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Carbo Gain

Carbo Gain NOW
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Add any mass?
will it add any mass? good for a meal replacement?

would it be dangerous to mix this in my wieght gainer shake?
i am taking up your mass. and i was wondering if i could just put some of this in with my shakes , or is that dangerous?

Is this ideal to take post workout during a lean bulk?
I have tried karbolyn, dextrose and waxxymaize so far but I need a cheaper alternative right now. I am currently doing a lean bulk and was curious if this...

Hypoglycemia and Carbo gain
I'm curious about the carb source in this, im hypoglycemic so i need som complex carbs, i typicallly use MHP Up Your Mass, but this is MUCH cheaper and...

Will this help me as well as a weight gainer?
If I add this too a good whey protien, will that basically be as good as taking a weight gainer? That might be a good way to save some cash.

Can you combine this with 16oz of gatorade post workout?
Can you combine this with 16oz's of gatorade post workout? This would be used for a bulk but I wasnt sure if combining the two would either hinder each...

Is this ok as a post workout carb source??
So I usually take dextrose post workout but I recently ran out. I have a tub of this that I use sometimes to make weight gaining shakes and was wondering...

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