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OxyECA Black Reviews

By: Lecheek Nutrition


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Ranks #5 of 77 (better than 95%) in
Weight Loss > Thermogenics

OxyECA Black is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Lecheek Nutrition. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
(Amount not disclosed)

Stimulant derived from coffee beans that increases heart rate, metabolism, alertness, mood, focus, and exercise performance.

(Amount not disclosed)

Methylated version of L-Tyramine known to increase cAMP, heart rate and insulin production while decreasing blood sugar levels.



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  October 2, 2012

Alright guys, this will be the first review out of four for the Lecheek cut stack. The stack consists of OxyECA Black (which I am now reviewing), Hyper T2, Speed X3, and AD3-PCT. All in all this has been a decent stack, but I think there is more to love in some of the products than others.

Ingredients: Caffeine, Dandelion Root Extract, Hordenine, Acaicia Rigdula Extract, Synephrine HCL, N-Methyl L-Tyramine Hydrochloride, White Willow Bark Extract, Rauwolscine and Cayenne.

All in all, 606mg/cap at a recommended 2 caps/day, but it is a prop blend so you don't know exactly what you get. Each bottle also contains 45 caps so if you take the recommended doses you will only get 22.5 days out of a bottle.

----------Effectiveness (7.5/10)------------

I will be splitting up the effectiveness rating between three areas: Appetite suppression, thermo/fat loss, and energy/stimulant.

Appetite Suppression (6): Probably the low point for this product. I was CONSTANTLY hungry while taking this product. Maybe even more hungry than usual. I may have been able to satisfy my hunger with a smaller amount of food when I ate, but the overall frequency with which I was hungry stayed consistent or even increased while taking this product.

Thermo/Fat Loss (7.5): I was a little disappointed with this product because I actually GAINED two pounds during the three weeks on this product. However, while the scale went up, I don't think I gained fat. I had also started a new lifting regimen and I think my chest and arms feel bigger, so any weight gain may be attributable to that. I didn't feel or really look any fatter, but this didn't really seem to shed the fat off either.

The thermo effect of this was solid, yet weird. My extremities would get cold (I assume from vasoconstriction), but my core would heat up quite nicely and I would have a nice little sweat going on from it. I took some OEP today since I was out of Oxy ECA and I think I would have to give the OEP a half point edge in the thermo department, but it is definitely close.

Energy/Stimulant (9): The shining aspect of this product for sure. This product gives solid, clean energy throughout. I have to admit, I am relatively stim tolerant, but for the first two to three days taking it, the energy was borderline too much and the overall thermo/stim effect was very high. After a couple days the energy evened out for me and it was clean, solid, and comfortable.

----------Value (8.5/10)------------

At first glance, I thought the value for this was a little poor because of the 22 days you actually get out of a bottle. However, I found that while nutraplanet has a bottle on sale for 25 bucks, you could also get two for 36. Now if you were really serious about fat loss you would never run just one bottle for three weeks. If you want serious fat loss results you would definitely need to run at least two bottles and at that price it's a full 6 weeks for about 6 bucks a week, which is a much more solid value.

---------Overall (8/10)-----------

Like any other fatburner, this isn't a miracle drug. It is not going magically make fat drip from your body and make you look like Greg Plitt.. This is, however, a good thermo that provides increased energy and drive. It also is not TOO much. I was able to keep up with cardio for the most part as well as solid energy throughout the day. I had some negative side effects from the original, but with the new formula, whatever was giving me issues before is now a non-factor, as I had no negative effects to speak of. Overall, I would suggest this product to anyone that is looking to supplement their diet and exercise regimen to lose weight and keep energy levels high.
  • Sweat Easily
  • Increased Energy
  • Clean Energy
  • Value Could Be Better
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  September 15, 2012

First of all I would like to thank Lecheek, SSGdimsmash and misterjaydub for the opportunity to log this amazing product. I would like to note that I had previously taken several other thermogenic products so I know what to compare with and what to look for. I am on a lean bulking diet while taking this.

The following is the ingredient profile of Oxyeca Black. I'm not going to go through each of the ingredient by itself.

Caffeine, Dandelion Root extract (10:1), Hordenine Acaicia Rigdula Extract (25% std. min Phenylethylamine) (leaf), Synephrine HCL, N-Methyl L-Tyramine Hydrochloride, White Willow Bark Extract (std. min 25% Salicin), Rauwolscine (std. min. 90% from Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract), Cayenne Peppeer (fruit) (80,000 heat units)

Effectiveness (9.5/10)

Noted that I stack this product with Hyper T2. I think that this product deserve a 9.5 for its overall effectiveness. This is not a product that you will feel its effect after a few weeks. I'm sure that you will feel it on the first dosage. I would like to separate this into a few sections.

