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Carbo Gain

Carbo Gain NOW
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Carbo Gain ranks #11 of 30 in (Protein > Weight Gainers) and is rated better than 66% of all products in this category.

Carbo Gain Questions & Answers:

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Is this ideal to take post workout during a lean bulk?
I have tried karbolyn, dextrose and waxxymaize so far but I need a cheaper alternative right now. I am...

Hypoglycemia and Carbo gain
I'm curious about the carb source in this, im hypoglycemic so i need som complex carbs, i typicallly...

Is this ok as a post workout carb source??
So I usually take dextrose post workout but I recently ran out. I have a tub of this that I use sometimes...

would it be dangerous to mix this in my wieght gainer shake?
i am taking up your mass. and i was wondering if i could just put some of this in with my shakes , or is that dangerous?

Will this help me as well as a weight gainer?
If I add this too a good whey protien, will that basically be as good as taking a weight gainer? That...

Can you combine this with 16oz of gatorade post workout?
Can you combine this with 16oz's of gatorade post workout? This would be used for a bulk but I wasnt...

Add any mass?
will it add any mass? good for a meal replacement?