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By: iSatori


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Bio Gro is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by iSatori. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.
(Amount not disclosed)

Protein most commonly found in breast milk that improves immune system functioning, digestive health and bone formation.

(Amount not disclosed)

Chain of 10 amino acids or less that have a very powerful effect in regulating the function of the immune system and other cell signaling reactions in the body.



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  June 30, 2013

Bio-Gro is going to be something that will be talked about for some time. I'm going to be very interested to see if iSatori integrate the ingredients directly into a protein or other post workout in the future, as I think this may be the most effective way to sell more of this.

As a secondary product that you have to buy on top of protein, I'm just not sold on that concept.

Don't get me wrong, the product is great, as I'll explain further, and I did get results from it. It's just at $30 a bottle, having to add this to your protein (No you can't substitute this for protein), it's value gets diminished.

Since I'm the first ER to post a review, I'll start off by explaining exactly what Bio-Gro is, and what it isn't.

Bio-Gro is taken from milk that is first produced just before birth in pregnant animals.

This milk is called Colostrum. Colostrum has been known to hold several more nutrients, than the milk that comes from animals post birth. This is because the very first production of milk still contains hormones & peptides (important) that are still being produced in the blood systems of the pregnant animals.

In Bio-Gro's case, they use bovine colostrum.....or cow colostrum.

It has actually been known for some time, that Bovine Colostrum, has the benefit of aiding in recovery, and was high in IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factors) as well as other growth like peptides.

The issue with Colostrum, is that you have to use a high amount, which can be very costly, in order to reap the benefits of the extra peptides & other nutrients that it offers. It also holds way more lactose than standard milk that you find at the supermarket, so if you're lactose intolerant, like myself, it will exacerbate issues. There are reports, too, of people have severe diarrhea, and digestive issues, who previously had none. The theory is that with the higher amounts of lactose, even those that aren't typically lactose intolerant, end up with problems digesting that amount.

Bovine Colostrum is approved by the FDA for consumption, and is generally considered safe, but good luck finding it anywhere, and if you do, I hope you don't end up on the porcelain throne for the remaining 23 hours of the following day.

Enter iSatori and Bio-Gro.

According to their marketing, website, and literature that they provided, they have patented a new peptide removal process from the Bovine Colostrum.

This is very exciting, and extremely interesting for several reasons.

1) By removing all the negative issues with Lactose you eliminate the digestive issues.

2) by isolating the IGF-1's as well as the TGF beta-2, EGF, PDGF, you in theory create a very powerful ***tail of particles that will aid in muscle growth and recovery.

3) by keeping the Immunoglobulins in tact during the extraction, you also reap the benefits of anti-bodies that could help with overall well being.

4) Also by keeping Lactoferrin in tact, you also keep a valuable anti-inflammatory compound, as well as something known to help with infections & repair RNA & DNA cells.

So all of this sounds amazing!!

In practice, I found it to work quite well. A reduction of inflammation was definitely present, an protein absorption seemed to be higher.

So where's the issue??

Well, it comes down the fact that in order to really reap the benefits of the product, you are almost completely forced to take a very high dosage.

My personal use, and I am your average citizen who's 5'10" and 182 pounds, with a strong but not ripped build, and I was taking 4 scoops a day before I really felt this product work.

I also got the feeling, that if I increased the amount that I took, I could increase my results....but that would make the costs sky rocket.

So you end up with a great product, but it's just on the expensive side of where I would like to see it placed. If this product was at or below $25 per bottle, I wouldn't have that much of an issue, as that's what i would spend on a bottle of creatine per month.

Considering that the basics of my monthly stacks are $20-25 for creatine, $30-60 for protein, $40-50 for a meal replacement shake, $30 for a multi-vitamin, $30 for Fish Oils, $30 for 5-HTP.....etc....adding a $30 bottle that I have to buy 2 per month, gets to be a bit expensive.

If I upped my dosages to 6-8 scoops per day, I'm looking at going through 3-4 bottles per month!!

So is it worth it?? It definitely can be. If you're focused, need something to help aid recovery, are an athlete of any kind, or are a wall street investment banker who needs to blow their yearly bonus, definitely.

I don't claim to be poor. I'm definitely middle class, and I have a good lifestyle, so I'm not going to sit here and tell you I can't afford this product. I totally can. I just don't know that it gave me the boost that will justify trading off taking an extra personal training session, putting off buying plane tickets for that vacation that I want, going out to the club on Friday get my point.

If all you do is train, eat, watch TV and go to work.....sure this is really good stuff. I can definitely recommend the product for the effectiveness of it.

I also have to warn you that this stuff is messy. The peptides are truly pulverized. The best way I can explain it, is that this is basically like baking flour. It gets all over the place, and the scooper is tiny, and the bottle is oddly shaped, so it's not the easiest thing in the world to scoop out.

I won't knock it for those things, as the package is distinctive, and having a concentrated formula is fine.

It also tastes like flour, so the flavor is perfectly fine. I found it actually added a bit of "body" to the protein that I was taking. It "fluffed" it up.

I'm actually incredibly happy that I got to try Bio-Gro, and I really enjoyed my experience on it. I "might" consider it again in the future at the right time. It's just not becoming a staple in my cupboard.

