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By Muscle Pharm
Assault Muscle Pharm
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caffeine content
How much caffeine is there in a scoop of assault? Thanks

Can I use this before cardio?
Can take this product before a cardio workout or or a corssfit circuit too?

Does anybody know why it says not to take this on an empty stomach?
Does anybody know why it says not to take this on an empty stomach or what will happen if you do?

im in a weight loss program can i use assault?
Im in a cardio aerobics program where in d workouts are very intensive my main aim is weight loss.Can i use assault?

How is the supplement?
how is this? does it have beta alanine in it which makes your skin itchy?, looking for a new pre workout, latley figured out that beta alanine breaks me...

Comparing to Jack3d...
Has anyone compared this to Jacked? I am currently taking Jacked but I was curious if I should give this supplement a try? It sounds like most people...

What's making me dizzy?
Just bought Assault today from Vitamin Shoppe. I'm on the road, so I can't really order supplements online, and I wanted to give this a shot. I took...

Can this stuff make your testicles hurt?
I took this stuff for the 1st time today and my right ball is hurting?

Ok to add Con Cret?
I've researched the creatine base in this and i noticed that it has Con-Cret in it. I am in currently takin Con-Cret and was wondering if it would still...

How is my stack using Assault?
First of all wanted to thank everybody on this site,I learn something new from ya'll everyday,now to my question:I'm about to start my creatine cycle and...

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