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SuperPump Max Reviews

By: Gaspari Nutrition


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SuperPump Max is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Gaspari Nutrition. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

Highly bio-available amino acid to increases nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body, improves endurance and reduces muscle soreness.


One of the 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids that is responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS).



Rep: +41
Trust: 12%
  June 14, 2015

So this is my first review on Supplement reviews, I originally found the site whilst looking for reviews on supplements I was planning on buying (who'd have guessed eh?). I decided to review the Gaspari Superpump Max as it was my first ever pre-workout and have recently finished a tub of it. I am currently doing a small cut just to shed a few pounds so I have room to lean bulk after summer. I've been working out for close to 2 years now but we don't talk about that first year as it was mainly badly programmed workouts and terrible nutrition. This will be my first review however I am currently coming close to finishing tubs of other products such as MTS machine fuel, Bullnox and Trutein.

----Ingredient Profile----
As I have said this was the first pre-workout product I ever used and the main reason I bought it was because of the label. It was in my local supplement store in the pre-workout section and was the biggest tub of them all so I thought I'd be getting good value for money and I'll come to that later on.
In terms of whats in it Gaspari use a proprietary blend of 11.3g of actives which leaves around 30% colours and flavours. In terms of whats in it there are five blends made consisting of:
40 servings
Taurine, Calcium Glycerophosphate, Sodium Glycerophosphate, Di-Magnesium Malate, Di-Potassium Phosphate, L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine™)
L-Citrulline (2 g), L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (Carnipure™), L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate
L-Leucine (2 g), L-Isoleucine, L-Valine
Creatine Monohydrate (1.3 g), Magnesium Creatine Chelate (Creatine Magna Power™)
L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone

Now that a hella lot of ingredients so I'm just going to quickly skim over them and what they do. In the Myovol electrohydration complex, this consists of taurine which helps with mental focus then a whole bunch of electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Next up is the Nitric Oxiendurance complex which contains 2g of L-citrulline for pumps, an undisclosed amount of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate the salt form of L-Carnitine to help pull fatty acids into the mitochondria and L-Ornithin-L-Aspertate for anti-fatigue. The third blend named the Branch Chain MTOR stimulation blend contains the 3 BCAA's with L-leucine in a 2g dose but the others not listed so we don't know if it's in the scientifically validated 2:1:1 ratio. The second to last blend contains a blend of Creatine Mono and Creatine Magna-power with the Creatine mono in a 1.3g dose. Finally there is the Cognidrive acceleration matrix comprising of L-Tyrosine to help with mental focus, Caffeine and Glucuronolactone which also helps with endurance and complements caffeine.

So Both tubs of this I have used have been the fruit punch flavour, I'm not sure exactly what fruits are in the fruit punch but the taste is alright if not a little bit tart/sour but definitely drinkable. The powder mixes well in a glass with a spoon or in a shaker bottle, I prefer to use a shaker bottle though. I also found that if I shook the tub before use the taste would be more pungent compared to if I just took a scoop of the top. In terms of dosing the dosages stated on the front of the tub do refer to a 2 scoop dose so that is the dose that I took.

The energy from this product took approximately 25 minutes to kick in for me and when it did I felt giddy and full of energy but not really very focused. The pumps however were good and I found that when doing for example a chest workout I got pumped in all of the muscles involved not just the target muscle i.e. Chest,shoulders and triceps all got pumped doing bench press. The same goes for back, bent over rows made me feel pumped in my back, bi's and traps.

Now the 40 servings advertised on the product are not the same servings Gaspari shows on the front. To get the 4g of L-Citrulline it takes 2 scoops, this to me felt like a bit of a let down as some of the ingredients are only clinically dosed at the 2 scoop level. At the time of purchase I paid £32.99 for my 640g tub which for 40 servings would have been fine however for only 20 servings was a little pricey for my budget.

----Side Effects----
Okay so some people may have heard of the name superdump and I too have felt the wrath of the superdump. I can only chalk this bowel trouble down the large amount of active ingredients and a digestive system that just wasn't used to that amount. However after about 2 weeks of use the bowel problems subsided and I enjoyed my workouts much more.

To conclude I feel like the Gaspari Superpump Max is a good product for those who have a little more flexibility within their budget. The taste is on point and the pumps and good. I would however try to find a sample before buying a whole tub to see how your stomach handles the actives. Fair to say that if I could find it I would probably try Superpump Max again.
  • Good Pump
  • Clean Energy
  • Great Taste
  • A Little Pricey
  • Gave Me The Runs
  • No Focus
Rep: +141
Trust: 100%
  December 17, 2010

The new Gaspari SuperPump Max, a updated version of the SuperPump 250.

