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Battle Fuel ranks #45 of 111 in (Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters) and is rated better than 60% of all products in this category.

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Stack with Kre-Alk, Alphamine?
Can I stack this with 2 pills of Kre-alk 1500 and Alphamine?

Is battle fuel worth it ?
Hi guys. Im thinking about great PCT stack, is battle fuel a solid product ? Im going to buy DAA + AI...

I would like to add this to my stack but not sure of any possible side effects
Im currently taking: animal pak animal cuts im just starting out my stack and looking to add more,...

Safe for a 16 year old to take?
Title pretty much says it all. But, i have used animal stak about a month or two ago and i thought it...

whats the difference?
whats the difference between muscle pharm batte fuel and muscle pharm bullet proof?? and which is better?

I am thinking of this stack::::
Muscle Fuel with some tribulius and MR1..creatine and gold standard whey protein. What are your thoughts...

Can i stack this with "Prime"?
A friend told me about this product and said that it worked wonders for him. I just finished a bottle...

Is this a test booster?
is this a testo booster? could i use it? i want to try a test booster? im choosing between hemo test...

Do I have to stop taking Battle Fuel for a whole month?
How long can you use this because the directions say to use for 3 weeks on and one week off? I was just...

Should I wait until my next creatine cycle to start Battle Fuel?
I'm about to cycle off creatine/ kre alk I'm looking into battle fuel to gain lean muscle, should I wait...

Ok to use all three?
I been thinking about stacking this with MP Assault, but I already started using some GNC mutlipack....

Ok to stack all these?
I am currently using this product with jacked but wanted to know if its safe to stack it with supapump...

Can I take Battle Fuel before going mountain biking?
I would like to no if I can take this before I go mountain biking?

Can a 19 year old take this?
Can a 19 year old take this?

As effective as Prime?
Would be as effective as Prime stacked with assualt? what do you guys thing on this product besides price wise?

Causing break-outs?
Will this product make my skin break out? It seems like the Muscle Pharm products are getting a lot...

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Battle Fuel - wondering about the warning label now READ
I am on my second day taking this stuff, so far it has worked great. Good energy, and focus. So far, so good! I am just a little worried now. For a very short time, I had pain in my stomach and BOOM Diarrhea!...
September 12, 2010 3

OK to stack Assault, Hemanovol, Battle Fuel/Test Booster together?
I was wondering if it would be alright to stack assault,hemanovol, and battle fuel or another kind of testostreone together.THANKS IN ADVANCE for replies...
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Trying to decide between animal stack and battle fuel. Anyone tried one or both?
I am looking to add either animal stak or battle fuel to my stack.  I dont have much experience with test boosters, so I was hoping someone who has tried them could help me with which is more effective. ...
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New MusclePharm Battle Fuel XT 4 Stage T-Booster System
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