Thermogenic effect (10/10)

After experiencing several thermogenic, Oxyeca Black is by far the strongest fat burning pill. It has Oxyelite beat by a mile. Half an hour after taking the pill, you will feel a heat rush on the back of your head and the feeling stays there for a few hours. With my dosing schedule, I would take my first pill then go to class. The classroom is cold and I am the only one in there that is sweating like a pig. It makes u feel like you have just run a mile outside.

Energy (9/10)

I've tried taking Oxyeca Black 30 minutes before gym just to test it out. I regretted that decision so much. Some people prefer to take a fat burning pill before their workout and I think that with Oxyeca Black, the energy is overwhelming. Within an hour after taking the pill, my heart was beating so fast in the gym that I had to sit down to calm myself. At some point I felt like I have trouble breathing and I'm almost fainted in the gym. You know that feeling you get after running 5miles and you stop. I've read some logs that they use it as a PWO but it is just not my cup of tea.

Appetite suppressant (10/10)

This is and 2nd most noticeable effect from this product, right after its thermogenic effect. I would lose my appetite to eat anything that I basically had to force myself to eat all the time. I had skipped several meals unknowingly so I have to make up for the calories at night. On some days, I didn't even felt like drinking my protein shake after my workout. This is a few hours after taking the pill.

Dosage (-/10)

I am pretty sure that I had a different dosage schedule from everyone. On the first 3 weeks, I took 1 pill directly after I get up which is around 6am and I would fast until 12-1pm and have my first meal. 2 hours later, I would take my 2nd dosage which is around 2-3pm then have my pre workout meal after that. Remember that some people might find this unbearable but this is how I prefer and works best. Everyone will react differently to this product so you got to find what works best for you.

Side effect (8/10)

An hour after taking Oxyeca Black, I felt that I was no longer in a good mood. I get inpatient about everything and just feel like not talking to anyone. On some days, I felt like puking after taking this. Guess I'm not stim tolerant after all.

For those that are not stim tolerant, prepare to get your mind blown. I would suggest on taking your first dosage with food for the first 3 days then slowly increase the time gap between the pill dosage and your meal.

Value (10/10)

This product runs from 20-25 dollars if you get it online. For such a powerful thermogenic product, I think that this is a great value. After I got my bottle from Lecheek in the mail, I bought another 2 bottle myself online. This is really worth it as compare to other reputable thermo which is around 35-45 dollars.

I would like to share my experience on the different dosage.
1 pill: Fast heartbeat, bad mood, strong heat rush, felt like puking, sweat.
2 pills: Fast heartbeat, better mood, adequate heat rush, don't feel like puking, sweat a WHOLE lot more.

I recommend this product to anyone that is serious about their goal which is either losing weight or a recomp. I personally was on a bulking diet, and as an endomorph, I am surprise on how well it retain my fat gain to a minimum and stayed on the same BF% while gaining weight. Always remember that although this is a strong pill, you will not achieve your goal if your diet and workout routine is not set. Those 2 are by far more important than any of the supplements out there.
  • Super Good Value
  • Keeps Bf% Low
  • Sweat Easily
  • Really Good Appetite Suppresant
  • Increased Energy
  • Felt Like Puking
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Trust: 100%

  April 14, 2013

OxyECA Black is a VERY strong fat burner/thermogenic supplement. Many thanks to the guys over at Lecheek for allowing me to log this as part of my Lecheek Lovin Log (OxyECA Black, Hyper T2 and Speed X3) --Marms with the hook-up and SSG with the encouragement.

In general, most of these products work by increasing body temp and/or heart rate as well as appetite suppression and water removal (diuretic). Basically the idea is to help you eat less and burn more calories than normal, which is why almost all of them have some sort of stimulant component. In my opinion the granddaddy of all these is still the ECA stack, however, since ephedrine is no longer readily/legally available, many companies have attempted to create OTC products that mimic the effect.

Formula: 8/10
The ingredients are in a prop blend consisting of: caffeine, dandelion root extract, hordenine, acaicia rigdula extract, synephrine HCL, N-methyl L-tyramine hydrochloride, white willow bark extract, rauwolscine and cayenne. As in all my reviews, I am not a huge fan of prop blends, however, Lecheek usually puts out quality products with no pixie dusting, so I'm not going to give them a minus since this (like the prop blend in Speed X3) is just flat out effective.

