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Amplified Creatine 189

Amplified Creatine 189 GNC
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how much water should i drink a day with Amplified Creatine 189?
how much water should i drink a day? and im 15 years old, should i take 2 pills before and after my workout? or just the recommended 1 before and 1 after my workout?

Diet recommendations to slim and bulk when taking Amplified Creatine 189?
I am thinking about useing this creatine but I am trying to loose fat and gain only lean muscle. Also what kinds of foods should I eat because I go to...

Good for lean muscle?
I want definition and lean muscle should i be taking Amplified Creatine 189??

Diet recommendations when taking Amplified Creatine 189?
i travel a lot and can't always get the workout i need. i am currently taking the amp creatine 189. what would be a recommended diet giving the travel...

Will I lose my gains?
Hey guys, I am thinking about taking amplified creatine 189 but I havn't really creatine before and dont really know much about it. Am I going to keep...

Will this help my goals?
Hey guys I am a 19 year old college quarterback at a division 3 school. I am trying to get faster, stronger, and more cut this summer during my workouts....

And i eat lunch around 12:15 and breakfast around 6:45

should i still try to eat someting mid-morning?
No i work out in the afternoon after school so around 3:30 central time but should i still try to eat someting mid-morning?

how many meals a day when taking Amplified Creatine 189?
Thanks dude your such a big help One more question how many meals should i shoot for in a day?

Meal tips for when taking Amplified Creatine 189?
Alright thanks alot Do you any suggestions of meals i could eat in morning and something good to take to lunch?

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