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Formadrol Extreme

  By: LG Sciences

Formadrol Extreme is an Estrogen Blocker manufactured by LG Sciences. It helps reduce the amount of the hormone estrogen in the body, encouraging an optimal muscle building and fat loss environment.

What should I take with Formadrol Extreme?
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  November 13, 2011

I got a bottle of Formadrol with the Natabolic Stack months ago. This was advertised as a PCT for the Natadrol cycle, but since Natadrol had no effects on me I left the Formadrol in my drawer.

I found the bottle again when I was moving. Since it is supposed to have anti-estrogen like effects I decided to try it out rather than throw it in the bin.

During my Formadrol cycle I was bulking up, consuming around +500kcal over maintenance. My diet was clean and workouts were good as usual - with a 4 day split.

I dosed it 4 capsules per day, which was the maximum recommended on the bottle. The pills were red, tasteless and easy to swallow. However if I took them without a meal or after a meal, they caused very unpleasant sour herb-tasting burps.

I did NOT notice ANY EFFECTS on this 1-month cycle. It was a complete waste of money. It had no positive effects or negative effects on me.

This review stays short since there are no effects to describe. I don't recommend this product to anyone as it was useless just like Natadrol was. Do not waste your money.
  • No Side Effects
  • Not Sure If Effective.
  • Waste Of Money


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