WarMachine did an excellent job of breaking down the individual ingredients in his review so I will not replicate his efforts here. Suffice it to say that the greatest number of ingredients supports energy/increased metabolism. Other ingredients provide appetite suppression and diuretic effect.

Effectiveness: 9/10
I dosed one cap upon waking and one in the afternoon. In the past I have not responded well to thermos. I am incredibly stim tolerant/resistant, however, something in thermos tends to really skitz me out and then make me lethargic. I got none of these side effects with OxyECA Black. The stim effect was noticeable and prolonged without the immediate rush and crash I've experienced before. I only experienced mild appetite suppression and not much overall water loss. Initially I experienced increased sweat but that did not carry on throughout the whole bottle as tolerance (I assume) was reached. I will also say that this is STRONG. I had to play around with my initial dosing as I took it at the same time as Speed X3 and man, that was rather interesting. In a rare display of wisdom, I split the doses of OxyECA Black and Speed X3.

I did lose about 11 pounds of overall weight during the month when using this as part of a cutting routine and metabolic (high rep) based training. Based on body measurements and the fact that it's been over 2 weeks since I finished my bottle and I've taken on little to no additional gain, I have to assume that most of the weight was fat loss (not water or muscle). But again, this is used in conjunction with a proper diet and training approach.

I will also add the caveat that I took this stacked with Lecheek Hyper T-2 so there is no way to tell whether the weight loss came from the OxyECA Black, The T-2 or the combination of both. I will say, that it worked - minimal side effects and reasonable weight loss.

Value: 7/10
This is the one area where it could be improved. One bottle contains 45 caps which will last less than a month if taking 2 per day. You can get this for under $20.00 online but even so, you most likely need 2 bottles for a decent run. So it's not the greatest value but it is decent. I'd prefer to see more caps in the bottle (at least 60) ike Hyper T2, which contains 90 caps for about 5 bucks more.

Overall: 8/10
I found this to be a top-notch choice for the fat burner/thermo category. In the future I would love to use this with PES Alphamine. Yes the ECA stack remains my go-to choice, but for those looking to buy a legal OTC supplement, this is hard to beat. Stack it with Hyper T-2 and you have something that will most definitely provide you with positive results when used with diet and training, which in my opinion, is what a supplement should be – something to augment your efforts, not replace them with a magic pill.
  • Clean Energy
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Value Could Be Better
  • Prop. Blend
Rep: +2,685
Trust: 100%

  October 13, 2012

Lecheek has done it again. With constant good products rolling out and valued reps on this site the future is very bright for lecheek.  Oxy eca black was no joke from suppressed appetite to great clean energy, the fat literally wanted to melt away. Oxy black all the way turned up le go!!

You get a 30 day supply for around $20-$30 which IMO is a great value. For all that you get mixed into one the value only goes up. Most products don't provide you with everything you need to make a good product. That's where oxy black stands strong.

None unless you open the caps, then it's puke city bit ch.

The suppression of my appetite is why I rated this so high. My hunger is normally crazy throughout the day and I will tend to snack. This does not help your cause when you are cutting, and that is where oxy black came into play. I would no longer snack or want to snack for that matter. It did such a good job that sometimes I didn't want to eat my meals. Now as for energy itself it was pretty good but. It as powerful as say oep or ripped juice. The energy was however very smooth and not overpowering, subtle. For me at least. Anyhow this product was very effective.

Great product one of the best appetite suppressants around that I have come across. Where it didnt have lots of energy it made up for with suppression of appetite. I want to thank everyone at Lecheek, dustin, jaydub and of course ssg. But most importantly I want to thank flashsunday for letting me have his bottle, props broseph

Peace homies
  • Keeps Bf% Low
  • Really Good Appetite Suppresant
  • Increased Energy
  • Clean Energy
  • Felt Like Puking
  • Value Could Be Better
  • Crays A Beech
Rep: +507
Trust: 100%
  September 15, 2012

Before The review begins, would like to thank SSGdimsmash and Lecheek nutrition for letting me log a bottle of this. Which really was great to have being that it helped me cut down almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks for a bodybuilding show. That I was able to place 3rd in the novice heavyweight division. So I partly owe this trophy to lecheek lol.

Dosing is very easy. Just take on an empty stomach before breakfast and then again 6 hours later before a meal or snack. You could take it with food if it bothered your stomach.

