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Protein > Post-Workout Recovery Formulas

Dark Matter is a Post-Workout Product manufactured by MHP. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.
(Amount not disclosed)

Molecule that supports ATP production in the body and increases lean body mass, strength, power, and stamina.

(Amount not disclosed)

One of the 3 branched chain amino acids that help stimulate muscle protein synthesis and glucose uptake.



Rep: +4,149
Trust: 100%

  May 13, 2011

Awhile back I dabbled with an AM/PM workout split. Only thing I ever really took post workout was protein shakes, so I figured I might try & step it up some. Enter Dark Matter. Price aside, I was more than satisfied with DM, though I think some people missed the mark on taste. It was a good experience, & something I would buy again.

Taste/Texture: B-
When I first looked into this, I believe some users here said it was the best tasting...I strongly disagreed at first. I bought the Blue Raspberry, & it was almost the complete opposite from the best tasting, the first few times. It quickly grew on me & eventually I was looking foward to the taste. Definitely on the sweetside, but I grew to enjoy it. Taste alone kinda brought me back at times.

Texture/Mixability: A
I had no issues in this area. Shook/mixed up quick & smooth. Usually I would hafta sit there shaking the shaker cup a good while with other powders, but I was surprised at how easily it mixed for me. Given its texture, this was a big plus
Texture was odd. It was thick for sure, but felt light if that makes sense? It wasn't thick like a smoothie or milk shake, but almost like certain fruit juices. It feel thick, but goes down light.
DM gets an easy A here.

Effectiveness: B+
It was hard to gauge this properly, since I lifted AM & did cardio PM. I took it after my AM lift, as recommended, & it worked rather well. The few times I didn't have a PM session, I did notice much better recovery. It wasn't mind blwoing, but most definitely better.
I also stayed rather lean while using this. I used this during a part of my cut, due in large part to the fact I didn't feel like I was recovering fast enough. DM didn't negatively affect my cut, & I think I can say it helped it some. I stayed fairly lean, which was something I didn't expect.
Effectiveness grades out high, B+.

Value: C
This brings down my overall experience with DM. I payed around $42 for 20 servings at the Vitamin Shoppe...not good. The results were good, but hardly worth the price IMO. It was even on sale I believe. Doesn't get any easier, on its around $34. Factor in shipping & it comes out to about the same.
Its a good product, but there are better values out there.
Value doesn't do so well despite a sale, gets an average C

Overall: B+
Price really knocked it down for me. Other than that I really enjoyed DM, & look foward to using it again. I got great recovery, stayed fairly lean, & even enjoyed the flavour despite some early rough spots.
All-in-all I was more than pleased with Dark Matter, & would almost definitely buy it again.
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Interesting Texture
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Taste Will Grow On You
  • Stayed Fairly Lean
  • Not The Most Cost Effective Product
  • Could Be Cheaper
Rep: +295
Trust: 100%
  May 30, 2011

Actually couldn't believe how well this product helped with recovery. This is one of my favorite post workout supps. Each serving(2 scoops) contains 48g of carbs(waxy maize, Dextrose, maltodextrin), and 12g of protein. It also contains creatine Pyruvate, gluconate and monohydrate. Dark Matter has free form aminos as well. MHP claims that this blend is equivalent to 40g of whey protein. Was very skeptical at first, but after seeing how well this product worked, I may actually believe it. I've only tried the blue raspberry flavor and absolutely love the taste. I actually look forward to drinking it b/c it's so refreshing after a grueling workout. The reason I gave it a 9/10 is because they use a proprietary blend, and because you aren't supposed to take anything else with it for about an hour. I still mixed MBCAA's with it because they are micronized and I didn't feel that it would slow down absorption in any way. I think Dark Matter is a good value. I found it online for $30 at 20 servings per container. This comes out to $1.50 per serving. Not bad at all. I would buy this product again and recommend it as a solid post workout formula.
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Excellent Taste
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
    Rep: +354
    Trust: 100%
      April 2, 2011

    Dark Matter... I got this because i was looking for a great recovery supplement and it was down to this, 2:1:1 recovery, Torrent, aftershock. I ended up going with Dark Matter because of just the way the profile looked. I know 2:1:1 and aftershock probably had a better profile but something about DM profile just appealed to me.

