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Xpel MHP
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Why am I so bloated from Xpel?
I started taking xpel with TONS of water yesterday morning. I took two doses. When I woke up today my body was so bloated I couldnt get my rings off and...

To get the best results do I dose this on an empty stomach?
Or is it ok to take a dose after or before a meal? Would like to hear from what past users of Xpel thought was the optimal timing for dosage. Thanks.

How long in advance should I take Xpel?
I'm going to the beach in exactly 11 days. I purchased Xpel today and I was planning on starting tomorrow but I'm not sure if I should since I'll be there...

Dosage Question:
I just picked up this product after all the awesome reviews. The Bottle Directions say take 4 pills twice a day with a ton of water. But this is my very...

Am I drinking too much water?
I started taking Xpel yesterday, and I am drinking somewhere around two gallons of water a day. I am cutting carbs big time trying to cut up for a photoshoot...

Diuretics & Caffeine
Just a quick question regarding all diuretics basically: can you drink coffee/caffinated beverages in conjunction with this? Because i knowingly admit...

How temporary are the results?
A couple more questions: How good of the results would you get from the 20 tablet container compaired to the one with 80 tablets? I know that the obvious...

Will Xpel help me lose water weight?
i just got back from a cruise and am looking to get rid of the water weight i gained from eating junk.. i normally take green tea extract and caffeine...

Can I take Xpel with a fat burner?
I understand xpel gets rid of water weight, and I always drink a lot of water anyways, but can I take xpel with a fat burner like a Green Tea burner or something?

Will effects last for an entire weekend and what if i Plan to have alchohol
I am going on a weekend trip to vegas and im looking for something to bring out the abs. I work out daily and I eat well I am just looking for something...

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