Now, if they can produce a complete protein product, that has bio-gro already integrated into the mix, I definitely could see this being a very high volume seller for iSatori in the future.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness
  • Increases Recovery
  • No Flavor
  • Too Expensive
  • Too Many Scoops For Results
  • Kind Of Messy
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Trust: 100%

  September 30, 2013

What's going down SR nation! Today I want to drop a review on a product I had to try to see if the hype is what it's made out to be; of course we're talking about BIO-GROW!!!!! This product is marketed as the game changer, amplified protein synthesis. I want to thank the kind people over at Isatori for being a gracious board sponsor and allowing the site to log their great products. C'mon now and let us take a trip with the hulk and uncover the game changer, BIO-GROW!

----------Taste N/A -------------------

Simple it had none; this is a flavorless powder that mixes with pretty much anything.

---------- Timing/ Dosage 6/10-------------------

The package claims to say 2 scoops if under 200lbs and 4scoops if over 200lbs a day. Well I have to say BULL POO I weight in at 214.5 and 4 scoops had no effect on me at all I needed 6 scoops a day to see a slight difference in what this stuff was supposed to do. I took 3 scoops post and 3scoops with my last meal of the day which is rather easy but the package seems to be misleading in a way but maybe I'm a non-responder. 6 scoops a day seemed to work but not to my expectations

--------- Effectiveness 5/10 -------------------

This is where I was extremely excited to run this product from what I have read and what others have said this was a "got to have it" product and I have to say I'm glad I didn't buy it. I had little to no results with bio-grow this was a complete bust at the recommended dosage and very minimal results at close to double the dosage. What was supposed to be a game changer was a deal breaker. I had little to no recovery difference at 4 scoops a day and slightly better then normal recovery at 6 scoops a day which to me is just outlandish and not worth the extra coin to run in my honest opinion.

-------- Content 5/ 10 ---------

This product is supposed to amplify protein synthesis and make the body utilize it to its fullest potential. Well I can't prove that it does or does not but to me this seems like a bit of snake oil. I under stand the concept of the product but to really enhance the body's natural ability to utilize protein through natural igf-1 and growth hormones and factors seems like a far fetch. Either way here is what the content looks like

1serving is 1 scoop=1.5g

Custom engineered Bio-pro Bio-active peptides extracted from micro-concentrated colostrums yielding praline rich peptides, growth factors (igf-1,tgf beta 2,egf,pdgf)

Just come off it with this science project of reasoning. What the hell when ever I see something like bio-active, bio-pro extracted from blah,blah,blah it means we have no idea and we need to make this sound much better then what it is in my honest opinion.
Keep in mind Isatori makes my favorite PWO the original PWR so this is not a bash on Isatori at all I feel they make a great product but I had zero results and I don't think this was ready for mass market like they did.

--------Value 3/10 ----------------

To have this product be anywhere near effective you would literally need to buy 3 tubs a month. This does not seem like a reasonable product especially when it cost 40.00 buck a tub this does not seem like any normal person can use it. A daily cost of $3.00 a day I'm pretty sure you can lease a VW Jetta for less a month. I really think Isatori should rethink this one because it is a great concept but it is just that a concept not ready for mass market.

Overall this product has no taste and the dosage recommendations seem to be skewed a bit since 4scoops didn't have an effect on me like I thought it would. Effectiveness was nowhere like the others had said maybe this is because I was a non-responder or maybe this product just doesn't work either way I will never knock Isatori because I know they make a great product but this one just didn't do it for me and my reviews are strictly on my experiences and no one else. Content was very new and looked like scientific mumbo-jumbo which made it hard to research and prove theories. Value is so screwed up and off base since you need much more then the dosage suggested I literally think you can lease a compact car with how much you will spend on this a month. I can give this a seal of approval and really think this product is gimmick but hey people will buy it. Sorry Isatori this is not a knock on you guys as a whole just this product.

  • Decreases Muscle Soreness
  • No Flavor
  • Too Expensive
  • Too Many Scoops For Results
  • Awkward Tub
  • You May Need More Than 1 Scoop At Time Depending On Your Weight.
  • One Tub Does Not Last A Full Month For The Average User
Rep: +2,719
Trust: 100%
  July 3, 2013

Have a bit of extra time today, so I decided to knock this review out. I would like to thank iSatori for sending me 3 tubs of this product. BioGro is a totally new product all together, and I have had a pleasant experience using it.

I've gone through 2 tubs of this so far, and must say this is one hard to rate supplement. There is nothing really to compare it to.

Ingredient Profile:
Can't really rate this, because it is totally new. BioGro is made of cow colostrum, I'm not going to get into any of the science behind this, because let's be honest here, I'm no scientist. Just check garlick's review for more info.

It tastes like flour, I'm not too worried about the flavor, because there really is none, but there is an issue here. iSatori recommends mixing this with either food(oatmeal or yogurt work great) or a protein shake, and after your first scoop you will see why. This stuff is messy as hell! It's not as bad as GlycoMaize from ON, but damn does it come close. To make things worse, the tub is awkward and small, this makes fishing for the small scooper a pain. It gets very frustrating trying to grab a scooper that is too long for the small tub it comes in with 2 fingers. Rant over.

2 scoops per day if you are under 200 lbs, if you are over 200lbs you are supposed to take 4 scoops a day. 2 doses a day, one in the AM, one in the PM. I took BioGro either pre-workout or with breakfast, and the second serving at night with a protein shake. I started with 2 scoops, then bumped it up to 4 scoops.

