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I would like to add this to my stack but not sure of any possible side effects
Im currently taking: animal pak animal cuts im just starting out my stack and looking to add more, but looking to add this test boost.

whats the difference?
whats the difference between muscle pharm batte fuel and muscle pharm bullet proof?? and which is better?

Is this a test booster?
is this a testo booster? could i use it? i want to try a test booster? im choosing between hemo test nova test or this.. thnx

Is battle fuel worth it ?
Hi guys. Im thinking about great PCT stack, is battle fuel a solid product ? Im going to buy DAA + AI Life as liver protector/bp/antioxidants. Any other...

Ok to use all three?
I been thinking about stacking this with MP Assault, but I already started using some GNC mutlipack. I was wondering if I can take all three?

Should I wait until my next creatine cycle to start Battle Fuel?
I'm about to cycle off creatine/ kre alk I'm looking into battle fuel to gain lean muscle, should I wait to be back on my creatine cycle or is it ok to...

Can I take Battle Fuel before going mountain biking?
I would like to no if I can take this before I go mountain biking?

Safe for a 16 year old to take?
Title pretty much says it all. But, i have used animal stak about a month or two ago and i thought it worked great for me. Im, 6'4, 240. So is this safe for me to take??

Stack with Kre-Alk, Alphamine?
Can I stack this with 2 pills of Kre-alk 1500 and Alphamine?

Do I have to stop taking Battle Fuel for a whole month?
How long can you use this because the directions say to use for 3 weeks on and one week off? I was just wondering if I had to stop using this like for...

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