I started off with 1 in morning and 1 in afternoon and worked up to either 2 and 1 or 1 and 2 depending on when I would be working out and dosing a preworkout. Which was Razor 8 and then Condense for the last week when I dropped creatine. I also was taking Sterol Complex along with multi, and fish oil.

Effectiveness ----------------9-----------
Really great Fatburner here. Going to break it down into 3 sub-categories, Thermogenic, Appetite Suppressent, Stimulant

- I have run several bottles of oxyelite pro and have not ever felt the hot/cold part of it. However with OxyECA totally different story, I was sitting at work and at class with goosebumps and was sweating. Really was throwing my body temp for a loop, which is what this supplement is designed to do. So A+ there

Appetite Suppressant
- Again will use OxyElite to compare. Really took me several days to get this effect but after those first days whenever I took this it would make me not hungry at all. I would really need to tell myself its time to eat. This is great, as a bodybuilder getting ready for competition it is truly important to eat a certain amount at a certain time. And if you are getting hungry or tempted because of some advertisement, or because of a personal issue or friends eating in front of you or whatever, it may lead you astray from that strict diet. This way you can really eat at the time you need to. So you dont have to worry about adding any extra meals or snacks to your diet. Also allowing you to not overeat which can be so easy to do when you are an athletic person and or trying to lose weight. It wasnt only around the dosing that this was felt. I really noticed a decrease in appetite all day. It will also have you drinking lots of water. which can curb appetite. Another A+ in this department

Stimulant factor
- This was good. Hard for me to tell as I am a little tolerant to Stims but on the first dose I did notice a strong increase in energy. I am not saying that it did nothing to me at all. I just mean that it may impact others far more than I because I may be more Tolerant. For the most part the energy was good. in the morning it was good to get that little boost. especially if I was getting up early to go to the gym in a couple hours. I did notice if dosed near a cardio session that my heart rate would go up. That is expected from a thermogenic/stimulants in general but also something to watch for as it was stronger than Oxyelite Pros effect on heart rate for me. So depending on how close to a cardio session you dosed it you need to keep it moderate and watch your heart rate.

Other Effects
On ocasion with breakfast I did notice a stomach ache. Not sure If directly affiliated with the OxyECA but cant rule it out either. Since it has been rated to make someone feel like puking it may have a bit stomach discomfort involved with it, so just caution maybe take with food.

Value------------------- 7----------------
Not a bad value but not great either. Again comparing to OxyElite Pro as that is the fat burner I have used the most and am comfortable with. Each capsule of OxyElite Pro is around 35 cents while a capsule of OXYECA is 55 cents. While OxyECA is more potent than oxyelite pro capsule to capsule it costs 1.10 to run a day while oxy elite could cost you .70 to 1.05 a day. You also get double the amount of oxy elite so can run it longer. The value could be a little better. Lower price or Larger bottle either or. I did get this one for free. But Would I buy it again? I may. It worked very well but I can get similar results for a lesser price and longer time. If I were to decide to use Oxy Eca next year when I started dieting I would have to get at least 2 bottles to run for about 6 weeks at 2 caps a day for 50 dollars. When I could run Oxy Elite at 3 caps a day for 30 days for 30 or 2 months at 60. It is a toss up and the price is not that bad just could be improved upon I think.

Great Fatburner supplement really curious to see how I would have done being further out from the competition and could have run cardio every night while on the fatburner. Only was able to do 1 hour of cardio for about half the bottle since didnt want to have my legs puff up on me and fill with water. Dropped around 10 lbs. Sweated when I felt cold, Hardly was hungry on it, Gave good energy, Although I got it for free it could have been a little cheaper to entice me to buy in the future.

Thanks again to SSGdimsmash and Lecheek Nutrition. This was a lot of fun and a great product. Interested to see how your others work in future.
  • Keeps Bf% Low
  • Sweat Easily
  • Really Good Appetite Suppresant
  • Increased Energy
  • Value Could Be Better
Rep: +3,681
Trust: 100%

  September 15, 2012

OxyECA Black Limited Edition from LeCheek Nutrition. Thanks to the folks over at Lecheek and SSG for letting me try this product. This is their newest fat burner/thermogenic.

How I ran it: 1 pill AM and 1 pill PM. Simple. I never had to increase to the recommended 3 pills a day and felt fine without being too "stimed" out. I did run a preworkout (Tier 1) while on OXYECA, although I would spread out the does of OxyECA far enough apart to not have any noticeable negative side effects. The primary reason I did not up the dosage to 3 pills was due to the preworkout and I didn't want to have that many stimulants in my body in a given day.