I have nothing to compare this to, but I'll just say this product can work wonders. After the first week, I noticed that I was not getting sore at all. It kind of blindsides you, especially when you don't really know what to expect. With less soreness and better recovery, you can hit the gym harder and more often. Halfway through the first tub(I was taking 2 scoops at this point), I had to stop taking this for a week and a half due to some health issues I thought I was having. After getting that squared away I went in for a semi-light leg day, no BioGro. I experienced the worst leg DOMS of my life for the next 5 days. Seriously, infants were walking better than me! After that passed, and upping BioGro to 4 scoops a day, I have not had any DOMS since, and that is no exaggeration either.

For the last 2 weeks, I have had a split of "Upper" and "Lower" every other day, I have hit 4 PRs in the last 3 Upper workouts, with only 3 days of rest in-between them. Granted I started taking creatine again, which I give some credit to in the strength department, but to not have any DOMS to speak of at this volume is just amazing. To make those results even better, I'm in a caloric deficit(cutting), which is why getting stronger/losing weight while eating less carbs is pretty awesome to me. I honestly feel like I could go to the gym every single day and not have any real muscle soreness/issues.

I have noticed fuller muscles, while not on par with Mass HGH, I think this is just a sign that I am gaining muscle while cutting. So long BCAAs(at least as an off day recovery aide)!

Although BioGro works great, it will cost you a pretty penny at $40 being the average price right now. If you are at 4 scoops like I am, one tub will last you 15 days. Honestly, that is too much for me to afford to keep it as a staple. Garlick went into this, and made a great point, this is def. worth the money if you have a steady pay and have absolutely no money issues. If your life is just working out while having a great job, then this can be great. I on the other hand am a simple college kid(and college dropout for that matter) who needs to catch up in life, so for me, I am going to have to stick to spending my extra money on protein powder and other staples.

I agree with garlick too, on how iSatori should just add this ingredient to a protein powder or BCAA/creatine product. That way you have a more justifiable reason to buy it.

This is one product that def. has a great effect on the user, yet is just another one of those products that needs to come down in price, or at least be combined with another ingredient. I suggest trying it out for yourself, and seeing if the benefits outweigh the price. If I had a better paying job and no other problems in life(yeah right), I would gladly make BioGro a staple, but as of right now, I need to win the lottery before I can justify paying $80 on a month supply of BioGro.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness
  • Increases Recovery
  • No Flavor
  • Too Expensive
  • Too Many Scoops For Results
  • Kind Of Messy
  • Awkward Tub
Rep: +6,212
Trust: 100%

  July 16, 2013

What's up SR! A very special thanks to the guys at Isatori who decided to basically supply all of the ER's with 3 tubs of Bio-Gro – thanks Stephen and Artie!

This is a long review, even by my standards, but this is a product that is totally worth my time to write it and your time to read it. It is also worth noting that I put this review off for a good while because I wanted to get a solid feel for how it performs and to that I end I've used at least 8 tubs of this so far. (It may be more – when Marc Lobliner offered that insane BOGO deal at Tiger Fitness I bought a ton and kind of stopped counting, lol.) But the bottom line is that while my ratings are high, but they are based on over 2 months of continuous use.

Profile: 9/10
Isatori says that Bio-Gro is unlike anything you've ever seen before; that's not entirely accurate. Over the past few years several high end whey fraction proteins have hit the market hyping the inclusion of specific growth factors - native whey isolates, bovine albumin/serum, colostrums and a few others come to mind. However, they all echo a common theme – increased effectiveness over traditional whole food or whey proteins. The problem is that many of the growth factors that they hype are actually removed via the various processing methods and temperatures used in production. (True native whey products, for example, have to be purchased from foreign manufacturers who do not have the same stringent pasteurization and/or processing requirements as the USA. ) So while the claims from these vendors may have been true in theory, they lacked the technology to make them true in application. However, I do believe that the product offering from Isatori represents a new way of harvesting these growth factors and thus, I tend to agree with their claims of being a completely new breed of supplement. (This is only my personal opinion as I'm not a chemist and can only speculate and provide anecdotal evidence based on my own personal use.)

Bio-Gro contains 1 ingredient: 1.5g Custom Engineered Bio-Pro Bio-Active Peptides (which is technically a prop blend to hide the proprietary ratios and in this case, I have no problem with Isatori employing this method.) That's it. It is extracted from micro-concentrated colostrums yielding: proline rich peptides, growth factors, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and fibroblast-GF. And like I said above, I've come across these listed on other products' labels; however, I've never encountered the results from them that I've seen in Bio-Gro. (And believe me; I've tried just about all of them.)

Other reviewers have covered the technical aspects in more detail and you can go to the Isatori website to get all the data that you could ever want, so I won't address that here. What I will address is the rampant basshing I see online against this product by comparing it to traditional colostrum products. It is exactly this kind of internet science that really drives me batty. Do I have a clue what this stuff is or what it can do from a scientific standpoint – not even a little. However, that doesn't seem to prevent many other Nobel Prize winning keyboard warriors from expressing their esteemed opinions. But, and here's the kicker, whenever I ask them if they've tried it, I almost always get a similar answer – "Don't have to, I know the science." Grrrr.... My response is always the same: I know a good many people who bash this without ever trying it but I don't know a single person who hasn't given it high marks and/or bought more after trying it. And gentlemen, I could actually condense the entire review into that one sentence. (But like my sermons, unfortunately, I won't)

Taste & Mixing: N/A
This really has no taste; perhaps flour-like best describes it. Some people report taking it by putting it directly into the mouth and then adding liquid. I tried that and that resulted in me coughing out most of it before I could get the liquid in (it is extremely light and powder – Garlick described it as pulverized and I agree). It does mix rather poorly straight in water – major clumping and floaters. However, I had no issues mixing it with whey or aminos or even with whole food such as oatmeal or yogurt.

