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MHP Dark Matter

Dark Matter MHP
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Dark Matter Questions & Answers:

Question Categories:

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  Usage: Has anybody tried taking a scoop before and a scoop after? if so was it effectiv

  Stacking: Can I add glutamine to this ?

  Usage: Taking this supplement when trying to shed fat

  Side Effects: will i be taking too much creatine if i stack superpump 250 and dark matter?

  Stacking: Dark Matter stacked with Beast creature or another creatine?

  Results: Would yall recommend additional whey protien supplements for post workout?

  Usage: Taking this supplement to gain weight?

  Side Effects: does this product causes shortness of breath

  Usage: What happens if you consume food before the hour is up?

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  Stacking: adding protien?

  Usage: Do i need to take a break from this?

  Comparison: this or sizeon?

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  Stacking: Adding BCAA's?

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  Side Effects: Can I use with Glutalyn?

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