    Taste 8/10:Well the taste was good i loved it. I had the fruit punch and after i was done at the gym i would be thirsty for some cold drink and this would be the answer. At first though i would barely be able to drink it literally without gagging. The consistence is like 'motor oil' as some have stated and like pudding, i had to plug my nose in order to drink it, but as i kept on taking it, I think it started being easier to take and I started to enjoy it.

    Effectiveness 9/10:This product was great i wanted a good recovery supplement that did its job which was supposed to aid in me gaining weight and strength. I gained minor strength and minor weight but I wouldnt really expect anymore seeing as I would take the ON Gold Standard Whey and it wouldnt help as much on a bulk, while on a cut it would be great. I know some people thought that there appetite decreasing after taking it was a pro but on a bulk you dont really want that. I would take this and after about an hour I wouldnt be as hungry as if i didnt take it but I would try to make myself eat. I should also note that i felt bloated after taking this.

    Value 7/10:This product is not really cheap. Its 35 bucks for 20 servings. But you get what you pay for so this was great. I got it from vitaminshoppe which is actually cheaper than bodybuilding if you get it at the actual store like i did. Its about the same price on AllStarHealth as it is at vitaminshoppe.

    Overall 9/10:This deserves a 9 because this product is a very effective recovery product. It helps a lot with recovery and has great taste and its carbs are made up of waxy maize which is an awesome post workout carb in my opinion. I didnt have blue s**t like some people had. I enjoyed this product a lot and i would recommend it. I will probably try 2:1:1 recovery or Aftershock next, but for now im taking ON whey because i dont have the money at the moment.
    • Great Recovery
    • Builds Muscle
    • Excellent Taste
    • Interesting Texture
    • Perfection
    • Great Post Workout Carb Source
    • Didnt Get Blue Stool
    • Could Be Cheaper
    • Bigger Container Please =)
    Rep: +2,461
    Trust: 100%
      July 6, 2010

    Being new to both lifting and supplements in general when I started my stack I pretty much picked a post-workout supp at random. As stated, I am a novice when it comes to strength training, but wanted to offer a review from such a perspective on Dark Matter.

    I gained 2 lbs of solid muscle in my first tub of this product. That may not seem like a lot but considering I went from never lifting to lifting 5 days a week, I was impressed at how quickly the muscle mass began to pack on. My recovery while using DM was incredible. When I worked out in high school I would remain sore for days after a serious lifting session, and when I started lifting again this remained true. Not the case once I got on Dark Matter. Within minutes of drinking it I felt almost completely renewed and the following day usually felt only very little soreness. My weight/reps in ALL of my exercises increased during my time taking DM, and although the product was certainly not the sole reason for these gains I do feel it played a big role.

    A few reviews remark that there's not enough Creatine in the product. Personally I felt that there was enough Creatine in 2 scoops of Dark Matter to satisfy my post-workout dosage. I still included a morning and pre-workout dose of Kre-Alkalyn in my stack.

    TASTE: 10/10
    I know a lot of reviews remark on the strange consistency of Dark Matter. For me I mixed the full two scoops with roughly 28 oz. of water in a shaker bottle (it calls for only 20 oz.) The consistency was only slightly thicker than water and almost the entire product dissolved without issue. The taste is INCREDIBLE. Straight up awesome. Even my wife, a British food snob, thought it tasted great. FYI I've only tried the Blue Raspberry flavor.

    VALUE: 8/10
    I think really the only drawback to this product is the cost. A tub contains 20 2 scoop servings, which lasted me a little over 4 weeks. Even online, the cheapest I could find a tub Dark Matter was $32.99 at VitaCost, which with shipping came to around $38.00. Outside of Pink Magic, Dark Matter is easily the most expensive product on my shelf, however it is comparable in price to other post-workouts (Aftershock). If you're strapped for cash, DM might not be the first thing to reach for, but if you can afford to spend a few bones then I do feel that Dark Matter is worth the price.