This has got to be one of the messiest products I've ever had, lol. Coupled with the fact that the tiny scoop has recessed edges which hold unwanted extra powder and the really little mouth of the tub, you are in for an adventure. And given the serving price, wasting any of this tends to freak me out, lol.

Effectiveness: 10/10
I think that my take on Bio-Gro is slightly different from the other reviews that I've read so far. Most of the sites that I've read approach this from the same frame of reference as whey or other protein supplements. And perhaps that's why so many people use recovery as a metric for judging its effectiveness (And don't get me wrong, Bio-Gro does provide phenomenal recovery). But to me, Bio-Gro really is a brand new class of supplement in that it doesn't provide protein for your body (and thus increase recovery) as much as it increases the amount of usable protein that your body can utilize towards better recovery. I know that may be a subtle difference, but to me, it's an important one.

We've all been in discussion about how much protein the body can synthesize at any one time, and we all have different takes on it. Personally, I don't obsess over it as I don't think the body is in the business of wasting nutrients. However, does it use them as quickly or optimally as it can – perhaps not? And to me, that's the real benefit of Bio-Gro. It allows me to utilize significantly greater amounts of protein which in turn allow me to increase muscle turnover. Now, I'm not a PhD chemist so this is all just neophyte speculation on my part. But the anecdotal proof is that I've been able to train at a higher volume while lifting heavier weight since I've been on Bio-Gro. Recovery has stayed just about the same (or in many cases DOMS has actually increased) but that's at almost twice the regular training volume, which has resulted in greater gains across the board. And for those of you familiar with the benefits of training on anabolics, this probably sounds familiar. So for me, it's the perfect natural supplement to maximize total daily protein synthesis and muscle growth in conjunction with greater training volume and an increased protein intake. One last piece of anecodotal evidence is that regardless of the protein I used – concentrate, isolate, whatever, I never experienced gas or digestion issues on 300-400 grams of protein per day. So in my mind, that speaks towards better utilization.

Dosing: 7/10
Dosing on this is variable. Isatori recommends 4 scoops per day based on my body weight (250ish), but I experimented with up to 8-9 scoops per day. I found that 6 scoops were probably the sweet spot for the cost/benefit curve. I took 2 during training in my intra, 2 in either my late morning or afternoon shake and 2 before bed in my evening shake. Obviously that raises the price per month considerably but I'll address that in the value section.

I will add my two cents that I think many people think that you have to couple the timing of this closely with protein intake. I do not personally feel this is needs to be tightly coupled specifically with protein intake; rather, it's coupled more closely with training adaptations. And of course, protein intake is indeed crucial to rebuild muscles, which is why I recommend an increased protein intake as well. I saw no difference taking it with whey, yogurt, oatmeal or anything else. I also found it to be more effective spreading the doses even over the course of the day as opposed to consuming it all at once, although that is just my own personal opinion. However, I do think you do this a disservice by thinking of it as a post workout recovery supplement and only taking at after training.

Bio Gro and Anabolics: 5/10
Based my success with Bio-Gro I decided to experiment and see if it provided even more growth potential when mixed with a PH. I used Bio-Gro for the first 3 weeks of a halodrol cycle and found to my surprise, that I did not feel it provided benefits in line with the added cost. Let me explain – both anabolics and Bio-Gro tend to address the same functionality, albeit through different mechanisms. So it would be reasonable to think that perhaps they would work synergistically to provide even greater benefits than either one alone. What I found was that the increased results over baseline using Bio-Gro were only slightly over the greater range of benefits that I saw using halodrol. And this is not entirely surprising. Now I was only using 2-3 scoops (as opposed to my normal 6-8) but even so, the added cost really is an option for people with a serious wad of cash. I am speculating that I can drop my Bio-Gro usage while on cycle ( or perhaps only 2 scoops which is more affordable) and then ramp back up during PCT.

Bio-Gro and PCT - - TBD
I am about to start PCT on my cycle of Halodrol and one of the most common negatives you read about people using a PH is that they lose their gains. While there may be many reasons for this, I am hypothesizing that the addition of Bio-Gro to my PCT will allow me to not only maintain my on-cycle gains but continue to keep protein synthesis at a high level. This is just speculation; however, I will keep this updated in my log if anyone is interested.

Value: 9/10
This is not cheap. Nope, not even a little bit. You need a minimum of two tubs per month and I use 4 tubs, so that can get extremely pricey. With 60 scoops per tub, I go through almost an entire tub each week. So even though I got a great deal at TigerFitness (buy one get one free) that came out to around $20.00 per week. ($80/month for those that are math challenged). However, this is exactly in the same neighborhood of running a cycle of my previous favorite supplement: X-Factor. So it's not unheard of. And would I rather spend $80 per month on this versus some of the other pseudo-anabolics out there – absolutely. So even though it's expensive, I'm rating value extremely high because this actually delivers measurable benefits that are absolutely worth it to me.