Ingredients: The ingredient profile is listed below. Caffeine, Dandelion Root Extract, Hordenine, Acaicia Rigdula Extract, Synephrine HCL, N-Methyl L-Tyramine Hydrochloride, White Willow Bark Extract, Rauwolscine and Cayenne. Some fairly straight forward ingredients in here with some nice new ones to make for a solid profile.

My Routine: As many of you know my routines are based on supersets, dropsets and monstersets. Many mass to shred supersets are my niche. I did take down the intensity of the workouts slightly while on this thermogenic due to the amount of stimulants I was taking throughout the day. Additionally, I upped my cardio to 2.5 days a week.

Effectiveness Overall 8.5: The effectiveness of any fat burner/thermogenic needs to be evaluated against 3 main factors. (1) The appetite suppression, (2) The Thermogenic/Fat Loss, (3) The Energy.

Appetite Suppression 9.25 - This absolutely crushed my appetite every time I took it. It may may have crushed it a bit too much. I had to force myself to eat in situations where I was typically not hungry, but knowing OxyECA was playing tricks on my body. Great product for appetite suppression, but as I said perhaps a bit too strong. Overall Solid 9-9.5

Thermogenic/Fat Loss - 7.5 - Like any thermogenic/fat loss solution, this will not work miracles. I started the cycle at 6 foot 191 and 10% BF. I ended at 6 foot 188. Waist line was reduced approximately a 0.25 inch. One thing I look for fat burners as I am already fairly lean and cut, is to work on those typical naturally "target spots". The mid section and sidewalls is where typically I hold any of my fat. Although I don't believe in targeted fat loss by any product, but the thermogenic effects of this product aides in the fat reduction of these area. Overall Solid 7.5.

Energy - 8 - Given the profile, the dosages provided solid energy. Nothing earth shattering since I was only running 1 pill AM and 1 pill much later in the day, however it wasn't at "overwhelming" as others have eluded to. Overall solid 8.

Taste N/A: These are pills, no issue here. Easy to swallow.

Value 8: At roughly 24.99 plus shipping on many supplement websites for 45 capsules (30 day supply roughly), this is priced in the fair range. Given the ingredients, you would expect it to be in the 20 dollar range and not much higher.

Conclusion 8.5: Overall, as I stated above this product is not a wonder drug for fat loss. It does however provide solid sustained energy, a great appetite suppression and a well above average fat loss effectiveness. Given the fair pricing and solid effectiveness, this gets the bladeski seal of approval.
  • Good Value
  • Really Good Appetite Suppresant
  • Increased Energy
  • Clean Energy
    Rep: +4,310
    Trust: 100%

      August 17, 2013

    Big thanks to Lecheek and there awesome Rep we have here SSG. Thanks for letting me run this to shed a few lbs.

    First off I am one hungry guy I could eat every HR. This little black pills will stop that!

    Ingredients 8
    I am not one to sit and break apart everything on a product, I just want it to work. Others have listed the profile and explained what some do so If that is what you need to know scroll down this page. It is a basic fat burner that provides hunger suppression and clean energy.

    Taste NA
    Its a pill but I did get acid reflux pretty bad when I tried 3 pills at once a few times.

    Effectiveness 8-9
    Now I never did get that strong stim feel that some say that did from this nor was the energy feel off the chain like some burners like to do. It was always just a clean energy no jitter no buzz feel from this, Even when I took 2 or 3 caps. At staying at just 2 pills I had the perfect amount of energy and hunger suppression to get me to my lunch time meal I would not even think about food. Some days I had to almost tell myself I needed to eat for lunch.

    I never thought It was really doing all that well for me on dropping weight until toward the end of the bottle I scaled myself and I was down 5.3 lbs , I had finally got under the 250 number. So huge props to that. As for a thermo effect I am still on the fence of this. I did seem to just want to drink water like a mad man on this though. But as far as body feeling warm. No.

    I think if you took this with their hyper T2 you would have a killer combo. The whole time I took this I was wishing I had that with this.
    I never had a crash from this or any huge sides like some tend to give me, like headaches or a bit of higher aggravated state of mind. I was always feeling good on this.
    I also need to mention those that know me and my logs here know that I do not eat clean, so for a product to come in and have no big changes to my diet and still loose weight is pretty awesome.

