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AMP Amplified Maxertion N.O.

AMP Amplified Maxertion N.O. GNC
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After how long does AMP wear off?
After about how long does it ware off for anyone ? Cause i usally feel the energy throughout the day even after im done working out. Should i be taking...

What is the dose of AMP Amplified Maxertion N.O.?
how many tablets should i take?

Should I take 4 pills a day or a workout?
I've just bought AMP Amplified Maxertion N.O. and it says to take 4 pills daily 30-60mins pre-workout. So that means only take 4 a day right? what if I...

What else should I stack?
after i take amp loaded N.O how long should i wai tuntil i work out for the best work out and should i stack it ontop of the pills

Can i take 4 AMP Amplified Maxertion N.O. before my workout?
Is it ok to take 4 pills as soon as you wake up and 30 min. before you workout in the same day? I'm wondering if it will help with the pump and stuff that...

Will this make me lose weight or will it help me build more body mass?
Can this help me with speed .. Can I lift first and do spedwork after?

Could you stack Amplified maxertion n.o. with amplified creatine 189?
Could you stack Amplified maxertion n.o. with amplified creatine 189? also could you throw oxyelite pro in with those two supplements as well?

Taking a break?
Basically what is recomended the span of time you should take this for??? Like for a month? should you take a break off of it? Ive been taking NO supplements...

Can I crush these up and put them in Jack3d?
can i crush these up and put them in my Jacked. and if so how many should i crush up and put in there

Should I take this with the AMP Mass XXX?
Should i take this with the AMP Mass XXX?

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