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Amino Build

By MuscleTech

Suspicious reviews discovered and deleted: Deleted several reviews from MuscleTech's "Field Test Team"

Amino Build MuscleTech
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Trust: 2%

A Good Choice For a BCAA AND Intraworkout

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 8

This review is of all 3 flavors of amino build, by MuscleTech, green apple, fruit punch, and white grape. Each aspect of the product will be weighed differently based on what I feel is the importance of each one.

Complex --- /20

The Amino Build complex is composed of three main aspects, the BCAA complex, a Cell Volumizing Complex and betanine (strength enhancing compound).

The BCAA complex has a ratio of 2:1:1, which is what I usually look for. I noticed a difference taking this product vs just a 2:1:1 BCAA product. I noticed an oddly better pump despite no PWO and I noticed leaving the gym less tired and sweaty, it let me up my intensity to a point where I'd usually puke.

I also noticed I was stronger in my usual fasted state I go to the gym in, after school, I was able to lift about 10% more while on the BCAA, but ONLY when I was taking 1 scoop pre workout by about half an hour and the other intra workout.

With cardio when I first took the stuff I noticed no difference vs a regular BCAA but when I took half an HOUR before I noticed it helped my endurance a lot.

I feel that this product is sometimes overlooked when it is a decent substitute for both BCAA and intraworkout products.

Nows for the serious negative and why I did not give the complex 20/20, RED DYE no. 40. Connected to cancer ( benzidine a main compound in it) as well as to learning impairment and hyperactivity. What really angers me is its unnecessary, I don't give 2 ***s if my fruit punch is red or poop brown or clear, it's usually in an opaque bottle anyway. If they really wanted it red they could have just used red beet dye powder.


Macros /15

Min just going to start with the macros of the other elements besides the BCAAs. The betaine gives you 2.5 g with every 2 scoops an ammount I would use anyway if I were adding separately. The amounts of taurine and glutamine could be abit higher, but nothing deal breaking. The BCAA complex is 2g of L-leucine 1g of L-isoleucine and 1g of L-valine. I usually like to get abit more leucine and I like to get 5g per 2 scoops, but just making them extra healing as I usually do makes up for that.


Taste /24
Overall, Amino Build tastes pretty good for a BCAA, although I personally feel that Blox and Xtend taste Better.

White grape: I only got to try the white grape flavor twice from a friend but man I was stunned, I HATE white grape or grape flavors of ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING with every bone in my body, but this flavor was delicious.

Fruit Punch: fruit punch was also not bad and I especially liked it because it was so versatile, it tastes just as good in 2ozs of water as 1 scoop tasted in 1.5 liters. It makes it really easy to use your bcaas as a primary hydration method while working out and even when I'm doing construction work with my dad. I also really liked fruit punch cause when I mix it with phase 8 cookies n cream it makes it taste unbelievably delightful when I didn't like the original flavor much. My only issue is it does have abit of a chemical aftertaste to it that does get irritating

Green Apple: I did not like this flavor much, it tasted very chemically, the only exception was when it was made in 4ozs of water as a shot PWO.


Mixeability /10

This stuff foams like a mofo. Even when stiring the foam is a ticking timebomb, but the powder dissolves instantly with no remaining particles so that's a plus, and what ever you do DONT SHAKE.


Texture /10

It's as thin as water and when the foam is gone there is no particles or texture. But if the foam is there, its often there to stay and makes this a pain to drink.


Price /15

They always have either BOGO or B2GO and that makes it a very cheap option for BCAAs at 40-70cents per serving and without that deal it's still pretty typical.


Label /10

The label is completely clear and it shows the amounts of everything


Overall I like this product, it is my primary BCAA exept i do some types take in pill form. I'm still really disappointed at the dye used but hopefully they will take it away some day (probably naive)

  • Slight Increase In Pump
  • Works As Intra Workout
  • Makes Fasted Training Easier
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Chemical Taste
  • Red Dye 40
  • Unreputable Brand