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Met-Rx Amped ECN NOS

Amped ECN NOS Met-Rx User Rating: (6 Reviews)

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Amped ECN NOS Reviews:
  • Increased Energy (1)
  • Great Pump (1)
  • Great Endurance (1)
  • Full Muscles (1)
  • Too Expensive (2)
  • Lacks Advanced/strong Stimulants If Stims Are Wanted (1)
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March 20, 2014
Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 6


Reviews: 28

Age: 26

March 20, 2014
An Old Timer like Rocky Balboa that still holds it own....

Hi Guys

First of all I will point out that the Met-RX 'Amped' that I used to know and love did not look like this. It was purely Called Met-RX AMPED NOS.

It came in three flavours: Blue Rasberry; Orange Rage; Fruitpunch.

However, looking at the lengthy ingredient list - I think they are the same just re-labelled.

This was an old favourite of mine -

The early days were the best - my biceps used to swell and seize up due to the pumps -
Pump. Endurance. Focus. Those were what I used to solely rate a product on and this one used to get full marks for Endurance and Pump. Of course I have to admit that it was one of the first PWOs I had ever had - so the early days are usually the best, however I still think this would hit me nicely given that the ingredients are tried and tested...

Now that PWOs have ultimately become more advanced and developed and the stimulants and added goodies have come much further than just caffeine and taurine I also rate on libido/euphoria/feel good factor whenever I consider a good pre workout.

Focus was good but not as hardcore as you can get now with the heavier stimmed products. And if I were to go back I probably would feel a little let down without any real Euphoric benefit.

With that said - I think this stuff could still hold its own as a pump/endurance product - I think it has similar benefits as NOX PUMP had for me by Dorian Yates - which I have a review on here for by the way.

In terms of creatine - this stuff has two types and hasn't been left behind on that score...since most only go for one source - the cheap and cheerful Monohydrate - this is still competing well.

Taste wise it was always OK... a thin, fruity drink with no BAD flavours (I tried them all). It never upset my stomach.

Only downside for me now is the maltodextrin and carb content - which is paradoxically good for pump and nutrient shuttling and NOS function - its just not so great for strict cutting regimes.

I think one day when I am just training for the fun of it I will come back to this old love of mine and go down memory lane with it - I destroyed many a workout with this by my side!!!

Cost wise I have to rate low - although I can get hold of it for DIRT CHEAP - most people CAN NOT so I am basing my value on what MOST people will have to pay for it and not necessarily just me...
I think it is too high for something that is obsolete ON PAPER (in practice like I said I think it still fits the bill) - just dont expect that mad stimulant effect like SPEED X3, Old Jack3d or Craze - its before their time....

  • Great Pump
  • Great Endurance
  • Full Muscles
  • Good Nos
  • Lacks Advanced/strong Stimulants If Stims Are Wanted
  • Too Expensive
July 4, 2011
Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 6


Reviews: 3

Age: 18

July 4, 2011
 Amped is by no means the cheapest NO supplement in comparison to competitors sucg as Jack3d, however like everything it has its up/downs.

Focus: Amped really didnt do it for me in terms of focus, compared to other supplements the effects were minimal, however the were there. If your looking for focus buy Jack3d.

Taste: Delicious, its a very strong cherry taste thats like those little cherrys youd get in a mix as a kid.

Pumps: The pumps with this product are its best feature, they nail jack3d and you really do feel tight and big after a workout on this supplement.

Effectiveness: Like most other pre workout supplements ive used, i build a tolerance to them after a few servings.

Overall, i would say try it before buying it by asking at the counter at the gym if they sell p/w supplements, it is good, but is it worth £30, try it and see.
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive
August 11, 2009
Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 7


Reviews: 5

Age: 18

August 11, 2009
 i took a free sample of this and i was surprised. it tasted good (blue rasberry) and it kicked in pretty fast and lasted my whole workout. i have taken naNO Vapor no xplode Black Powder and a bunch of others and i would say this one gave me the most energy. it might not give as good of a pump as Black Powder or make u as hot but it gives u energy to want to keep workin out which is all i care about, i count on my post supps to put on size so i dont care about the pre supp. if you want crazy energy and motivation to keep workin out and work harder in the gym i recommend this over all the other supps i listed. i have heard good things about Jacked, Dark Rage, and superpump and i am going to give some of them a try but if they fall short im coming back to good old metrx.
July 26, 2009
Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 6


Reviews: 4

Age: 16

July 26, 2009
 I put up more weight wen i took this but i think it is because wen u take it it is like a sugar rush not a pump. The powder stinks wen u open the container. I put 3 scoops in 16oz of water it was ok but i just bought super pump 250 n ima see ig thats better
May 10, 2009
Overall: 5 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 6


Reviews: 13

Age: 28

May 10, 2009
 I can't seem to put my finger on it. Very strange product. The powder smells funny, it taste a little tart almost overbearing. Gives great energy I will give it that (loaded on caffeine) has a decent formula nothing to special. I tried it once and won't be again. It's average at best. Fun to drink though, makes a good cocktail for the pool side to get your heart rate up around all the ladies.
May 8, 2009
Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 6 | Value: 3


Reviews: 12

Age: 28

May 8, 2009
 I tried samples of the fruit punch and orange
Fruit: Taste sweet, bad after taste.
Orange: Good- I would recomend, like orange gatorade.
Overall I did notice the absence of the jitters pre, during and post work out. The pump and energy was there but not that impressive. Also, its more expensive then a lot of other products, such as NO xplode, which I would recomend over this product.

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