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Mass HGH Reviews

By: Lecheek Nutrition


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Growth Enhancers > Nighttime Sleep Formulas

Mass HGH is a Nighttime Sleep Formula manufactured by Lecheek Nutrition. It is designed to be used before bed time. It promotes restful sleep, increases REM sleep and helps the body attain an optimal state for muscle recovery and growth.
(Amount not disclosed)

Ayurvedic herb typically used as an adaptogen and aphrodisiac.

(Amount not disclosed)

Powerful "downer" neurotransmitter that exerts a sedative or depressive action on the body.



Rep: +3,030
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  July 14, 2013

What uppppppppppppppp my fellow sup review brethen its been a good while since I kicked out a review. before I start this review big thanks to my man ssgdimsmash and Marms for hooking me up with Mass Hgh and throwing in a tub of my favorite pre workout Speed x3.

Mass Hgh is marketed as a product that will Radically increase GH and testosterone,Optimize insulin sensitivity, Maximize protein synthesis, Up-regulate IGF-1 and other growth factors, Enhance Nitric Oxide Production, Decrease cortisol and, Suppress myostatin. I can honestly say I felt the effects of Mass hgh by the end of the first week of usage. So that I can better explain this I'm going to break the effectiveness down into 4 categories.

Sleep:10/10 the sleep on Mass hgh was just beautiful I would take 3 caps 30 minutes before bed and before I knew it I was out cold. what amazed me so much about the sleep from this product was I would be sleep for 2 hours and wake up to use the little girls room and it felt like I had a full nights sleep. there was never a morning were I woke up groggy I always woke up well rested and energized. Heck my sleep was so deep on this stuff I had a dream I was in the bathroom urinating in a stall and as I got ready to let it flow my subconscious mind kicked in, and I woke up to go potty. Talk about a close call 26 year old man almost wetting the bed!

Testosterone boost:6/10 I am still fairly young so for me to see a huge jump in testosterone levels is just unlikely but I do know while using mass hgh my little friends production rate went up. My bedtime activities went from two times a day to 3 or 4 times a day. So that's always a positive I also noticed a slight increase in strength but nothing worth saying Mass hgh was the cause.

Nitric Oxide Production:8/10
Another aspect that blew my mind about Mass hgh is the pumps and muscle hardness I noticed on this stuff. My pumps while working out were no different than usual but it seemed like throughout random times during the day I would have a rush of blood to the body part I worked the day prior. Its like I would be just chilling and all of a sudden my veins were rocking hard like crazy and I would have a huge pump sensation throughout my body. It became annoying to have so so pumps in the gym while working out and then crazy pumps while I'm covered all up in my uniform.

It has been proven that muscle growth and recovery Happens while you are sleep and resting, so from the deepness of sleep I received while on Mass hgh I think its safe to say it delivers in the recovery department. I cannot justify giving Mass hgh a 10 in recovery simply because my recovery from DOMS didn't change, which doesn't mean it failed.

Mass hgh is a solid product but for me Its a little on the high price side. I know I have said value is based on results not price but paying more than $1 a day for a good nights sleep just isn't a must for me. I have seen Mass hgh go from $30-$40 per bottle sometimes nutraplanet has great deals on Lecheek products so you might be able to acquire Mass hgh and some other leckeek goodies for a reasonable price, Just shop around.

Mass hgh is a quality supplement that I'm glad I got the opportunity to try. I can definitely see myself purchasing this product in likes for a contest prep. Granted the product is a little pricey I think if you are looking for a good gh supplement this should be the one you grab. So far I haven't met a Lecheek product that didn't live up to the label thanks again to the boys over at lecheek for being a part SR community.

  • Better Sleep
  • Muscle Fullness
  • All Day Pump Look
  • Price Ranges
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  October 13, 2012

1, 2, 1, 2.. Cheek this out a Lecheek Review, yeah I know Corny... I kinda wanted to do that lol... Anyway, So this has to be one of the best HGH type of supplement I have ever taken. I am extremely pleased with this supplement because It helped put on weight in my current bulk and stay below 12% bf, it increased my recovery time and I had a great overall experience with this supplement at exception of some things.

Profile (5/10): First of all Mass HGH is supposed to increase GH, Test, maximize protein synthesis and up-regulate IGF-1. I personally spent a good amount of time to find any research that helped backed up the claims made on this product from the ingredients it has. Unfortunately, I was not able to find convincing or conclusive evidence on this; I did find some evidence on some of the typical ingredients for sleep aids, but nothing really that could this make Mass HGH groundbreaking.

