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iSatori MX-LS7

MX-LS7 iSatori User Rating: (4 Reviews)

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MX-LS7 Reviews:
  • Lost Fat With Good Diet (2)
  • Good Value (2)
  • Increased Energy (1)
  • Effective (1)
  • Sick To My Stomach (1)
  • Urge To Vomit (1)
  • Weakness (1)
  • Not Effective (1)
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June 22, 2012
Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10


Reviews: 5

Age: 28

June 22, 2012
 I used this product for a months and got very good results. The benefits of combining it with a proper diet and 2 hour cardio-exercise routine really helped me loose a lot of pounds in a short duration. I'd say that it work wonders but I'm aware that it did what it was supposed to as i made it a point to support the pill's effectiveness by eating right and exercising. I also followed the carb cycling strategy and lost 12 pounds in a month.I didn't notice any side effects or anything unusual at all. Taste wasn't really a factor because it's a pill and at 2 pills/ day its quite convenient as well. To sum it up my personal experience has been great and i'd definitely recommend this to a beginner for weight reduction / Fat loss.
  • Effective
  • Convenient
  • Lost Fat With Good Diet
  • Good Value
  • May Seem Slightly Expensive If Bought Directly From Isatori Website
August 23, 2011
Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 10


Reviews: 8

Age: 29

August 23, 2011
 Hey guys,
I used to take the Ephedra pills back in the day so Im not new to stims. Anyway after reading a recommendation from a training I trust. I decided to try my first iSatori product. The trainer I trust really finds iSatori products to be superior in quality and truly to scientific double blind independent tests from his research so I decided to pull the trigger and order this as well as Flaspoint from iSatori.
I took the recommended 3 pills about 15 mins before work out. I also would stack this with Micronized Creatine from ON and HumaPro from ALRI. I feel amazing in the gym. The pills def. gave me a surge in power and energy. There is no Question the pill gave me a significant Boost in energy as well as much increased sweat during my work out. I would feel HOT for about 2 hours after taking the pills. It would be nice if the effects could last longer only because im cheap ;). This was my first iSatori product and I was very satisfied with the results. I don't recall feeling a crash. HOT, sweaty, energy rush. With an improved very low carb, low sugar diet I lost about 5lb fat. I'd buy again. I took iSatori Flashpoint after this bottle but MX-LS7 was more effective for me.
  • Lost Fat With Good Diet
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Slightly Expensive But Works!
April 13, 2011
Overall: 0 | Effectiveness: 0 | Value: 4


Reviews: 9

Age: 21

April 13, 2011
 I shall start by saying NO I did not finish it. I really tried to. Couldn't do it.

It was easy to take its in pills. Not big at all.

I wanted to try these after OEP because I like to do new stuff.

so I did it and man the very first time I got sick to my stomach. I said cool Ill keep going to see if it gets better. It did not. I went for 2 weeks straight suffering everyday. I had the feeling to vomit. It worked as an appetite supressant because I didn't want to eat anything. lol. It made me weak, dizzy, lightheaded and sick like I said. I really wished it would have worked. Just thought I'd share my really bad expierence.

It may work for you, just putting this out there so you aint surprised if it happens to you.
    • Sick To My Stomach
    • Urge To Vomit
    • Weakness
    • Not Effective
    August 6, 2009
    Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 9


    Reviews: 1

    Age: 28

    August 6, 2009
     I have to say I am thoroughly pleased with this product. I've first started with the regular Lean System 7 formula over a year ago, then thought I'd give the MX-LS7 a try when I became more serious about shedding more fat and adding lean mass. I'm one of those people who have struggled with weight my entire life, and I've tried dozens and dozens of weight loss products on the market. Now, there have been some successful products come my way, but this I have to say tops my list, and I've remained with this product the longest. For one, this is a thermogenic, which is what you want to look for in a fat burning formula. It contains several ingredients that are known to speed metabolism and help with the fat burning process, such as 7-keto, green tea extract, citrus aurantium or bitter orange, the amino acid l-tyrosine, and many other ingredients combined in their specialized formula. I've always taken the capsules in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, so I'm not sure how it would work otherwise. It's definitely done some great things for me, though. I shed the weight QUICK and my muscle definition ROCKS! The dosing is a bit different between the LS7 and MX-LS7, but I take the MX formula just like I did the LS7 - 2 caps 3x daily (before workouts or meals)rather than 3 caps 2x daily (before workouts or meals). Some say this product works best when cycled - couple weeks on with a week or two off. I've never worked it that way, so I wouldn't know.

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