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Trifecta Stack

By LG Sciences
Trifecta Stack LG Sciences
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Trifecta Stack ranks #45 of 53 in (Growth Enhancers > Prohormones) and is rated better than 15% of all products in this category.


Trust: 0%

MTodd's Trifecta Stack Review

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 8

I guess there has been multiple versions of Trifecta ?? I don't know but the one I ran is the on that is at BodyBuilding.com. M1D, MMv3, Forma-D, and a free T911 (I guess this is not normally included in the kit ??). Either way, it has gotten a lot of attention on the discussion boards I frequent, so...

Trust: 36%

I showed steady gains while on the stack, increasing my reps/weight on every exercise

Overall: 0 | Effectiveness: 5 | Value: 1

I have waited about a month after ending my cycle on the Trifecta Stack to write this review just so I could see how I react coming off of the stack and so I could look back and compare my past gains when I was trying to bulk up. I took the newest version of the stack containing Methyl 1-D , Methyl Masterdrol,...

Trust: 3%

Its ok for the price but i dont think its a very effective stack

Overall: 4 | Effectiveness: 4 | Value: 5

I took this stack while on a bulking diet. Gained like 5pounds. Its ok for the price but i dont think its a very effective stack was expecting alittle more. Been very disapointed with all lg sciences products iv tried

Trust: 7%

MrMeToo's Trifecta Stack Review

Overall: 6 | Effectiveness: 6 | Value: 7

So even though I've taken stronger compounds,My wife hates it! so i figured id give this a try. Im almost 30 and have been lifting for 9 years. I eat 80% clean all the time so not much prep besides more protein. i take a vitamin and fish oil every day no matter on or off cycle. I started at 5'7 170 and...


Trust: 0%

I was disappointed with the end result but not entirely surprised with the mixed reviews

Overall: 3 | Effectiveness: 4 | Value: 1

I keep my diet in check, rarely drink (especially while trying to gain muscle on a stack like this), and strength train every other day for 1 to 1-1/2 hours. I track calories as well as rep/weight performance in the gym. I finished this stack about two months ago. It seems there are different versions...

Trust: 0%

qdsdh2004's Trifecta Stack Review

Overall: 3 | Effectiveness: 3 | Value: 3

I took this stack with one free bottle of generate. I striclty followed the directions and I was not taking anything else excep whey protein and food.
I have been very disappointed. First, the product doesn't deliver what it promises. Of course, on the stack it is written "you may experience muscle...

Trust: 0%

Duhello's Trifecta Stack Review

Overall: 6 | Effectiveness: 4 | Value: 5

First of all I would like to say to the people who are down-playing this product, if you are taking pro hormones you should no that everyone's body is different and will take different supplements different ways. Next I would say me and my friend have both taken this stack and we both got different results....


Trust: 14%

Speez's Trifecta Stack Review

Overall: 0 | Effectiveness: 0 | Value: 0

In a nutshell, this product is all hype and a waste of cash.
1) Does not work
2) Expensive for what it is, which is garbage
3) These products are nothing like the real" LG Stuff" a few years back, not even close.
4) You will get better boost from aspartic acid then from this garbage.
5)Lots of unnecassary...

Trust: 0%

Joe400's Trifecta Stack Review

Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 8

I highly reccomend The Trifecta Stack. It worked wonders for me. First things first, you cant just take supplements and magically think your going to grow pecks and a 6 pack. It takes hard work and dedication. When taking the stack i saw HUGE gains on my lifts (about a 315 max shot up to around 410 1...

Trust: 0%

jonnyb715's Trifecta Stack Review

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 8

I've been using the Trifecta Stack for a few months now. I take six caps of the methyl-1D per day, 3 Methylmasterdol Tabs and 2 doses of the GHenerate combined with Jack3d on lifting days and Hydroxycut Hardcore X on cardio days. I've found these combinations to make for great workouts, plenty of energy,...