Effectiveness(10/10): Contrary to what the ingredient profile shows this supplement worked perfect for me. I was able to add close to 20 lbs in about 6-7 weeks with this Mass HGH. I used for a period of 8 weeks and it effects started to slow down around the 6th week. Mass HGH did help me sleep better; however, I have had much stronger and better ones in the sense of sleep, but this one did not make me feel groggy in the morning.

Every time I woke up, I did not look as flat as usually do in the morning and as soon as I had something to eat I had like all-day pump in my body. My wife and friends kept telling how full my muscles looked all day and I can honestly attribute all this to Mass HGH because as soon as I stopped taking it the fullness in my muscles went down; however, I did not lose any weight.

I am sitting right now at 190 lbs @ 10.9% - 11.2% bf ( my little BF calculator goes up and down around that range) This is the heaviest I have ever been. I finished Mass HGH AT 188 lbs and I started at 168-170 lbs.

One more thing I must add is that the reason I became interested in the product is because my distributor got it and told me that this supplement has helped him keep his regular bodyweight. He is currently take some type of medications and treatments that apparently make him sick and he is not eating as much, but he has been able to hold on to his weight.

Dosage(N/A): Simple, 3 capsules before bedtime. It does not specify if with an empty stomach or food, but I always took this with food. I eat late at night so it is impossible for me to go to bed on a empty stomach.

Sides(5/10): The whole sex drive issue was also present in my run. I really cannot find an exact reason why or how this supplement can lower sex drive. I tried to find it through research of the ingredients and nothing really seemed to affect sex drive, neither positive or negative, very neutral in that sense. However, by the 3-4th week sex drive went down; having an erection was not the problem, but wanting to have one was lol. Perhaps this would work better if stacked with Testodrol or AD-3 PCT like the other uers to prevent that side, but who knows.

Value(7/10): for the type of results it gave me it has excellent value IMO. I was able to bulk up to a lot more weight than I did last year on P-Mag, but the whole sex drive issue brings it down because you have to opt for extra supps that keep it working. The price is not bad because you get 30 real serving, no BS like "30 servings at 1 capsule, but for maximum results take 3 capsules." It is on the high end of supplement pricing. At $39.95 it is somewhat expensive, but the supplement delievers great natural results.

Overall(8/10): I will simply use again because it is natural, it works excellent for a bulk, it may help you preserve muscle in a cut. Although, the ingredients cannot back up the claims made on this supplement, it works great. I am surprised that a natty HGH/test booster worked so good. I already got some more to run after my SD cycle and if I was you I would try it, it is worth it. Now, have this in mind, it is not the pills that made me gain the weight, it was the food, but Mass HGH made the food go to the right places.
  • Better Sleep
  • Helps Recovery
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increase Muscle Density
  • Reduce Belly Fat
  • Muscle Fullness
  • All Day Pump
    Rep: +3,292
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      September 18, 2012

    Holy Cow! It's a Lecheek review by FlashSunday that HE ACTUALLY PAID FOR. Haha. It doesn't happen often, but I have had nothing but positive experiences with Lecheek Nutrition and after Hulk and Meuth's MassHGH log, I couldn't help but pick up a couple bottles and experience it for myself. I ran this first as part of a natty stack and then finished up on a calorie deficit cut and had a very positive experience both ways.


    I am not going to bore you with the ingredient profiles as other ER's have already expounded upon it thoroughly enough. I will jump in and break down my experiences. I ran two bottles of this product straight through, first on a lean bulk, then on a recomp/cut. I will rate effectiveness on a number of different areas.

    Sleep (9): Sleep on this product was great. It made me fall asleep quickly and I almost always woke up refreshed, especially when I was able to get a full 8 hours. Even on 4-5 hours of sleep I was doing much better throughout the day than without MassHGH. The reason sleep is a 9 is that with the addition of AD3PCT, sleep is even better.

    Recovery (8): I am not going to say that I had Wolverine-like recovery because there were times that I was very sore after workout days despite MassHGH and BCAA's. Maybe that is a tribute to my workout routines, but either way recovery was good, but not quite PH-like recovery.