    Value 7-8
    I think right now you can get this on most site for around 20 bucks. Like Lava mentioned though I suggest 2 bottles to run it for a bit longer to really get things moving. Also If you can stack this with Hyper T2 and clean diet this would be awesome for someone looking to drop weight.

    Overall 8
    I think this is a good choice for someone looking to try a fat burner that does not want that cracked out feel, and stacking this I truly think would yeld some great results.
    • Really Good Appetite Suppresant
    • Increased Energy
    • Clean Energy
    • Appetite Suppression
    • Would Be Best If Stacked.
    Rep: +500
    Trust: 100%
      September 29, 2012

    First and foremost- THANK YOU to Lecheek Nutrition for allowing me the opportunity to try this product out and log my experiences!

    I also want to say that the results I saw while taking Oxy ECA Black were not typical. Combined with an excellent diet and workout regimen, Oxy ECA Black was the icing on the cake and really helped me get that little bit extra.

    Background: I have used a decent array of Thermogenics/Fat burners to compare Oxy ECA Black to (OEP, Recreate, Hyper T2, Shred Matrix, Hydroxy-cut, and countless other samples) I have been paying close attention to my diet and exercise routine for several years now. (Paleo for the last 3 years) I ate a Paleo Diet in Zone proportions for the duration of this cycle. I do CrossFit. During this cycle I think I only took 1 off day. If your interested you can check out my log here :

    Enough with the drivel, on to the review:

    I'll start off with results: During my 27 day cycle of Oxy ECA Black I leaned up, felt great and was able to push myself to my limits on a daily basis. By leaning up, I noticed increases in vascularity, decreases in love handles, and striations come out. I started noticing veins in my lower abdomen that I have never seen before! Also, my shoulders became noticeably more defined while on this cycle. All of this happened while increasing my total calorie intake. Ill take that any day of the week!
    By felt great I noticed significant improvements in my perspective and outlook on things. Early on in the cycle I had some less than favorable things going on, but I still felt on top of the world. This is something I have rarely felt from a supplement before, so my hats off to Lecheek in that regard. I noticed a euphoric feeling that would kick in shortly after my first dose, and continue throughout the day. Unfortunately these feelings did seem to fade a bout 1.5-2 weeks into the cycle, but I think that was just my body building a tolerance to the product.
    The energy you get from this is almost scary at first. The first couple days 1 cap was all I needed. As with many fat burners/thermogenics, after a day or two you are feeling like you need that second dose, or double dose. Not with ECA Black. As a fairly stim-tolerant person, that was a pleasant little surprise. I do want to note that the potency did seem to fade over the course of the cycle, but that is a bit to be expected. I never did go above 2 caps in 1 day though, so that was good, but more about value in a bit.

    Taste/dosing: Most days I popped 1 cap upon waking and another cap about 7 hours later. Worked for me. I saw some others doubling up, but I never felt the need. As they are caps, taste is not an issue. The caps are normal sized, so no worried about getting down horse pills.

    Value: At somewhere around $24 a bottle (45 caps), this can go either way for value. If you run 1 cap a day for a while, and never go above 2 a day like I did, you end up with just under a months supply. However if you start at 2 and up it to 3 a day, your value gets cut down. Depending on how you choose to dose this, it could last anywhere from about 3 weeks to a month. 2 caps a day for 3 weeks equals just around $1 a day for a fat burner. I think with the positives I experienced from this, it's well worth it.

    Side effects: I have already touched on the positive sides in results, but as far as negative sides, I did not notice much of any in that regard. I will say that for a stim-sensitive person, this product could be a bit much. I can see this causing some negative sides for someone who doesn't usually consume much in the ways of stimulants. But none for me!

    Stacking: I did have the pleasure of stacking this with Hyper T2 for about a week. Since it wasn't a full cycle, I wont really say much about the combo other than :WOW I wish I had the chance to run that stack. But I did combine this with Creatine, Fish oil, Protein and other basics. I do not think this needs to be stacked to be effective. Combined with solid nutrition and hard work, this will help you obtain results!

    Summary: This can be an excellent stand alone fat burner to help you shed some pounds and improve your physique. If you were to stack it, I would suggest combining it with Lecheek's Hyper T2. That stack would be sick. But this gets my sign of approval, and I recommend giving it a shot for your next cut.

    Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful. If you have questions ask! And as always DO WORK
    • Increased Energy
    • Clean Energy
    • Euphoric Feelings
      Rep: +683
      Trust: 100%
        June 9, 2013

      Hey guys, got another Lecheek review! About 6 months ago I won this bottle of OxyECA Black and just now finished it. Had fairly decent results.

