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  By: GNC

CreaDrive is a Creatine Blend manufactured by GNC. It features multiple forms of creatines to take advantage of the various features of the different creatines. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

Does CreaDrive work?
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  August 17, 2012

been lifting for a little over a year now and seemed to have hit a wall with getting gains in the gym. i manage a gnc and always recomend creatine for strength increases so i figured i'd try it myself for once. being the cheap person i am, i thought i would start with the least expensive creatine 1st which was creadrive.

ingrediant profile- 5.25g of creatine monohydrate, 1g taurine, some electrolytes, and 34g of mostly dextrose sugar for one serving=1 scoop

cost 10-10- with my discount plus bogo 50% it came out to 2 20 serving tubs for $21.

taste 10/10 or 7/10- the grape was fantastic so i gave it a perfect 10/10 and the fruit punch was not too impressive at all.

mixability 7/10- over it mixed well but at the end of the day its still creatine monohydrate so i recomend shaking it quickly before each sip.

effectivness 9/10- i used one scoop a day and drank between 8-10 bottles of water each day. after one week i shot up 8 pounds on the scale, my body looked much fuller, i didnt seem to be fatigued in the gym and my strength went up a solid 10% in most lifts. the fatigue was a big factor for me because i was off stims for the few months i took it.

simply put...creatine works. you dont need to do a BS loading faze, you dont get a bloated stomach because creatine in fact gives you intra cellular bloat and not subcutaneous bloat. your muscle will expand, not your stomach so next time you want to believe something you read on the internet, try it for yourself first because rippled as all hell when on creatine ;)
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Weight Gain
  • Great Value
  • Good Pumps
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