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Jetfuel is an Energy Supplement manufactured by German American Technologies. It is designed to improve mental focus and energy.

Does Jetfuel work?
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  May 11, 2009

I was taking JetFuel for 4 weeks, I didn't really see many results, and actually was taking less than the directed recommendations. I then sprained my ankle and jammed my toe. I took an aspirin for the pain & as an anti inflammatory to try to bring down the swelling. The next morning I woke up with horrible pains in my stomach and was rushed to the hospital. My kidneys were being so bombarded by poisons from this supplement that they were working overtime to screen out the toxins, that when I took an aspirin, which is also filtered by the kidney's they decided to start to shut down, and I almost went into renal failure.
At the time I wasn't taking any other supplements, as I was trying to cut weight and not add it. I've had to be very careful in which supplements I can add back on, as I had to let my kidney's recover. I was lucky that I didn't cause any permanent damage, but I would tell anyone to avoid all fat burning supplements all together. I have tried a few, and nothing is as good as proper diet. There isn't a supplement in the world that can replace eating right.
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