Overall: 9/10
Do I recommend this? I could have given this a maybe, but I felt that may have been misconstrued because what I really mean is that this is a product that is just about worthless if you don't train hard enough to create growth stimuli in the first place. As I said before, this is not a protein supplement or replacement. Without the stimuli created via adequate training stress, you will not reap the full benefits of this product and that would make it a very expensive. However, if you train hard, and can increase protein intake, I do not think you will be disappointed in the results. It's not an AAS but it is perhaps the only thing other than arachidonic acid that's provided these kinds of gains when coupled with training and nutrition. I'm not saying its the second coming of Jesus and I'm not saying it delivers the same results as a PH/DS/AAS. But what I am saying is that it's the first non-anabolic supplement that's delivered significant increases in strength and muscle mass. And for me, that's golden.

I will repeat this because it's worth reiterating: Bio-Gro is not a protein replacement. It was engineered to help you utilize more of the protein that you intake towards the goal of building muscle, resulting in a higher gram per hour utilization and thus decreasing whatever waste might occur. While enhanced recovery is certainly one of the benefits, for me, increased strength and muscle growth were even greater benefits. It is indeed the ideal supplement to maximize total daily protein synthesis and muscle turnover as a whole – not just post workout. It doesn't replace protein –it enhances it. That being said, I would not want to see it packaged with a whey product as one of its greatest benefits is the ability to dose it to your individual requirements. So my advice to you is to try this. NP has the lowest price right now at $32.99 if you buy 2 tubs but deals seem to be popping up pretty frequently. Two thumbs up.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness
  • Increases Recovery
  • Increases Protein Utilization
  • It's Not Cheap
Rep: +4,212
Trust: 100%
  July 23, 2013

First and foremost, Id like to extend a thank you to the guys over at Isatori for sending 1 tub of BioGro for me to try out. Through my discussions with others and reading reviews I realized that 1 tub may not be enough to give a fair assessment of the product, so I proceeded to purchase a few more tubs on my own so that I could give a decent review. Honestly, everything I had been hearing BioGro almost seemed to good to be true, so I approached using it with curiousity and an open mind, although somewhat skeptical of the claims.

Simple, single ingredient profile: Bovine Colustrum
Im not going to get all scientific here, simply because that is not my strong point and its been covered in previous reviews.
Seems as though Isatori found a very effective way to extract all the beneficial aspects of colostrum in a way that humans can process and utilize them orally, which was not the case in previous colostrum supplements. So a huge thumbs up here for utilizing a unique process and actually making colostrum useful for us, the consumers.

This is really user dependent. Looking through the reviews and logs just goes to show there are many different ways to utilize BioGro and it is truly up to the consumer when and how to use it.
Personally, I experimented with several different protocols in order to figure out which one was most effective for me.
I started with a couple scoops a day, all the way up to 8 a day. Typically the servings were spread throughout the day and always taken with some type of meal and/or protein/bcaa supplement. Additionally, I focused taking the majority of my servings before and after working out, as that seemed like the most appropriate time to take a supplement such as BioGro.
Truthfully, I saw little difference in effectiveness between 4-8scoops, maybe slightly better recovery when taking the larger quantities. Also, the timing of my dosing seemed irrelevant to how well the product actually worked.
All in all, it seemed as though 4scoops spread throughout the day produced the most consistent results for me.

Effectiveness: 9.3/10
Its very hard to prove whether or not BioGro lives up to its claims, however I feel as though it comes pretty close in my experience. Did I actually feel or notice better protein utilization? Not really persay, but I can conclude that my markedly improved day to day recovery and lack of soreness points to my body better utilizing proteins, so a huge win there.
I did not see any direct muscle growth are remarkable body composition changes while going through several tubs of BioGro, nor did I really expect to see any changes of that magnitude. However, what I did get out of BioGro was, consistently great day to day recovery. Soreness truly was at a minimum no matter how hard I pushed the day before. Did it completely eliminate soreness? No, but it truly did come much closer to accomplishing that than any other recovery supplement I have ever used, and for that BioGro gets a really high mark imo.

Pretty much tasteless powder, seemed to mix well into whatever you put it in, including things like pudding and greek yogurt.
Only real complaint I have is the tub and scooper size, but honestly not a big deal at all in my eyes.

Value: 6.5
Unfortunately, unlike ChiChi and some others, anything under 4 scoops seemed to do very little for me, which in hand really effects the overall value of BioGro.
$35-$40 a tub, at 4 scoops it lasts 15days, at 2 scoops it lasts 30 days.
At 2 scoops the value is not the greatest, but given its effectiveness Id say its pretty decent.
At 4 scoops the value takes a significant dive, although still justifiable due to the great recovery it aids in.
I personally am not going to shell out that kind of money for better recovery day to day, its simply not worth it for ME.

All in all, Isatori did a great job with BioGro. It is innovative and effective all on its own, and for that I can truly recommend giving it a shot. Its up to you whether or not its worthwhile to your goals long term.
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness
  • Increases Recovery
  • Increases Protein Utilization
  • Kind Of Messy
  • Awkward Tub
Rep: +1,523
Trust: 100%

  August 11, 2013

Whats up SR. I bring to you a very hot rated product here at SR and many other fitness community. Big thanks to Isatori for the opportunity to give this a whirl. Also a big shout out to Artie, you have been nothing but extremely helpful brother. On to the review.

What is Bio Gro? According to Isatori, its like a fertalizer for your muscles. Its claimed to help increase protein synthesis and allow you to recover from workouts faster. Bio gro uses a patented form of Bio Active Peptides from bovine collustrum. Personally, I thought it was a little to good to be true honestly. But I was proven wrong.