      *********Background Info*********
      I am going to start out by admitting my workout routine has not been very good. I am running a dairy farm with my dad so my day starts at 4:!5 and we usually work until supper around 5:45. (with breaks for breakfast and lunch). Since my day is always fast paced, I figured I could still benefit from this product.

      I took this along side Hyper T2. I took one of each every morning at 4 AM and only took Hyper T2 in the afternoon around 2 PM. This was an effective strategy as it spread out the effects all day.

      *********Effectiveness 7/10***********
      I almost gave Oxy an 8 for this category but I will explain that later. I am going to break this up into several categories.

      Diuretic: 9/10
      I was really surprised at how well this product kept my water weight down. I felt like I was urinating constantly. Probably the best diuretic I have ever used.

      Appetite suppression: 4/10
      I see that a lot of people had great appetite suppression with this product but for whatever reason it just wasn't there for me. This could be because of the fact that I would wake up at 4 am and not eat till around 8am. Most fatburners are more effective on an empty stomach so I never ate anything until after we would get done milking.

      Thermogenic: 8/10
      It seemed like i broke a sweat a lot easier while taking this but I also took about the time it started warming up for summer. Since I work outside all day and no A/C in the milk barn, I would contribute a lot of my sweating to the heat.

      Energy: 7/10
      I really needed Oxy to provide me with long lasting energy and it usually came through for me. I don't ever remember crashing at all. Since I work every day (yes, that includes weekends) I relied pretty heavily on Oxy to keep me moving.

      ********Ingredient Profile: 7.5/10*********
      I have to admit that I don't fully understand some of the compounds in this stuff. I always google anything I take but some of it was just weird. Also, the prop blend is always a negative although I understand the necessity of it . I felt like most everything that you want in a fat burner was in there but there was no way to tell whether it was dosed correctly.

      ******Side Effects 8/10*********
      While using this product I would occasionally feel sick. It wasn't so bad that I felt like I should quit taking it but I definitely felt a little sick. It was usually the worst when I didn't drink enough water.

      ******Value: 7/10**********
      This product usually has a fair price for around 25 bucks. I think one thing that hurts this products value is that if you take 2 pills a day then you don't even get a full months supply.

      A lot of people had a better experience than I did with OxyECA. I am first to admit my workout routine was not a good one. I would have given OxyECA a better review had the appetite suppression been better. If you are looking for a good diuretic and thermogenic then this product should work great for you! I think that taking Hyper T2 along with OxyECA will enhance results greatly!

      • Sweat Easily
      • Increased Energy
      • Great Diuretic
      • Value Could Be Better
      Rep: +241
      Trust: 100%
        August 2, 2013

      Hello SR community! I am ready to share with you my experience with Lecheeks's OxyECA Black. A big thanks to SSGdimsmash for providing me with a free bottle and others for following me in my log. My results were very interesting, as I will share.
      A little about me- I stand at 5'9 1/2 inches and weigh about 181 lbs - my bf % is slowly creeping into the single digit range. I am currently running the following sups:

      Formeron by Black Lion Research (Transdermal)
      I use both meal replacers by EAS and Ultimate Nutrition at least once per day.
      I use one and half servings of Oxy Elite Protein by USP Labs once per day.

      My macro break down is:
      200 grams of protein
      80 grams of fat
      100 grams of carbs (including 30-40 grams of fiber.)

      This equals about a 700-800 calories per day deficit. I do no cardio. I work out 6 days per week.

      My current summer goal is to lose another 5 lbs of fat- I probably can't lose much more than that- I'm getting real lean.

      On March 1st, 2013 I was 217 lbs. I have been using an IF 16/8 diet since then and have had excellent results- the kind where you get double takes, what are you on questions and steroid use accusations. It all feeds into my ego .

      In the past, I have used the real ECA (mostly from age 16-19) and the greatest fat burner of all- clenbuturol- which I did several runs of around the age of 20. I stay away from both of those these days. My macros totaled about 1800 calories a day for the first 12 days of my run, then increased to around 2500 for the last 10 days. I also used Formeron by Black Lion Research for the month. I will do a review on that as well. Starting in July, I had just come off of 8 weeks of DAA supplementation and wanted to go with an AI to see how my body responded.