    OVERALL: Great product and one that I am certainly glad I decided to try. I'm about to begin my second tub and am expecting to see even greater results.
    • Great Recovery
    • Builds Muscle
    • Excellent Taste
      Rep: +3,409
      Trust: 100%
        June 22, 2013

      Dark Matter, MHP's answer to remarkable recovery? Let us find out!!!!

      Dark matter is a product designed to enhance recovery by aiding in the regeneration of glycogen stores, support favorable insulin levels, increase protein synthesis, and provide a subsequent source of efficiently transferable creatine. For those of you who've followed my log know that I've used dark matter consistently for a little over 2 months now. I've included it in both my on cycle run with Epi-1-Test and throughout PCT. From my experience, I've found dark matter to be remarkably effective at increasing recovery, decreasing DOMS, and enhancing overall muscular integrity.

      Taste/Mixability (8): Dark matter comes in three flavors including blue raspberry, grape, and fruit punch. I've used blue raspberry and grape. I found both flavors to be actually quite decent. Blue raspberry is a bit tart and can be a little unpleasant for those of a more sensitive taste palate. The same thing goes for grape. However, for those of us who've experienced a broad spectrum of different tastes, the flavors are generally decent. Not as refreshing as Afterglow, but still good nonetheless. The mixability was also good, a few undissolved grains occasionally, but nothing to complain about.

      Usage (10): I would prepare two scoops in 20oz of water as directed and down it right after my workout. I would then have my shake and meal about 45 minutes later.

      Ingredient Profile (9):

      Serving Size: 2 Scoops (60.7g)
      Servings Per Container: 20

      Amount Per Serving:

      Calories - 240
      Calories From Fat - 0g
      Total Fat - 0g
      Saturated Fat - 0g
      Trans Fat - 0g
      Cholesterol - 0g
      Total Carbohydrate - 48g
      Sugars - 10g
      Dietary Fiber - 0g
      Protein - 12g

      Dark Matter Proprietary Blend (Patent Pending) - 60g
      WaxiMAX-C3G Low Viscosity High Molecular Weight Osmotic Waxy Maize Starch With Molecular Dispersion Technology Waxy Maize, Maltoplex-18 Glucose Polymer, Dextrose, C3G Anthocyanidins

      HydroSIZE: Multi-Phase Creatine Transport And Cell Volumizing Matrix
      InstaPeak (Instant Acting Peak Plasma Concentration Creatine Pyruvate), IntraPhase (Glucose Bound Creatine Gluconate), MicroTein (Microencapsulated Sustained Release Creatine Monohydrate), Glycerol Monostearate

      ProSYNTHAGEN: Protein Synthesis Accelerator (Dual Portal Anabolic Amino Acid Infusion)
      Free Form Infusioni (L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Valine, L-Histidine, L-Isoleucine, L-Methionine), Leucrose Peptide Infusion (Leucine-Alanine Di Peptide)

      Dark matter contains a full spectrum profile of complex carbs, amino acids, and creatine forms. My only complaint is that it is in a prop.l blend. However, at 60 g and for the benefits I achieved, dark matter deserves the benefit of the doubt here.

      Complex carbs such as waxy maize and dextrose aid primarily in restoring glycogen stores depleted during intensive exercise. They also help in raising insulin levels. Insulin is important for the transport of nutrients and molecules into the muscles. Therefore, it is important to maintain adequete levels of this hormone when trying to recover efficiently.

      Now for a little synopsis on the creatine complex. There are three forms of creatine in this product including the well known pure form of monohydrate, and the two modified forms pyruvate and gluconate. We're all pretty familiar with mono so I'll focus on the other two forms.

      Creatine Pyruvate is the creatine mono molecule attached to pyruvic acid. Some studies have suggested that binding to pyruvic acid can help increase bioavailable creatine plasma levels, but they also found that the benefits were no different from general higher dose mono supplementation. In short, pyruvate can potentially work as an effective form of creatine, but would most likely not me a sufficient substitute for straight up mono.