    Muscle Fullness/Density (9.5): Whether bulking or cutting and especially noticeable on cutting, muscle fullness and density was great. Many times on a calorie deficit my muscles start feeling flat and I feel like I am losing strength. Not so with MassHGH. Muscles were full and hard despite the number of calories I consumed.

    Recomp Effect (9): Since April I went from 220lbs 23% bf to 229lbs 20%bf, that is14lbs of LBM in 5 months during which I only ran 1 PH and gained 5 lbs from it. Even if that was all muscle, after PCT in June I had about 1 month of just test boosters and lifting before I started MassHGH. I went from 227 and bulked to 234 the first month, and then switched to cut/recomp the last month and lost 5 lbs slowly yet surely. I think it is safe to say I dropped a couple %bf and gained a decent amount of muscle.

    Strength Gain/Maintain (8): Another thing I am worried about while cutting is losing all of my strength gains. In the past two months on MassHGH, my lifts have not gone down at all, but have actually increased even as my weight has dropped a little.

    --------------Value (9.5/10)-----------------

    In my mind, any product that is decent that you can get for under 30 bucks is an excellent value. This product blows all other HGH boosters I have tried out of the water so the benefit of this product no matter what the cost is high. This product usually goes for 30-40 bucks a bottle, but I bought mine on special for 25 bucks a bottle. Therefore, it was an EXCELLENT value for me, but still very good value at its average price.

    -------------Sides (3/10)--------------

    The sides weren't bad for this product. I did experience a little drop in libido while on this cycle, but like everyone else, it was pretty much resolved with AD3 PCT. I maybe felt a little atrophied too, but I cant say for sure until I've been off of this for a week or so.

    -----------Overall (9.5)------------

    This is a great product. It's great for a cut, a recomp, or a bulk, It's great for sleep, for recovery, for maintaining or increasing strength. It is hands-down the best natty HGH booster I have ever tried. Everyone should experience this product. I am confident that if you work hard you will love the results just like the rest of us have. You can't go wrong with this product and I can't wait to see what Lecheek comes out with next!
    • Better Sleep
    • Helps Recovery
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Increase Muscle Density
    • Reduce Belly Fat
      Rep: +3,743
      Trust: 100%

        December 1, 2012

      Mass HgH from Lecheek Nutrition. Thanks to the folks over at Lecheek for letting me try this product. This is an all natural HGH sleep/recovery supplement. This is also the second of 4 reviews for the MassStack. Given that I have 2 more of these to draft, I will keep it short and concise given many people have already examined the ingredient profile.

      How I ran it: This is about as simple as it gets. 3 pills roughly a half hour prior to bed.

      Ingredients: Check out all the other Expert reviewers for a breakdown.

      Stack: Speed X3 was stacked with Tx9, MassHGH and AD3 all from LeCheek.

      My Routine: As many of you know my routines are based on supersets, dropsets and monster sets.

      Effectiveness 9: I would like to examine the effectiveness of this product in three categories (sleep, recovery and strength/fullness). First the sleep (8.0), it worked. Much improved sleep from this product. Typically I sleep well without any supplements but this took it to another level. Although the sleep was better it was not as dramatic as others experienced.

      Next the recovery(9.0), my recovery was improved during the 30 day cycle. Given that I was hitting PRs on legs, chest and back it helped recovery but did not completely eliminate soreness and recovery.

      PRs set
      Bench 225x11, 275x3
      Squat 365x2
      Dead 365x4, 405x2

      Finally the strength (9.5), this was the best feature of this product. My strength gains went up consistently every week. Weight was at a high point of 199.8lbs. Slightly down from that high point, but the weight gain was solid and minimal fat gain. A total weight gain of 3.0 pounds. Squats, bench and deadlifts all increased. One thing I did not notice as much as others was muscle fullness. It was there but not as pronounced and expected.

      Taste N/A: Pills

      Value 9:: At roughly $20-30 on many mainstream websites, this delivers great value given the results and effectiveness.

      Conclusion 9: I was hesitant on taking this supplement due to all to the hype, but it delivers in all the right areas. Overall this gets the bladeski seal of approval.
      • Better Sleep
      • Helps Recovery
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value
        Rep: +5,902
        Trust: 100%

          August 10, 2012

        Thanks to the ER crew and Lecheek for setting me up with some Mass HGH to run. I am very impressed with the customer service from the reps.