I went into bio gro going into a cut, and honestly I feel it turned more into a recomp by the end of the second tub. I had contacted Artie to ask about what his thoughts were for using this with Clen. He told me he wanted to experiment a little bit and up my dosing to 6 scoops a day. Clen has some anabolic properties, so we were trying to see if this would at all be enhanced with using bio gro. And too my knowledge, I believe it was.

How I dosed it. I had 3 tubs total. 2 were sent to me, and the other I purchased. My first tub I dosed 6 scoops a day spread out throughout the day. Mainly pre workout, post, and before bed. The last two tubs I went between 4-6 scoops a day. I feel like I still had solid recovery at 4 scoops but saw more physical changes at 6. The dosing is just something you'll have to play around with. I really think 4 is the best starting point.

For my run with Clen and Bio gro I did TKD/CKD diet for a total of a month and a half. Generally I have many things happen to me on ckd style diets. With dropping my carbs so low my energy levels just plummit, my body looks extremely flat, and generally my strength goes out the window. At first this was ran as a tkd consuming carbs pre and post workout only. But later turned into more of a ckd with carbs only post workout. Here's what happened.

My strength never once dipped nor did the intensity of my workouts. I actually got stronger throughout my run and went up on some of my bigger lifts. Generally on CKD/TKD I experience pretty rough doms too. Which is to be expected from dropping carbs so low. But I recovered great, to the extent sometimes it felt as if I didn't even workout the day before. This allowed me to hit the gym harder every workout. My body also never looked flat at all throughout the whole phase. My energy was still low, but thats just the nasty part of ketosis. I dropped 12 lbs within a 6 week time frame. Which is really all I was looking to loose. I kept muscle mass, lost fat, recovered well, and did it on a diet that generally has me looking like poo by the end of it. So for me Bio gro was a complete win.

A few cons and pros. Pros being its practically tasteless. One of the first unflavored items that I can honestly say was unflavored. It also mixed really well. I was expecting it to be a little tough to mix, but to my surprise it was extremely easy to get down. Now for the cons. The price. Its just hard to justify spending the type of money you'd have to get the full effect out of this. Most users, would need anywhere from 2-3 tubs a month. Which would run you $120. Thats a little on the high end but thats the ball park figure. That on top of other supplements you purchase, just is extremely hard to justify. It works, but at a cost. The container is also a major pain. Its extremely small. What I'd like to see is Isatori make like a value sized container. Where you would get more product, a cheaper price, and a bigger scooper. I could hardly get my hands in the tub towards the end of the containers. A few of those are just nit picking, biggest con for me is the price.

So is it worth it? I really think its dependent on ones goals. I love lava's idea of using it in between cycles for enhanced guys, or for pct. I could totally justify that for many reasons. But as far as a regular staple in an every day gym goers stack, its hard to say. I think if this could be listed at 25-30 dollars I would be a regular buyer. For me bio gro falls into a fun supplement category and not a staple. It is definitely worth a shot, and you'll have to play around with the dosing a bit to find what works for you. But if you have the cash definitely look into it.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness
  • Increases Recovery
  • No Flavor
  • Increases Protein Utilization
  • Too Expensive
  • Too Many Scoops For Results
  • Kind Of Messy
  • Awkward Tub
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Trust: 100%

  January 13, 2014

This is the final product in the line of Isatori that I had the privilege of logging and it was my favorite A huge thanks goes out to Isatori. When I had first heard about Bio-gro I was as skeptical as most, ultimate recovery, no DOMS, I have heard it all before. Well I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to parallel directly with these statements. The recovery I had was great, best I have had, while it didn't get rid of muscle soreness completely it did help in significantly speed up the recovery process.


Its unflavored but it still does have a taste. What that taste is I could not tell you, but its not bad at all and whenever you mix it with your protein it is completely masked and you wont even taste it.


Wow, this is not a placebo effect this is the real deal. I was sent 3 bottles by Isatori and dosed Bio-gro at 2-3 scoops post workout. You will have to find your sweet spot but for me it was 2-3 scoops depending on the training I did that day, think legs vs . upper body. For me the turning point in does it work or is this placebo was on my squat and or deadlift day. Normally the next day following this lower body workout entitles me walking like an old man and having crazy doms for the next couple of days, but with GRO this was not the case. Also within I would say 1-2 hrs after taking this I would have an all day pumped feeling, sort of an IV drip of agmatine feeling if you will. Also I would get the same full feeling in almost every major muscle group, regardless if I trained it that day or not. So this rates on the highest end of recovery products I have tried.


This will depend on how you dose Bio-gro. If you do 3 scoops a day it will not last you very long, but if you are in the 1-2 scoop range (almost no one is) then the value will be great. Now price to me is two fold, in that you are paying a premium price but recovery will be awesome. To me since it is almost always on sale so it should not be a major issue, but I would try 1 first before you stock up on like 20.


What can I say this is a great product that imo will help anyone recover faster. Yes the price will turn some away but don't knock it until you have tried it. The other thing is now some companies are releasing newer versions of Bio-gro that double the servings, which is great because that way even if you are a three scooper like me the value should stay fairly high. One final thought for Isatori, it would be cool if somehow they could combine a Hydrolyzed Whey or any protein for that matter with Bio-gro, that way you would never have to mix multiple products. Overall I would say Isatori has a novel supplement, one that actually lives up to its claims.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness
  • Increases Recovery
  • No Flavor
  • Too Expensive
  • Dont Snort It
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Trust: 100%
  October 9, 2013

I saw the hype train coming through a few months back when several members had written reviews for Bio-Gro and decided to hop aboard. Big Mistake. This is my first negative review of any product and I hate to say it, but this product is a waste of time and money.