      Profile- It is a 606MG proprietary blend consisting of the following ingredients:
      1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, Dandelion Powder, Hordenine HCL, Acacia Rigidula Extract (25% Phenylethylamine), Synephrine HCL, N-Methyl-L-Tyramine Hydrochloride, Rauwolscine, and Capsicum Extract.
      Dosing – I started with 1 pill the first few days, and then was able to throw in an extra pill here and there for a few days. I was waiting to build a tolerance to this. Once I did, then I even had days where I ingested 3 pills. That's the max per day. I took it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, generally before a work out. The effects lasted about 4 hours so I would take it again 4-5 hours later, and on the three dosing days, 4-5 hours after that (in which I needed to use Universal's PM Stak to help me sleep.)

      Effectiveness- here's a quote from my log:
      "Now, I am going to provide some assumptions/facts about myself and make a crazy comparison.

      First, I was once 19.
      Second, I was an NYC clubber.
      Third, MDMA was very popular at the time.
      Fourth, I may have dabbled with it from time to time.

      Ok, with that said, if anyone has ever used MDMA before, then you know after about 15 minutes you get this ridiculous rush that starts with an intense focus and greater sense of well-being. After about 30-45 minutes of taking OxyECA I get a rush that is equivalent to about 1/10th of what MDMA used to provide- which, some may argue, is still pretty significant. It is very noticeable.

      I was wondering if anyone who has taken OxyECA has experienced this before.

      Also, I crashed pretty hard today. I felt like my tolerance was getting a little better, but after about 3 hours, I felt pretty lethargic.

      Finally, I am always in the habit of checking my pulse. I did it all the time when I used to take the real ECA or clenbuturol. I had no change in heart rate- which is good. No palpitations or rushes. I like that. Don't get me wrong, I still feel "funny" on this stuff, but it's not close to what the old school stuff used to do to me."
      Yeah, that's how I felt for several days there. I was definitely sweating a lot and could just tell my metabolism was getting a big push.
      Now here's where things start to get a little funny. I posted a pic of myself after taking this stuff for a little over a week (excuse the quality it was taken by my 6 year old daughter.) Without weighing myself, I could tell I was down several pounds, maybe weighing as low as 175 lbs. You can find the pic here I looked at myself and thought, damn, I am getting too skinny, I need to bump my calories or I'm going to disappear. So that's exactly what I did. I went from about 1800 calories per day up to 2500 calories per day. After dieting for 5 months, my metabolism was pretty weak, so 2500 calories was above maintenance. I also started double and triple dosing my Formeron- known to exert anabolic effects similar to a PH when taken in those doses. I ran this from July 19th until today. I am also going to note that over the last 3 weeks I have been squatting 3 times per week. This is the most that I have ever done, as I am emphasizing the growth of my legs. I weighed myself this morning. I was shocked. I still have my 30 inch waist. I have veins coming out of my body that I have never seen before. I look great in the mirror, and I weighed in at 184lbs. That's a 3 pound gain!
      So I gained weight and got leaner -every weightlifters dream.
      Nutraplanet has a great Q&A on this - NP also mentions that OxyECA Black is banned in the following countries due to the inclusion of the following ingredients- Australia [Rauwolscine, Yohimbine, yohimbe], Italy [Rauwolscine], Sweden [Yohimbine.]

      I did not experience too much of an appetite suppression. This may have had something to do with my IF 16/8 and my eating schedule, but I had no problem eating what I wanted when I wanted.

      Value- OxyECA Black is found on most websites for under $30. At 45 servings, of which the average person will take two serving per day this will get you through 22 1/2 days- with the potential results you may get after 3 weeks, it is definitely a real value.

      Conclusion- there were a myriad of factors that have led to my results. The squatting, the change in diet, the increase in AI use, etc. What it boils down to is the fact that I probably would have gone down to as low as 5% BF if I continued on the low calorie diet. This stuff works. I probably bottomed out at 7% though, not too shabby. As far as recommending the product, though, I am going to score it as a maybe. Why- because I would not recommend it to someone I personally know. This is why my overall scoring falls to a 7. This stuff is real strong- not for the faint of heart. I would feel guilty telling them to take this stuff and have them end up with some sort of medical issue. I will recommend it to those looking to get lean and to break through fat loss plateaus if you are able to handle something that is very powerful and explosive. With all that said this will be my first and last run of this stuff. I had good success with Top Secret's Jitter Free formula and will continue to use that. Thanks for taking the time to read my log and this long review!
      • Keeps Bf% Low
      • Sweat Easily
      • Increased Energy
      • Euphoric Feelings
      • Increased Metabolism
      • Lack Of Appetite Suppression
      • The Initial Doses Can Be Quite Intense
      • Prop. Blend

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