        Previously I had taken some HGH sleep aids and ZMA. I could get some decent sleep from them but as far as visible results, nothing. My expectations for this? Good sleep, nothing special for results.

        So hulk and I setup a little friendly "contest" to see how TX9 and Mass HGH would change our bodies. I am more of a strength lifter who looks to keep getting stronger and setting new PRs. I am lucky in the sense that as I do this, mass building happens along side the strength increase. On to the details!

        Dosing 10/10 (*no taste or supplement burps)

        Seriously, why can't more supplements be this easy? Take 3 normal size caps 30 minutes prior to the time you plan on going to sleep. You don't have to worry about being on a empty stomach or having any casein/cottage cheese like you do with ZMA. This is the way I would like to see more supplements be. No off days, no difference on workout/non-workout days, 3 caps before bed every day. Simple.

        I did notice that the sleep aid portion of the product did seem to take about 45-60 minutes when taken on a full stomach. That should be expected since absorption time would be delayed.

        Profile 8/10

        MASS HGH® Blend: 2,300 mg **
        Chlorophytum Borivilianum: When combined with Velvet Bean, it has been shown to increase GH in healthy exercising men

        Velvet Bean: Has shown increase in test and GH levels

        4-aminobutanic acid: A very interesting ingredient. I read a few articles on this and found 3 different possibilities of what this may do in the product. One was that it has a calming effect on the nervous system. That could explain why I felt relaxed and ready for sleep within an hour of taking it. There is also a study that shows that when injected directly into the brain, it can increase GH levels. The problem is that it doesn't naturally break the blood/brain barrier so this probably doesn't happen from oral ingestion. The 3rd possibility is that this is directly responsible for the regulation of muscle tone.

        Centella Asiatica: Can reduce anxiety. Can help overcome fatigue and stress. Also used in healing connective tissue and increasing blood flow.

        Glycyrrhiza Glabra: Seems to be mainly used to help ease breathing?

        Catharanthus Roseus: This is used by many people for a HUGE variety of treatments. The only one I could pick out that sounded good for this purpose, would be the antioxidant.

        4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl: More joint support?
        ValerianRoot: Sleep aid
        Withania Somnifera: Sleep aid

        All of those uses for each ingredient are based on my own reading on the internet. I'm sure that some more of the members or reps may have other thoughts on these. Please read through the comments for any corrections.

        Ok, so it's a blend. We don't know how much of each one is in there. I understand the need to keep a company secret so this doesn't bother me much if the product works. I can assure you that whatever the amount of each of these is, it worked for me.

        Side Effects: 5/10

        Like hulk, about 3 weeks in or so, I did experience a loss in libido and a bit shut down and atrophy in my testicles. This was the first time I've ever experienced anything like this so I wasn't sure. Hulk and I talked one afternoon and he was having the same thing. I took a week off and the reps sent us AD-3. Within in the week, I took off (while I was waiting on the AD-3) all systems returned to normal so I started taking the MGH again. The problem did not reoccur.

        Effectiveness: 10/10

        Yes, 10/10. I had low expectations and I was blown out of the water with what I actually got. Immediately had better sleep. I would be out and wake up thinking I slept through the alarm and panic. Pick up my phone and I had been out less than two hours. Yeah, it's that deep of a sleep. I could fall right back asleep no problem. I would feel like a BOSS every morning when I got up!

        The real surprise was after about 8 days or so when I would get up in the morning. I'd be looking in the mirror and see that my upper body muscle mass looked dense! My stomach looked smaller. After I noticed that the first time, everyday there was change. I truthfully have never seen daily changes but did with this product! Way above my expectations!

        The recovery with this product was phenomenal. I would rarely see any soreness even after a PR day. Many of my PRs weren't even one rep PRs, they were 4 rep PRs that should have made me somewhat sore. Waking up feeling refreshed and recovered is a wonderful feeling!

        Value: 9/10

        Of course I got my first bottle for free but that was only one bottle. I liked it and grabbed up a few more bottles on someone's deal of the day at $19.95. If you can find it at that price, grab at least two bottles!! Most of the time it goes for $39.95. If you catch the sale, $.067 a day. If not, then $1.33 a day. With the results I got, this is a great deal. I can promise you if I catch it under $20 again, at least four bottles!

