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N2 Guard

  By: Need To Build Muscle

Trust: 1%

Let's start with the value because this product cost $55 per bottle!

$55...$55!!! Holy ***! It's a multi-vitamin and a cycle support which don't get me wrong is great and when you purchase two different products they would cost this much but I don't think this multi-vitamin could touch animal pak or even Orange Triad and then cycle assist is $27. It's an amazing product and you get more if you combine it with animal pak or orange triad(plus triad cover your joint supplement on top of that)! So it gets a 6/10 on the value...$55 for 30days worth...jeez!

Even though it is very expensive I have to give it to works. Now one might ask how would I know this. Lets say mixing 30mg of superdrol with 40mg of p-plex and I had no sides but I decided to drop the N2guard for couple of days and Oh My F$%CKING GOD! My blood pressure went so high that I could not walk across campus and I had hard time breathing just seating down in class room. I added N2Guard and couple days later I was back to normal. I then stayed on suspension and NPP the entire time but I did superdrol and p-plex for 4 weeks, took a break from PH, and then did 3.5 weeks of SD and DMZ. My organs should be dead right now but I feel great. Oh I also went to doctor like 4-5 times during my cycle, for different reasons, and my blood pressure was prefect every time. One time it was on high normal but I was going through major issues and was mentally freaking out a lot. So that could be one good 'ole reason.

No matter how good this product is I still believe $55 is insane so that's why it gets an 8. Also nobody has ever had a good comparison of this product and cycle assist(and backing themselves up with publish research) but I have to say that cycle assist does wonders. If this product was $40 or so I would say it's the greatest thing out there but I hate to say this...I will probably stick to cycle assist and animal pak(or orange triad) next time. Sorry but it's too damn expensive.

If I have left anything out please feel free to ask.
  • Did Everything It Said It Would
  • Multi-vitamin And Cycle Support In One Product
  • Only 7 Small Caps
  • Easy Dosage
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