      Creatine gluconate is a form of creatine in which a molecule of creatine is bonded to a molecule of glucose. By being bonded to glucose, this creates a synergy that invokes a more favorable uptake of creatine as a result of the actions of insulin. This increases overall efficacy and levels of creatine within the muscles.

      The last of dark matter's complexes is the amino acids. BCAAs an other essential aminos help to induce protein synthesis and thus increase the rebuilding of muscular tissue.

      In summary, a solid ingredient profile.

      Effectiveness (10): A solid 10 here; dark matter while combined in synergy with mts machine whey and Epi-1-test had me recovering from even the most intensive of my workouts almost instantaneously. Of course my recovery was also remarkable during my PCT period with this product as well. My physique felt fuller and generally stronger throughout the day and following workouts. Delayed on set muscle fatigue was virtually non-existent. Furthermore, I will also contribute some endurance gains and strength gains to dark matter since during pct from epi-1-test my continued to see increased aerobic stamina and anaerobic volume capacity. In other words, I found myself consistently pumping out more reps on many exercises. Although, some of this can also be contributed to pes's enhanced as well. Lastly, I will also say dark matter played a crucial role in helping to maintain both my gains and leanness achieved from Epi-1-test as I did not experience any losses whatsoever.

      Value (6): Efficacy comes at a price; literally!!! I managed to get my tubs from my local supp shop here in Everett Mass, at about 31 dollars a tub. The retail value price of dark matter from what I've seen is about 29-33 on most websites. At local supplement chains such as gnc and vitamin shoppe, I've seen it go for as much as 60 dollars. WOOF!!!!! Therefore, here is a hint: BUY FROM WEBSITES!!!! On a different note, if you were to get it at website price, I would say that it is definitely not the most expensive, cheaper than afterglow at least. However, some users (myself included) would appreciate a bigger tub for such a price. In summary, at website price, dark matter is a moderately fair price.

      Overall (9): Despite the potentially steep price tag that you may have to endure, dark matter delivers. Enhanced recovery, increased endurance, and increased muscle integrity gives a dark matter the machine's stamp of approval. Or at the very least, it's worth a try. Hope this review has been helpful boys, more shall follow!!!

      TRAIN HARD!!!!

      • Great Recovery
      • Builds Muscle
      • Increased Muscular Integrity
      • Increased Endurance
      • Great Post Workout Carb Source
      • Price
      • Bigger Container Please =)
      • Stop With The Dye!
      • Not The Most Cost Effective Product
      • Prop. Blend
      Rep: +425
      Trust: 100%
        December 12, 2011

      Long review! Let's get this one started.

      - Background -

      As a College student it's hard to revolve one's day around workouts and meals. Due to my schedule I'm in a dilemma where I have to workout, quickly shower, and literally sprint from the Gym straight to Class. As a result, I don't have enough time to return to my dorm room and prepare a shake with the usual milk, protein powder, and some carbs.

      I can certainly admit that I have often preached that there is no need to buy a Post-Workout recovery product like Dark Matter. The fact that Carb sources such as Dextrose, Malodextrin, and/or Waxy Maize are extremely cheap when compared to Post-Workout recovery products makes it silly to purchase. But due to the timing in my schedule I had to bite the bullet and purchase a product that was easier to prepare.

      Now to the actual review of the product:

      - Taste/Texture/Mixability -

      Although response in taste is unique from user to user I truly enjoyed the Grape Flavor aka Purple Stuff aka Purple Drank.
      At first it was a bit sour but after a few servings I would honestly look forward to consuming the Grape Drank.

      The texture will vary based on the volume of water one adds, but anywhere between 16 to 20 ozs. of water would provide a generally thick mixture, but not to the point where it was a hassle.

      Mixing Purple Drank with any decent volume of water was spectacular. It literally mixed by itself and a few quick shakes provided more than enough to down the Purple Stuff. This was a huge perk due to the fact that I would literally be mixing this concoction on the way to class.

      All in all, Dark Matter does have a somewhat thick texture but one should not have a problem drinking it due to it's addicting taste and easy mixing.

      - Results -

      The taste is awesome, the texture is solid, and it's easy to mix...well that is all fine and dandy, all that truly matters are the results.

