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By Muscle Pharm
Assault Muscle Pharm
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Can I use this before cardio?
Can take this product before a cardio workout or or a corssfit circuit too?

caffeine content
How much caffeine is there in a scoop of assault? Thanks

Does assault shrink the genitalia in any way???
I noticed some difference after the first day of using this product. This was my first time trying a powdered workout booster, and I'm beginning to think...

Does anybody know why it says not to take this on an empty stomach?
Does anybody know why it says not to take this on an empty stomach or what will happen if you do?

Does anyone else get digestive problems when taking Assault?
hey i was wondering if anyone else gets the shi ts of pre workout drinks??? i have tried this product and super dump!!! i was wondering can i do anyting...

Will assault get me muscle
I'm almost 6 foot, 18 years old and weigh a little over 120 lbs. I want to get muscle and bulk. Is this what i should take or do you have another idea...

Can this stuff make your testicles hurt?
I took this stuff for the 1st time today and my right ball is hurting?

How is the new Assault compare to the old one?
I saw the new label in the Vitamin Shoppe and got my attention, read the nutritional facts and looks like a great product. I have never read the old label...

What kind of creatine is in this?
What kind ofcreatine is in this?

When taking assault before a workout, how long does it remain in your system?
I get off work at midnight and i prefer to get my workout in the evening rather than early morning. So, i looked into assault supplement so that it would...

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