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Carnivor MuscleMeds
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If I don't take my protein within 30 min is it useless?
I was told at the locker room if you don't drink your protein 30min after the workout it's useless...is this true?

Different from whey protein?
What's are the differences between a whey protein and this?

will u gain more size off this protein than whey
Whey or beef

i am 16 years old and was wondering if this is a safe protein for me to take?

how much creatine does it has ?
it said 2.5g per 1 scoop is it much ? i really dont want any creatine, but i bought it already coz i didnt know it has creatine do i have to stop it...

is it good for breakfast?
hello, im using myofusion and i think i will try carnivor after i finished my myofusion. i want to ask , may i use it for breakfast? thanks

how long i take this supplement?
i take 1 scoop before workout and 1 scoop after workout so how long i can take this supplement and how long time i wait untill i use other supplement...

Fast or slow digesting?
Is Carnivor considered to be a fast digesting protein or a slow digesting protein?

how do I get rid of foam from this stuff?
Does anybody know how to get rid of the foam from this stuff after shaking? Anyone that has tried this knows how bad the foam and its like thick foam that...

Is this worth it?
Ok so whey is from milk and eggs or whatever but the fact that they are able to extract protein for steak and make it into a suppelemnt blows my mind so...

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