      Due to my schedule I would originally forgo any form of a post-recovery shake and wait until after class to eat a meal for post-workout recovery. As a result, I would experience some pretty horrid soreness, even with a bulking diet, thus a sign of lack of recovery.
      After taking Dark Matter short-term wise I would instantly feel the fullness in my muscles, and more importantly long-term I would not feel any soreness the following day. After class, roughly an hour after consuming Dark Matter, a whole food meal would only enhance my recovery that much more.

      All in all, my recovery was significantly superior after supplementing Dark Matter.

      -Ingredient Profile/Value -

      One serving of Dark Matter provides 48 grams of Carbs made up mostly of WaxiMAX-C3G.
      C3G is a tri-polymer carbohydrate matrix comprised of low viscosity, high molecular weight, osmotic waxy maize starch, Maltoplex-18 glucose polymer and dextrose.

      Dark Matter also provides 12 grams of Protein, but MHP claims it's free form amino acids MAY stimulate protein synthesis to an equivalent of 40 grams of protein.

      A con of Dark Matter's profile is it's Prop. Blend of Creatine, which quite honestly sucks. In a perfect world they would just add 5 grams of CreaPure per serving.

      To fix this I add an appropriate amount of CreaPure to each Dark Matter tub and shake the hell out of it so that I have some decent creatine in each serving.

      All in all, 48 grams of Carbs and 12/40 grams of Protein is a solid profile, but I would supplement a separate Creatine with Dark Matter.

      My major beef with Dark Matter is the value.
      A 2.6 lb of Dark Matter= $35
      $35= 20 workouts
      1 Workout= $1.75

      Although that's not awful, it's a complete rip-off when compared to plain ol' Dextrose/Malto/Waxy Maize.

      Note: Servings are somewhat equal in the amount of Carbs

      NOW's Dextrose

      10 Lb Tub= $22.99
      $22.99= 113
      1 Workout= 20 Cents!

      - Conclusion-

      Without a doubt Dark Matter was effective and was perfect for the situation I'm in. If you need a quick mixing Post-Workout Recovery Product this is it.

      I love the taste and texture and I will certainly miss it once I am back on a normal schedule and go with the cheaper option.

      The value of DM is just quite frankly unfortunate. I can't say it blown away plain ol' carb source products out of the water so if I had a choice I would vote with my wallet and just buy some Dextrose or Malto.
      • Great Recovery
      • Excellent Taste
      • Interesting Texture
      • Great Post Workout Carb Source
      • Not The Most Cost Effective Product
      • Could Be Cheaper
      • Bigger Container Please =)
      • Doesn't Beat Out Traditional Carb Sources
      Rep: +1,340
      Trust: 100%
        June 14, 2011

      Since i have a lot of time on my hands i've decided to write another review this time on Dark Matter which i feel wasn't all around as effective for me like it was for others.

      Taste/mixture: I bought fruit punch but i thought it tasted more like grape? I thought it tasted good not great but i would have to shake it hard and even when i did it would get stuck to the sides and the bottom of the shaker and it looked like jelly it was a female dog to clean.

      Price: I wound up buying this at GNC because it was on clearance and it was $18 that's a bargain right there and for all the good reviews i saw on it i had to try it. I don't think i would buy it online because i like bigger containers that last longer.

      Effectiveness: I was taking this with E-BOL and it was in the beginning stages of E-BOL so it had not begun to take it's no pain effect and i was beginning the Blue Print and knew i would need something to help me recover because the body needs time to adapt to new workouts. The first day i took it i looked full and pumped up after my workout. The next day i was in a large amount of pain couldn't walk and my chest was killing me like a noob. I continued with Dark Matter hoping it would kick in sooner or later. No i was still very sore as if it didn't have any effect on my body believe it or not. I did really like the full look i got after taking it though so it was effective in that department just not recovery which is the main reason i got it.

