some people take a natural test booster as a PCT).

Bottom line:
Natural T Booster: Natural
PH: Synthetic