        Overall: 9/10

        This is an awesome product! I started the log around 255# and am currently at 247#. I know this seems strange but my muscle mass and strength have increase like you wouldn't believe! I didn't have my calipers at the beginning of the run but I found them for the end. I was between 10-11% bf and had to be in the 14% range before I started.

        People in the gym would ask me what I was on. I'd tell them and point them to the internet for the product. My workout partner started taking it too, he has added some big mass in the first bottle himself.

        I don't remember what all of my PRs were before I started this stack but here are the big ones in comparasion:

        Bench: 425 (years ago) Past 2 years 415 New 450
        Squat: 465x4 (last summer) last 12 months 450x4 New 480x4
        Deadlift: no clue I stopped deadlifting 10 years ago (425?) New 550
        Curl: 170x4 New 180x4
        Military press: 225x4 (2002) last year 200 or 210x4 New 235x4

        I stacked this with the TX9 too. TX9 is a DAA product to increase your test. If you take this, I would highly suggest using a test booster too. The stack is sick! I did the two bottle/month stack and suggest you do the same!

        • Better Sleep
        • Helps Recovery
        • Increased Energy
        • Builds Muscle
        • Good Value
        • Increase Muscle Density
        • Reduce Belly Fat
          Rep: +4,096
          Trust: 100%

            August 8, 2012

          Good afternoon SR disciple, today I want to lay down a review for a product that was very impressive and delivered well above expectation. I was lucky enough to be picked by ssgdimsmash to run the mass hgh testadrol x9 stack. This was an eight week long battle between meuth and myself. The first product I'm going to review is Mass HGH, this is an all natural HGH supplement that works hand in hand with recovery since you take it before bed. This is the second natural hgh supplement I have used and what I expected was little to nothing and what I got is a different story,
          Enough of the overview let's get into this review.

          -----------------TASTE N/A-------------------

          It's a pill there is no real taste or even an after taste. I never got the burp up natural supplements burps or anything. They are 3 small/medium pills in a veggie capsule nothing out of the ordinary at all.

          --------------- DOSE/TIMING 10/10------------

          This is about as easy as it gets folks, 30minutes before bed 3 pills no off day needed every night before bed chuck them down. One other great thing is it didn't contain zinc so you can drink your Casein protein with them and not hinder the effects of the zinc.

          --------------EFFECTIVENESS 9.0/10-----------

          This is by far the best natural HGH/growth and recovery supplement I have ever used. After consumption you will start getting drowsy around 20 minutes in, another 15 minutes you are ready for sleep 10 more minutes you are out like a light in one of the deepest slumbers you can wish for. The one issue I had with it is I would wake up 2-4hrs into my sleep not a big deal since I fell right back to sleep but what I noticed for those brief 10-15 minutes I was quiet refreshed almost like I got the elusive 8 that we stride for. There was never a groggy feeling like on other sleep supplements I used and I always felt great in the morning no normal aches associated with a hard day at the gym.

          I also noticed a much fuller dense muscles through my body. After week two my muscles felt pumped at all times I appeared much more ripped up then I normally do on an off day. Even at 4weeks this supplement flat out worked well. I ran 8weeks on to get the full effect and it was simply nothing short of amazing.

          ----------------CONTENT 8.0/10---------------

          I am not one for a blend at all and that's the only reason why it gets an eight overall here. This product contains scientifically backed ingredients that are known to help with sleep, recovery and natural release of hgh.

          MASS HGH® Blend: 2,300 mg **
          Chlorophytum Borivilianum, Velvet Bean, 4-aminobutanic acid, Centella Asiatica, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Catharanthus Rosus, 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl, Valarian Root, Withania Somnifera
          Quick look at the blend even though it is a small blend I'm not a fan of them. I will over look it a little bit since the product worked well every time.

          --------------SIDE EFFECTS 3/10--------------

          I do have to add this into the review since I did have some minor side effects to note one this scale 1 being no real sides and 10 being my liver failed and I'm typing this on my death bed, I gave this a 3. after week three I noticed a sudden change in my libido, I went from a horny all the time can't get enough to maybe later not in the mood. I also started to get a bit shut down and atrophy in my testicles. At first I was like what the F did they lace this with M-drol??? No it was just a minor side it cleared up after I started using the ad-3 by also by lecheek. I assume it was a quick estrogen elevation and it subsided once I started the AD-3 pct supplement. (Not saying this all natural stack needs a pct but I did have a FREAK SIDE NOT COMMON OF THE STACK!)