Several members' reviews were positive and even said that bio-gro was a game changer. I didn't feel anything from this product and will try to describe my experience with it the best I can. I took four tubs in all.

Several reviewers say that it has no taste or tastes very bland. To me, it tasted like a bland milky residue. It wasn't bad, but wasn't pleasant to take either. Taste isn't a big issue for me anyway since I can usually chug or down anything with no problems. So if you're looking for the ultimate taste experience, you'll be disappointed.

1 serving am 1 serving pm. 1 scoop if under 200lbs. 2 scoops if 200lbs or over. I weigh around 196-199 throughout the day and I took 2 am and 2 pm. On the last tub I started taking 2 scoops am, 2 scoops mid-day, and 2 scoops pm. The dosage is easy, but even after increasing the amount I took, I still saw no changes. In my opinion, I'd much rather take pills then having to mix something 2-3 times a day.

I noticed nothing. Even after increasing the dosage, I felt the same. Was very disappointed I didn't turn into a super sayain while taking this from reading some of the other reviews for it. . A senzu bean is a way better alternative haha

Some of the other reviewers have gone more in-depth in this area. But from what I have seen and read, this product is basically a peptide of bovine colostrum. What is colostrum? It is the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, rich in antibodies. So basically it is pre-milk super juice for babies.

The typical price online right now is about $40. This is way too expensive for something that only has 15 servings and that you may have to increase the dosage. Save your money and buy a tub of protein.

Personal pet peeve----
Alright, this is a new category for me just for this review. The tub is stupid. I just don't like it.

Conclusions and recommendations----
If you're on the fence about this product, I would skip it just to be safe and go with something that you know works. I could not tell if the product did what it was supposed to because I felt nothing from it. Even after 4 tubs and increasing the dosage. All of this is from my personal experience while using bio-gro.
    • Too Expensive
    • Too Many Scoops For Results
    • Awkward Tub
    • One Tub Does Not Last A Full Month For The Average User
    • Hyped-up
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      July 15, 2013

    iSatori's Bio Grow. Thank you to iSatori for participating in the ER program, and allowing many of us to try their new innovative product, Bio-Grow.

    Overview: Garlick put down the scientific blue print for this, as only he can, so I wont attempt to replicate that. In fact here is a link, for it is worth the read:

    This is categorized as a protein blend, but is truly in a category all its own. iSatori is very open with the abundant amount of research that has gone into making this, and it can be found on their site as well.

    Bottom line, here is my experience...

    Effectiveness: 9

    The only reason I haven't rated this a 10, is that I have only ran 1 tub, and feel there could be even more potential to this product with long term use. But even with only a one tub experience, this gets a lofty 9. I have never experienced such immediate results and pronounced recovery, in such a short matter of time. The DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) were near none existent. I had even begun using this product while using X-Gels, ARA (Arachidonic Acid) which has been known, as well In my experience, with a large increase in DOMS. This negated those negative effects in 2-3 days of use. I felt as though I was good to go daily, and even over did it a bit the first week of use. But even at that, with one full rest day I was ready for a new week. Even after leg day, I knew I had worked out and could feel it, but nothing compared to the usual soreness, not even close. This only leads me to believe that with extended use, the effects would be even more pronounced, and that this truly aids in not just the ability to work out harder, longer, and more often. But to truly increase protein synthesis and allow for more muscle growth. Muscle fullness became rather noticeable, along with a little tightness, but this could be attributed to a lot of hard sessions.

    Profile: 10

    1 Level Scoop (1.5 Grams)
    Servings Per Container: 60

    Amount Per Serving

    Custom Engineered Bio-Pro- Bio-Active Peptides Extracted From Mico-Concentrated Colostrum, Yielding: 1.5 g
    Proline Rich Peptides, Growth Factors (IGF-1, TGF Beta-2, EGF, PDGF), Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA), Lactoferrin, Fibroblast-GF

    Unique to its own, and once you study the research involved, it is truly ground breaking, yet very simplistic in the derivation of the concept. And most importantly it works.

    Dosing 7:

    Based upon body weight. 200#, four scoops is recommended. Since I teeter on this exactly, I went straight to four the third day and tried not to look back. This seemed to do the trick for me.
    I played with the dosing times, but settled on 1 scoop PWO, 1 post, 2 before bed. Off days, 2 in the am and 2 before bed.

    Taste / Mix : 7

    This is unflavored and an extremely fine powder. Mixed in a PWO, Amino product, or Protein shake is the way to go. The latter of the two being the most pleasant tasting. Fluffed up my shake and dulled the taste a bit. It mixes fairly well, much better results in a bullet or blender than when hand shaken, but still do able. I played with the dosing times, but settled on 1 scoop PWO, 1 post, 2 before bed. Off days, 2 in the am and 2 before bed.

    Side effects: ?

    The scooper, ahhh the scooper. This is the common down side to this product. Small as hell, placed in an awkward container, in a product with the consistency of flower makes for a mess. But this is not to take away from the product itself, just an inconvenience. If this is the only flaw in the system, I assure you the product is worth the small hassle, and there are ways to remedy that. Keep the scooper separate in a zip lock bag. I keep many of me scoops separate. Always on the road and mixing product up in my car makes digging for scoopers a pain. I will have a whole bag of those things, even labeled. It would help if iSatori made the opening circumference of the tub equivalent to the rest of the container. Although my hands are made for loving, some of our even larger members would certainly have issues getting their product out. I have licked at least two servings from my fingers... but these are all just nit picking, there were no sides to speak of due to the product other than one. Occasionally feeling a little backed up. Nothing near constipation, but this seemed to slow the process down a bit. An increase in fiber helped a bit. But this does change the bathroom experience a bit.

