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Dark Matter

Dark Matter MHP
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Taking this supplement when trying to shed fat
Would this be a bad supplement to take post workout if im trying to cut and lose a couple extra lbs?

What Kind of protein should i use with dark matter?
Gentlemen. is whey protein better or casein to use with dark matter?

How much creatine is in Dark Matter?
i love everything about dark matter but im confused about how much creatine is in each serving. serving size says 60.7 grams and theres 48 grams of carbs...

Can I stack Dark Matter with protein and creatine?
I heard this was good stuff. what r u do u guys think about it? I know it has creatine in it an protein but it doesnt have a lot so if i get this product...

Do i need to take a break from this?
Been taking it for 3months now and just was wondering if i should take a month off?

Should i really use two scoops of Dark Matter?
Im 5'3 and 163 pounds, since im a "small" guy, do you think i should mix the two scoops as the tub says?

How does Dark Matter work?
Sorry to sound like a noob but how does this product even work? I mean, I've read the description on BB.com but it houses some seriously outrageous claims,...

Why do you have to wait to take protein supplements?
I've been taking this product for a while and it confuses me why you have to wait to take a protein shake after this. Can you simply add a protein powder...

Should I take Dark Matter on off days?
The label of Dark Matter says to take it post-workout, but what about non-training days? Does anyone know if you should consume a drink even on non-training days?

Do I have to wait one hour to consume water?
(Might be a dumb question) Dark Matter says after consumption you must wait 1hr to consume any other post-workout shake or meal, does this also mean I'd...

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buildingbrawn.com not a big discount but best price i have seen around. never ordered from this site except for right now and got 2 more tubs of dark matter...

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