          -----------------VALUE 9/10------------------

          I always say if a product exceeds my initial thoughts and expectations and performs every time with great results the value is going to be good. With that said there is a formula I use
          Expectations+results=value. Cost is another thing all together if a product works and is simply amazing you would buy it with out gripe.
          This product is pretty inexpensive and it delivers great results so it is a win, win for everyone!! I have see this product for as low as 19.99 on sale to 34.99 which seems to be the normal price on most websites.
          It is a 30 day supply in each bottle so it equals a little over a $1.15 a day. I have to say go out and experience it for yourself.

          This product is amazing and I really enjoyed the run and I will use this product again in the future and would recommend not only the MHGH to anyone I would recommend any and all of Lecheek's products Dustin over there really listens to the bodybuilding community and changes products to better suit our needs great job Dustin. Mass HGH has earned the Hulk's seal of approval and so has Lecheek!


          • Better Sleep
          • Helps Recovery
          • Builds Muscle
          • Good Value
            Rep: +1,726
            Trust: 100%

              April 28, 2013

            Lecheek Nutrition's MassHGH is a highly effective product that functions on multiple levels to improve results. It is one of those rare products you can actually FEEL working!

            For many years I have been a "˜mainstream' supplement user and Lecheek Nutrition was honestly well under my radar. I began hearing great things about the company and products from the community members here at and had the chance to look further into their offerings. The dedicated and knowledgeable Lecheek reps make themselves available to answer questions, provide guidance and, in the case of me trying MassHGH, offer up opportunities for members to trial their products. Thank you folks for this opportunity – you've earned the company a loyal customer with this product!

            Lecheek defines MassHGH on their website as "The first product ever developed that addresses every physiological mechanism associated with hypertrophy..." While the ingredient profile does lend itself in this direction based on the research associated with each component, it can be hard for a user to say for certain what is and isn't working. This product does have some consistent effects that I think clearly show it IS working.

            Formula Overview

            Each 3 capsules of MassHGH contains 2,300mg of the following proprietary MassHGH Blend:

            Chlorophytum Borivilianum
            Velvet Bean
            4-aminobutanic acid
            Centella Asiatica
            Glycyrrhiza Glabra
            Catharanthus Rosus
            Valarian Root
            Withania Somnifera

            I won't break down each ingredient here however, I encourage you to research the various components to learn more if you're inclined to see how MassHGH is able to be so effective.

            Dosing is very simple – one 3 capsule serving 30-60mins prior to bed

            Effectiveness: 9/10
            There's no other way to put it other than this stuff works. One of the most prominent effects one should feel from MassHGH is the sleep aid aspect. I normally have trouble getting a good nights sleep and have tried numerous sleep aids (Controlled Labs REDuctionPM, NoxitropinPM, Nocturnabol, etc) and have to say that MassHGH has trumped everything I've tried so far. The consistency I experienced with quality sleep was top notch.
            The second strongest and consistent effect I had from this was associated with increased testosterone. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was stacking this with a testosterone booster (PES AnaBeta Elite) and an Aromatase Inhibitor (PES Erase Pro) but what I experienced seemed to be more tied to my body's circadian rhythms fostered by the quality sleep I was getting. Every morning I would wake up with consistent morning wood. I've found that at 39 years old this isn't always the case but when MassHGH was added to the repertoire, it certainly was!
            The third strongest and most noticeable effect I experienced was more prominent vascularity upon waking. Since my diet at the time of taking this was more in line with maintaining and recomping, I felt this was attributable to MassHGH since I wasn't stripping fat off.
            I experienced no negative side effects that I would attribute to this product. Also, my recovery seemed to improve because of the quality of sleep I was getting. Not necessarily quantity, because there were several nights where I got very little sleep, but I was still able to wake up refreshed and WITHOUT a sleep hangover. This is absolutely key for me because many products I've tried will leave me groggy for hours the following day which is unacceptable in my world.

            Value: 9/10
            This isn't the cheapest product out there - when compared to other sleep aids – but it's not just another sleep aid. MassHGH excels in this area but for me, it did a lot more as well. For around $30 you can get yourself a solid 30 nights worth of quality sleep and a kick in the old testosterone to boot. Like anything else, we all want to pay for quality and results and Lecheek provides just that. I look at MassHGH as being a product I will cycle into my supplementation multiple times throughout the year. I think it's good to take a break from various types of products during the year, but I can honestly say that when the last few capsules poured out into my hand I was already convincing myself that I should be taking this year round. Personally, I plan to use MassHGH a minimum of one month per quarter.

