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Carnivor MuscleMeds
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Carnivor ranks #2 of 3 in (Protein > Beef Protein) and is rated better than 50% of all products in this category.

Carnivor Questions & Answers:

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Can I still take Beast Creature and take Carnivor Protein?
I am about to start this protein,and I take Beast Creature. My question is can i take both products since...

Can anybody tell me why carnivor smells so bad?
I'm not sure if its just me but when I mix my shake with water I have to plug my nose and chug it

Carnivor or Dymatize Elite Primal?
Hey guys I want to vary my protein sources, I'm currently taking Nutrex Muscle Infusion, but these two...

i am 16 years old and was wondering if this is a safe protein for me to take?

help me with the stack
which one better to stack this with myofusion ( myo for breakfast and before bed, carnivore for post...

how long i take this supplement?
i take 1 scoop before workout and 1 scoop after workout so how long i can take this supplement and how...

how much creatine does it has ?
it said 2.5g per 1 scoop is it much ? i really dont want any creatine, but i bought it already coz...

is it good for breakfast?
hello, im using myofusion and i think i will try carnivor after i finished my myofusion. i want to ask...

will u gain more size off this protein than whey
Whey or beef

has anyone tried the new chocolate flavor of carnivor?
I love carnivor, been my staple post workout protein for about a year. Fruit punch is good and blue...

how do I get rid of foam from this stuff?
Does anybody know how to get rid of the foam from this stuff after shaking? Anyone that has tried this...

If I don't take my protein within 30 min is it useless?
I was told at the locker room if you don't drink your protein 30min after the workout it's useless...is this true?

Is this worth it?
Ok so whey is from milk and eggs or whatever but the fact that they are able to extract protein for steak...

Different from whey protein?
What's are the differences between a whey protein and this?

Any recommendations?
I have been using regular 100% Whey. I am looking for advice on something different. Would this be a...

Fast or slow digesting?
Is Carnivor considered to be a fast digesting protein or a slow digesting protein?

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