      Other thoughts: I don't really like the fact that i have to wait an hour to eat anything or get in my protein supplement. 48g of carbs and 12g protein. I would of liked more protein but what can you do i would just take in some Pro Complex after it was digested. I don't believe it dramatically Spiked my insulin like it claims because when i feel my insulin is Spiked i tend to get really tired and i had the same energy after workout not like when i take aftershock or slinshot with my aftershock which is a total difference.

      Overall i wanted this product for what it was raved about which was the recovery aspect and i didn't feel it helped me all that much better than hydrowhey and waxy maize which is what i compare it to. Aftershock is still my favorite post workout product hands down. I don't recommend DM to my friends because it didn't work well for me but since they saw me buy it a few of my friends bought it. It may work for others on this site but not for me so don't knock it until you try it.
      • Great Post Workout Carb Source
      • Full Muscles
      • Very Strange Texture Whem Mixed
      • Stop With The Dye!
      • Bigger Container Please =)
      Rep: +994
      Trust: 100%
        May 11, 2011

      Dark Matter is MHP's post workout recovery supplement. Its meant to replenish muscle glycogen quickly by spiking insulin as well as promote a complete anabolic environment to signal new growth by shuttling things such as creatine and amino acids into muscle very quickly to Spike protein synthesis.

      Taste: Dark Matter is a bit hard to explain if you havent tried it. The taste its self is pretty good, but its the texture that is confusing to me. The texture upon drinking it is gelatinous and very thick at first but then turns into a thin liquid and goes down easy. and this is all within 2 seconds of taking a sip or gulp.

      Recovery(910): recovery on this product was very good. even on hard leg days where i would normally be sore for a few days after, i would be a little sore the next day but nothing the next. its very good in the recovery aspect.

      Overall effectivness(7/10: other than recovery, I didnt really put on any more MASS than if i didnt use it. My muscles were fuller and harder after a workout but once i stopped using the product that hardness decreased. i have gone through 2 tubs in a row of this a while ago, and didnt notice much strength gains, or MASS gains than if i didnt use Dark Matter, but for recovery purposes it is very good.

      Price (6/10): this product was very expensive for what it did and what the product actually is. it does help with recovery but is it really worth the 35-around 50 dollars for 20 servings is not ideal. and if you dont have the money, there is really no need to get a product like this. Really if you wanted glycogen replenishment and Spiked protein synthesis as well as extra creatine and glutamine etc. just get some Dextrose or waxy maize added with whey protein and 5 grams of creatine monoydrate or kre alk (i like mono but a lot of people do like kre alk, both are cheap and effective, but thats besides the point lol) So is it worth the money? Not really, but if i had the money would i get it? mabye, it depends on your goals really.

      Overall(8/10): while Dark Matter is effective as far as recovery goes, it still isnt really needed. It is nice to have because i was never really that sore after workouts, and it makes your muscles very full after your workout. there are cheaper ways to achieve what Dark Matter brings to the table, but as for the product its self and for what it is designed to do, it is very good.

      (by the way i had blue rasberry flavor)
      • Great Recovery
      • Great Post Workout Carb Source
      • Good Taste
      • Great Post Workout Muscle Fullness
      • Good Nutrient Profile
      • Very Strange Texture Whem Mixed
      • Stop With The Dye!
      • Could Be Cheaper
      Rep: +38
      Trust: 66%
        March 12, 2012

      First off, this will be my first review on this site. I got recommended by a friend to join supplement-reviews to share my knowledge and experience with supplements. I am excited to learn from all of you and hopefully offer some advice as well. With that being said, here we go.

      Dark Matter, a post workout creatine blend that is "packed" with goodies to help replenish those tuckered out muscles after an intensive workout. After running two tubs of this stuff I can honestly say it didn't do jack for me. Some of my buddies, who ran it with me, had some decent results with DM, both in strength and muscle recovery. I guess I was the odd-man-out because I hardly saw anything from it.