            Overall: 9/10
            The only reason why this isn't getting a 10 from me is because I was stacking it with other products that may have contributed to some of the positive effects and there were a few nights where I didn't stay asleep all night long. I know, I'm a harsh critic, but believe me, you won't be disappointed.

            Thank you Lecheek Nutrition for putting together a high quality, effective product. Also, thank you to the reps here at for making these kinds of opportunities available to the community at large. Your commitment and dedication to fostering a quality brand is commendable and Lecheek should be proud of the work you do.

            • Better Sleep
            • Helps Recovery
            • Good Value
            • Muscle Fullness
            • Some Ingredients Not Widely Known For Particular Benefits
            Rep: +2,719
            Trust: 100%
              December 10, 2012

            I know there are plenty of reviews on this, and I'm just going to repeat what all the other reviews have been saying, but I feel I owe the review to SSGdimsmash and LeCheeck for letting me log this awesome supplement. I took my last serving last night, slept for a good 9 hours, woke up this morning, flexed in the mirror, and found this a good time to write this review.

            3 easy to swallow pills, simple.

            Ingredient Profile:Check out Meuth's review for this. Good profile.


            This has given me the best sleep I have ever had. Whether I only had 5 hours of sleep or 10 hours, I always woke up feeling well rested and ready to take on the day. Some days, I noticed it would make want to sleep about a half hour after taking it, the only problem is that effect was not consistent. I had some crazy dreams on this as well, which is always a nice effect from any sleep aide.

            One other effect to note is that upon waking up, I always wanted to go back to sleep. Even if I felt ready to take on the day, I loved the deep rest I got from Mass HGH so much I always looked for reasons to stay in bed on my days off.

            I did not notice much in terms of increased recovery. The sleep made me feel great, but my muscle soreness was still there.

            Muscle Fullness:(10/10)
            This was the most fun part about Mass HGH, I woke up looking as if I had a pump. Usually my muscles look flat and discouraging upon waking, not during a cycle of Mass HGH. I noticed that the 2nd week of my cycle that I was waking up feeling and looking dense and HOOOGE. Heck a few days ago I saw veins on my chest in the morning that I only ever see when I take No3 on a chest day. The fullness stays with you throughout the day as well which is a nice feature.

            Around $20-$30, for a full month supply, this is def. worth it. This might take over Re-Feed as my favorite sleep aide.

            A solid 9/10, simple. Although I noticed low recovery, that didn't matter. Mass HGH is a fun sleep aide to run that delivers where it counts and goes beyond expectations in terms of waking up and looking as if you just got out of the gym after taking your favorite pump product. I highly recommend trying this out.

            Thank you SSGdimsmash for letting me log this, you have made me a firm believer in LeCheek products! I even picked up Speed x3 and got 2 bottles of AD-3 just because I loved this so much.
            • Better Sleep
            • Increased Energy
            • Good Value
            • Increase Muscle Density
            • Muscle Fullness
            • All Day Pump Look
              Rep: +960
              Trust: 100%
                October 23, 2012

              I'd like to thank Dustin, SSG, and Jay for letting me run this as the Lecheek mass stack. I enjoyed the experience.

              This is a kitchen sink, one of a kind supplement. It's not a stand alone test booster, sleep aid or ai, but all in one.
              I ran this with Speed X3, Testadrol X9, AD-3 PCT as part of the Lecheek stack. I also had Compound 20, protein, creatine and BCAAs in my stack.

              Profile. Chlorophytum Borivilianum, Velvet Bean, 4-aminobutanic acid, Centella Asiatica, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Catharanthus Rosus, 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl, Valarian Root, Withania Somnifera.

              If you check Meuths review he goes over what every ingredient is supposed to do, I'm not going to do it again. That being said, this is a MASS builder, supposed to increase test, GH production, and quality of sleep among other things.

              Right as I started my mass stack I was getting over a really bad fever. I lost a ton of water weight and strength in just 7 days of being sick so this was nice to run.

              Starting about 186-188, ended 194-196. Bodyfat stayed roughly the same.

