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Trust: 82%

Killercox's Dianabol Review

August 12, 2011

Overall: 0 | Effectiveness: 0 | Value: 0

The bottle is now empty, like my wallet and hopes after taking this. A BIG gym at the gym was talking this stuff up like crazy so I gave it and tried it. NOTHING. Didn't 'feel' anything or have better work outs after started taking this. Increase in lean muscle mass..... NOPE. Honestly have nothing good...

Trust: 5%

Dianabol gave me awfull pains around kidneys and terrible nauseas

October 21, 2009

Overall: 1 | Effectiveness: 3 | Value: 1

Dianabol gave me awfull pains around kidneys and terrible nauseas. Side effects are especially strong may be due to high DHEA content. It made me sick after less than 2 weeks of use. A real crap, nothing more. "Une vraie saloperie" as we say in French.

Trust: 0%

Review replies are already respnding as if this were the real, very toxic, thing. Beware

March 3, 2010

Overall: 0 | Effectiveness: 0 | Value: 0

Dianabol is the common name for REAL anabolic steroid methandrostenalone...controlled substance, very powerful androgenic, NOT legal
w/o script! Use of the name "Dianabol" (and even label color of old pill!) should be huge RED FLAG for anyone seeking legitimate product. Review replies are already respnding...

Trust: 0%

I Didn't think it was that bad...

June 19, 2013

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 3

OK, well I took this product about 4 months ago. I took it to keep weight on while trying to cut fat. I was 210 and I was trying to stay around 205 and 210 but burn some fat and I figured since it says u could put on 15 pounds that I would drop weight in fat, pick up weight muscle and meet in the middle....