      ___________Effectiveness (3/10)_____________
      Like I briefly mentioned above, Dark Matter was a bust for me. Most users report faster muscle recovery, clean weight gains, and limited amounts of soreness while taking this stuff. However, I was not one of the lucky ones. At the start of my 40 day cycle (20 servings x 2 tubs) I weighed in at 210.1lbs. I followed the recommendations of taking two scoops after a hard workout and I waited to eat anything else for about 30 minutes. While on this 40-day cycle, I ate very clean taking in about 2500-2750 calories a day. I would hit the weights 4x a week, sets/reps ranging from 12-15 per lift and pyramid scale for compound lifts. At the end of my 40-day cycle, I stepped back on the scale and I weighed in at exactly 210.4lbs. What a let down. Some will ask, "Well did you see any size/strength gains?" Answer, NOPE. I didn't see anything from this product, no size gains, no noticeable strength gains, and definitely no muscle recovery. I was still as sore as a *** on a good night after a hard lift. DM just wasn't for me.

      ______________Dosing (10/10)______________
      As far as dosing goes, not bad at all. Most people seem to dislike the "sludge" like texture of the powder. However, I personally loved it. Taking in 2-hefty scoops a serving wasn't anything to complain about. I thought it was pretty cool to see the "sludge" still clinging to the walls of my shaker cup after I was done drinking the "mysterious" blend.

      ________________Value (3/10)________________
      I have to give the value of this product a 3/10 because, well, I didn't get anything from it, so obviously the $$$ spent on it was, in my eyes, not worth it. However, for the sake of the review lets break it down. I was able to buy 2 tubs of DM off of Total price + Shipping was around $73-$75... WTF right? So if you look at per/serving cost it came out to about $1.85. Which like I said, not bad, if I would have actually gotten something from the product. I guess this is just a testament to live and learn.

      ________________Overall (4/10)______________
      Overall, not impressed with MHP on this one. I hate to bash this product, but it just didn't work for me. I have had some success in the past with other creatines, but DM just dropped the ball on this one. The only reason I gave it a 4/10 was because I really enjoyed the taste and texture of this post-workout creatine. Once again, sorry this is a negative review for my first one, but I gotta stick to what works for me and what doesn't! I hope the best to all of you who choose to try this supplement!

      -Lift on!
      • Interesting Texture
      • No Recovery
      • No Strength Gains
      • No Weight Gains
      Rep: +226
      Trust: 100%
        March 4, 2011

      Wow! What else can be said about Dark Matter? It's legit plain and simple. I admit I was skeptical to try it but it was based on hear-say of "gym rats" who really had no clue about anything. Let me explain quickly that I used Dark Matter while cutting because I felt I lost to much weight and size to fast and wanted to hit a month of maintainence to slow the cut down based on a deadline for a comptetition. It worked to perfection! Lets get into the review!

      Taste: 10/10.. I don't care who wants to complain about taste! I had the grape flavor and it tasted EXACTLY like drinking sugar free grape jelly.. and with the same consistancy! I mixed 2 scoops with 20 oz of water and it went down smooth and by the end of the container I was lusting after the taste of DM!

      Mixability: 9/10! It was good enough and couldve been better if I added more water but I was pleased with the jelly texture and what I'll call the "Dark Matter powder mustache"!

      Effectiveness: 10/10! This product for me, again, was taken to as a maintanence tool as a way of retaining size and weight and hoping for better definition. IT DID EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! I actually gained 2 pounds while gaining definition and dropping some body fat. I can't praise the recovery aspect but then again I used it during a cutting cycle and the low carbs had a role in my lack of recovery as well. Can't expect a supplement to do everything. I have to acknowledge that I experienced minor strength gains, even while cutting calories and carbs. I'm honestly amazed at how well my body responded to DM!

      Value: 7/10.. Not the best for me. I paid 45 bucks for 20 servings. I can't complain too much however, I got exactly what I paid for and it was well worth it. It's fairly priced with products in its class.

      Overall: 9/10! DM is incredible and a winner by MHP! I loved my experience with this product and can't wait to try it on a bulking cycle. If you're looking for strength, size, and Muscle Gains then look no further. DM should be pictured as the definition of progress.

      The only negative to DM is when the bottle is empty ;)
      • Builds Muscle
      • Excellent Taste
      • Perfection
      • Great Post Workout Carb Source
      • Definition Of Progress
      • Bigger Container Please =)

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