              Effectiveness. 8. It's hard to judge this alone since I ran it along side the other 3 Lecheek supplements but all the things the product claimed happened. My squat increased by 40 lbs and most of my other smaller lifts like curls and rows increased as well. My sleep quality definitely improved and I obviously gained size. I actually have stretch marks on my legs and glutes from them growing so quickly. This can be attributed to the bulk I was on as well but the growth was very nice. I like how all of the 4 supplements were synergistic.

              Value. 7. Mass HGH is about 38 dollars on average from what I have seen. From a months supply it's going to run you a little over a dollar a day, which is about average for most test/gh boosters but still a little much for my tastes.

              Dosing. 10. 3 pills right before bed. Wow, that was hard! It's so easy, a Steelers fan could do it!

              Overall. 8.
              This is a great product. I got very solid results, especially when ran along side the other Lecheek products. I enjoyed the experience, I got stronger and I got bigger. Bear mode engaged! Probably Lecheeks 2nd best product.
              • Better Sleep
              • Helps Recovery
              • Builds Muscle
              • Increase Muscle Density
              • Too Expensive
              Rep: +2,103
              Trust: 100%

                December 25, 2012

              Hey guys, Its the season of giving, so Im in the mood to review a supplement that gave me nothing but a good time. Let me say that I was not asked to log this product and I was not given this product. (Unbeknownst to me at the time that this product would be so good) I bought 2 bottles and logged about it on my own accord.

              Background: I stacked this with C-20, Isatest Gf, Green Mag and added Licogenix and Test Powder a week later. A Pretty sick stack if I say so myself. With all these supps one may wonder how I can actually tell which supp did what, and the way I tend to review products after I stack em is go off what the bottle (and website if needed) says the product will do. I also like to see if my results coinside with what others got as well.

              Effectiveness 10*

              Oh boy! This product gets A+ in my book but theres an asterisk. Is that a 1st in SR history, giving a product a 10 and an asterisk? This product is kinda like Barry Bonds; it's good, hell its GREAT, such a game changer, but theres something wrong or off with this product that you just can't help but ignore

              The good: I believe this product syergized well with IsaTest-GF in Up-regulating IGF-1 and other growth factors since both claim to do so. I do not have the bloodwork to show if this actually increased my test/gh or not but I will tell you that the mirror does not lie. My waist shrank and the scale and my muscle size gradually increased. Over the course of this stack (from Sept. to Nov.) I went from the mid 220's due to football to 230 in Nov.

              I set many rep PR's on this stack and my strength was at its highest yet. I trained high intensity / high volume which can usually end bad but I noticed an increased surge in my recovery. And like everyone else said, upon waking up in the morning I looked fuller.

              The bad: It was that "waking up" that was the hard part and this is where the asterisk came into play. Most of my time on this I had a sleep hangover. Im not a real heavy sleeper and im not going to lie, this product helped me sleep better, but it also helped me sleep thru an alarm or two on a couple occasions. When you have work or shcool you have to be weary of that.

              Nevertheless, I didn't have any of the shut down and atrophy in my testicles like Hulk, Mueth and some others may have. And thanks to reading their reviews I may have prevented that by adding a T-booster (Test Powder) a week or so after starting this like they suggested.

              Value 9

              Like others have said this product is hit or miss in the value dept, but I think one asterisk is enough lol. Joking, but I gave it a 9 because you can find this product for 19.99 and over the course of the holidays if you couldn't find this for 20 there have been some amazing buy one get one (for whatever) sales. I bought twice so I could justify buying it for 35, if you had the money, but I would encourage you to get 2bottles or hop on a BOGO deal.

              Overall 9

              This product did a little of everything in a big way. I do believe my test increased on this due to my increased acne and facial hair (I suck at growing it). My energy, recover and overall body composition improved. This product stacked well with my other supps too. Staked with Isates may have Up-regulated IGF-1 and other growth factors; w/C20 and Licogenix I noticed reduced belly and chest fat respectively. And when I woke up this product helped me look fuller, but stacked w/TP I had that fuller (pump) look all day. So I can't complain. This product can be pricy if you are low on funds, but the next time you run a bulk or recomp, why not give this a shot.

              Happy Holidays Guys - Cam
              • Better Sleep
              • Helps Recovery
              • Increased Energy
              • Builds Muscle
              • Increase Muscle Density
              • Reduce Belly Fat
              • Price Ranges
              • Can Be Pricy If You Don't Catch It On A Deal

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