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Synedrex 45 Reviews:
  • Great Results (2)
  • Increased Energy (2)
  • Curbed Hunger (1)
  • Must Use Caefully (1)
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January 12, 2014
Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10


Reviews: 2

Age: 19

January 12, 2014
Best Fat Burner Hands Down

This fat burner was probably one of my favorite supps that I have EVER used!I used it for my schools bodybuilding show, dropped down to 6% body fat, destroyed my competition & took 1st place in Heavy Weight. Enjoy this pill as you can eat nearly anything you want & still lose fat.

This pill is easy to swallow, you take one in the morning & it curbs your appetite for 6-8 hours. Gives you a nice boost of energy. Does not make your heart feel like its beating out of your chest. I used Twin Labs fat burner one time & nearly had an anxiety attack, so yeah Synedrex is the best.

If it is your first time using a fat burner I would reccomend using something less intense first, like BSN's Hyper Shred. If its your first time using a fat burner & you use this you may experience jitters, anxiety, increased heart rate & hyperness.

I personally DO NOT reccomend taking it twice a day, and/or taking two pills at once. Your heart will race like a formula 1 car, you wont be able to keep your hands steady, you will have paranoia & anxiety. Trust me, I tried this. I ditched school, went home & layed in bed for 5 hours as to relax my body & not over work my heart.

One weird side affect that lasted for a good month or two after I cycled off was that it took me a little bit longer to be. YI would have to stand at the urinal for 2 minutes before I could even begin, maybe its just my case but anyway I dont think its cause for concern.

Most places sell this for $30 for 45 pills, thats a great value in my opinion, especially for what your getting.
  • Curbed Hunger
  • Great Results
  • Increased Energy
  • Must Use Caefully
Reply #1:

Joined: 12/2012
Reviews: 17
Reputation: +447
Best ever? Please share your experiences with other products. Also, ingredients, diet, training, and other details would help a future buyer. Your review kinda just wants us to take your word for it without any real facts. Just a suggestion

Reply #2:

Joined: 1/2014
Reviews: 2
Reputation: +5
My training consisted of doing calisthenics training while I was on this. I would do the deck of cards workout: push up for hearts, burpees for clubs, V-ups for spades & squats for diamonds.
As far as diet goes I was eating whatever I wanted such as pizza, fast food, chips. Although I was eating this stuff I did not eat alot of it because of the curbed appetite, I took the pill at 8AM & was not hungry till 4PMish.
I was 17 when I took this pill so I did not bother to look at the ingredients. All I cared about was results.
The first fat burner I took was by Twin Labs & it was too much to handle. Moments after I took the pill my heart started racing & it got even worse when I got to the gym. Also took BSN's Hyper Shred & did not see any results. I was doing the same training & diet on Hyper Shred as I was for Synedrex.
Thanks for the suggestion man, I'll be sure to add that stuff to my future reviews.
On a side note, my Supps supplier said that they are discontinuing Synedrex, due to a chemical found in it, unsure of what the chemical found is, but its been discontinued cause of it.

January 8, 2013
Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 7


Reviews: 4

Age: 22

January 8, 2013
 This is by far the best fat burner I have ever taken, I've tried a lot of them in the past but none of them come close to synedrex. I just purchased my second bottle, this stuff is great. I've lost about 7 pounds on it while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen (6 days a week). I did find that it really hits you hard if you haven't had anything to eat recently. I was surprised when I got the burst of energy but still felt composed and level headed. I recommend this product to all my friends because it works so well. It is on the pricey side but well worth every penny!
  • Great Results
  • Increased Energy

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