    Value: 8

    This product is expensive. The going rate is $40, with a few sites dropping a dollar or two. At four scoops a day it goes fats, too fast. As far as value for if the product is worth it, I would rate even higher. But economically speaking, there has to be a way to increase the value to the average consumer. Larger tubs, servings, ect. Finding a deal such as buy 2 get 1, or 1 and 1 is an amazing deal. If this comes up again, advise taking stock. But this could be a costly addition to your pantry if you choose to make it a staple. I hope the price comes down a bit, $30 seems reasonable for a near one month supply. Or even simply a container that would double the contents for $70. Again the product simply goes too fast. But that is a testament for how well it works, because it is a sad feeling putting that last bit in your cup.

    Overall: 9

    I think iSatori has nailed a new level of supplementation here. As others have mentioned, I am very curious to see where they take it from here. if it becomes part of a larger chain of supplements, protein inclusive, or if it remains a stand alone. I will be purchasing more and more of this with the right pricing opportunities. But I certainly hope it becomes a bit more economically valuable. If so, this will be a staple of mine for some time, and I highly recommend trying this at least once to see what it can do for you.

    • Builds Muscle
    • Decreases Muscle Soreness
    • Increases Recovery
    • No Flavor
    • Too Expensive
    • Kind Of Messy
    • Awkward Tub
    • One Tub Does Not Last A Full Month For The Average User
    Rep: +4,223
    Trust: 100%

      July 8, 2013

    Huge thanks to Isatori and the ER for letting me use this. I liked it so well and was noticing an effect very quickly I bought an extra tub to use as well.

    Not sure how to rate this as this is so different than anything I have used, also several others under my review go into depth of what this and how it works.
    But I can say what Isatori reads and says about this product.
    One small scoop (1.5 grams) of Bio-Gro contains the equivalent bio-actives as 25 grams of whey protein concentrate. That makes Bio-Gro nearly half the cost, on a serving-per-serving basis, of regular whey protein powders.

    But as for the Half cost I do not know about that.

    ISatori has custom engineered and patented the first and most technically advanced, low molecular weight, micro-concentrated form of Bio-Active Peptides (BAP's) found only in Bio-Gro. Designed to provide a supra-physiological effect that, once consumed, signals the body to amplify its natural protein synthesis process, helping you develop lean muscle and recover faster.
    For more info check out Deamcole, Chichi or Garlicks review.

    Taste 8- although its honestly tasteless
    By itself, Its weird and not really a taste just weird, Mixed in something. I never noticed it in there. I tried this in my yogurt , protein sludge at night. I used this in a bcaa and a protein drink. Nothing really bad to say about it. It has a flour fill to. Really fine powder.

    Mixability 8-9
    Never a issue , when in a protein drink I never had it makes anything stick worse or clump worse, I gave it a slight different texture to it but nothing really bad.
    I was pleased with it.

    Dosing 8-9
    For me being over 200lbs I took anywhere from 2 to 4 a day.
    2 on off days 4 on training days. All at somewhat different times. I always tried to get on in right after a workout though. It was nothing worse than just adding it to a shake.

    Effectiveness 9-10
    This stuff is legit. I honestly dont care what it is or how its made, it simply works. Upon the first week I could see my muscles leaning and fuller looking almost more grainy looking. Recovery was off the charts awesome.
    Upon finishing the last tub I now do not think that 4 scoops makes it that much better. I think On my next go with this I will keep it at 2 scoops As I still think it works great at that. I think Chichi said he recovers better from this than with Bcaa's and I will have to agree. It really makes me want to rethink how I look at my staples.

    Value 6-7
    Well OK this stuff is a bit pricey,, BUT I was thinking If this stuff does help me recover better than a bcaa' what If I just used this instead? I do not know about doing that but I think I might experiment on the next run and update on that later.
    Ok so lets look At a 60 serving bottle and If I did use the bottle at 4 scoops the whole time that is 15 servings! If you was to buy that from that would be close to 2.90 a serving! That is in addition to whatever protein you get.
    But at 2 scoops a day that would 30 servings and about 1.50 a serving. I know the prices are still steep if you are thinking of just adding this to your stack. But Like me I am thinking the next time to just run this without a Bcaa so this could take the place of that one Supplements Price for the month.
    Anyway this stuff Is a bit pricey no matter how you look at it to be honest, But I feel its still a good deal for something that does actually work.

    Overall 8-9
    Even with the price and the stupid bottle that is made for little girl hands. I had to get my kids to get the scooper for me every time. I Could not get my hands in it.To fix this though I emptied out a Protein jug and poured it in there along with the extra one. Boom Problem fixed. I could get my whole arm in it. Even though No matter how much I tried I will still make a mess with this stuff.
    Those are really the only cons on this I have.
    I love the way I felt and look on this and recover like a boss too. I cant wait to run this again when I can really get my gym time back in, after the summer.

    Be sure to check the other ER reviews on this as I think almost everyone had a positive feedback on this. Again thanks to Isatori for letting all of us it.!
    • Builds Muscle
    • Decreases Muscle Soreness
    • No Flavor
    • Kind Of Messy
    • Awkward Tub

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