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Dark Matter

Dark Matter MHP
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Taking this supplement when trying to shed fat
Would this be a bad supplement to take post workout if im trying to cut and lose a couple extra lbs?

How much creatine is in Dark Matter?
i love everything about dark matter but im confused about how much creatine is in each serving. serving size says 60.7 grams and theres 48 grams of carbs...

What Kind of protein should i use with dark matter?
Gentlemen. is whey protein better or casein to use with dark matter?

what to take product with
I wanted to know how to take these products. Up your mass preworkout, extend post workout, I wanted to gain a little size. After I gained the size sci...

Can I stack Dark Matter with protein and creatine?
I heard this was good stuff. what r u do u guys think about it? I know it has creatine in it an protein but it doesnt have a lot so if i get this product...

How does Dark Matter work?
Sorry to sound like a noob but how does this product even work? I mean, I've read the description on BB.com but it houses some seriously outrageous claims,...

Do i need to take a break from this?
Been taking it for 3months now and just was wondering if i should take a month off?

Should I take Dark Matter on off days?
The label of Dark Matter says to take it post-workout, but what about non-training days? Does anyone know if you should consume a drink even on non-training days?

Can I add glutamine to this ?
Hey guys can i add scoop of glutamine to this or that way i will mess up with absorbation ?

will i be taking too much creatine if i stack superpump 250 and dark matter?
I read lately that creatine excess will be transformed into creatinine causing kidneys fatigue and some side effects like headaches, diziness, fatigue,...

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The creatine or the Dark Matter?
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MusclePharm Assault and Dark Matter - Too much creatine?
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xtend-dark matter-recon-whey
Im struggling to understand something here.Xtend is a bcaa for intra workout.Recon is a bcaa for post.ok so im wondering A. If I take extend is the recon...

Dark Matter ?? Help in Mass Gains ?
I know this is post workout by MHP so I figured it was to help decrease soreness after workout. I've still felt sore the next day after workouts but...

Dark Matter: Ok to use when cycling off creatine?
should i not take dark matter on my off cycle of creatine. or are the creatine levels to low to matter?...

Cray's Transformation Log: Final Photos - Page 21
The Background: I lifted for a while in high school but time constraints and a rough injury caused me to stop. Throughout college I was always active...

dark matter and c bol ok to use both?
is dark matter and c bol ok to take togther? im thinkin about gettin both for next creatine phase? im 16 and very close to bein 17 and ive used creatine before...

MHP Dark Matter vs. Prime
I just want to know which would be better for buildiing muscle and better supplement in general. At the moment i am only taking Con-Cret, Dynamatize Gourmet...

quick question about dark matter with another creatine supp
hey guys quick question but can i take another creatine product while on dark matter? i think dark matter has like 5 grams of creatine or around there...

Dark Matter on Cardio Days
Hey, I was wondering, I have days where i just do an hour of cardio. Should I take two scoops of dark matter on those days, or should I just take one scoop...

dark matter not enough protein?
i just read an article on post workout carbs that said this:Protein should be in a ratio of 2 to 1, so if you have a lean body mass of 170 lb, this would...

NO Shotgun V3 & Dark Matter
Quick question, I am currently eating very well, my diet is on par.. Currently doing Dark rage & Creatine mono, but the soreness is still there, and...

After glow or dark matter for cutting
Im currently cutting and getting more defined and my question is, for trying to lose fat, which would be more benificial dark matter or after glow? i have...

Jacked, Dark Matter + More = Knee Rehab, Hockey Training + Muscle Growth
My goals for this stack include: 1. Build leg muscle to rehab my left knee (Had a Meniscus repair surgery in December, still not all the way healed). 2....