Prior to starting this one I took 5 weeks off a caffeine PWO(M5) and was only taking 20g of whey and 40g of oats before my workout. When I started this up the energy was there right away, like I expected. It wasn't that 'crazed, destroy everything in my path' feeling like Jack3d, but it was consistent throughout my workout and for the most part, throughout the tub. I used 1 scoop each time and never built up a tolerance and had to use more scoops to reach the same effect. This made the product very affordable.

As for the workout itself, well, it was great. My endurance was up greatly, and the pumps were solid. It reminded me of the swolen feeling I would get with Code Red. During the 4 week run I noticed positive improvements in both weight lifted, and amount of reps lifted. This was a nice bonus because the only supplements I was on at the time where a multi-vitamin, Fish Oil, protein powder, bcaas, and a probiotic.

The make up of this product is definitely a upgrade over the old 250. Some of the producy highlights are that they threw out arginine and replaced it with 2g of citrulline, they have 2g of leucine, creative mono ad magnesium chelates creatine, and there Peak ATP supplement.

I like that they give you potencies of certain ingredients. I wish they would do it with all of them, but it certainly is a step in the right direction.

Taste wise I had pink lemonade. Very sour at 1st but if you water it down a bit it tasted just like Country Time Pink Lemonade. I was hooked on it.

All in all this is a great PWO that hopefully spurs some changes(honest potencies) in that category. As for the trips to the bathroom, other than draining the vein due to being properly hydrated, I had no problems. Let me know if you have any other questions, I typed this up on my phone so if it's confusing just hit me up, I will explain further.
  • Good Pump
  • Great Taste
  • Boosted Endurance
  • No Crash
    Rep: +994
    Trust: 100%
      January 14, 2011

    So this is a pretty new product to the market and i picked up a tub to run a constant cycle (which i usually take a PWO if im tired or not Motivated etc., not on a regular basis) where i took it 3-4 days a week. On back days, leg days, chest days, and every once in a while on shoulder or arm days just for the pump haha. To be honest, i still have like 4-5 servings left, but i fugure i have run it long enough to realize the effects it has on my body. i doubt 4-5 days will really be anything different considering this product has been pretty consistant in a good way. Note that i will be comparing this to the Original Superpump 250.

    Taste(9/10): the taste of this product (grape) is vastly better than Superpump 250. it seriously tasted like an off version of welches grape juice, with a small aftertaste which wasnt bad at all. I actually found myself enjoying drinking it until the last few sips, and even then it wasnt bad. As far as pre workout supplements go this one is in my top 5 in terms of taste.

    Focus/tunnel vision/energy(7/10): SuperPump Max gave me pretty good energy. nothing extreme, but very clean energy it didnt give me jitters or crazyness that a lot of stimmed up PWOs give, and NO CRASH! it was a good pep up when i had a long day and not in the mood to lift. the energy was not as good as Superpump 250 but it was still pretty good.

    Pump(8/10): the pump from SuperPump Max was pretty good. it espcially "fun" to get a really sick back swoll, or a good ol leg swelling, or the always likeable, almost painful Arm pump. there was a noticable difference between the pumps i got with SPMAX compared to without it. for me it was a close call whether SPMAX or SP250 gave me the better pump, both they were very good.

    Value(9/10): i actually got this on sale at a GNC for 30 dollars for 40 servings which is not bad at all. not the cheapest when its not on sale but you can get it somewhat cheap online, although i recommend if you want to buy this, wait for a sale but its never extremely overpriced.

    Overall(8/10): this is a pretty good Per workout product if you dont like being jittery but still want that extra push to workout. i never think preworkouts are needed but i realize that everyone needs a boost every now and then, and for that SuperPump Max is a good product. but if your a guy/gal who likes their Pre-Workout supplement to really fire them up then i say look for something different (although i dont agree with the decision to get all stimmed up to lift weights but instead boost your carbs pre workout, listen to some heavy metal, and go to work). The pump and taste were really good and i like that they lowered the amount of filler that they put in there without sacraficing a lot of good ingredients. Its not the most expensive or cheapest Pre Workout supplement out there but it worked, and for me it was well worth the money. If you want a clean energy per workout that delivers a good pump without the dump(i forgot to mention that i didnt get the poos with SPMAX that i got with SP250,they lowered the magnessuim level in it which may of had an affect on the "superdumps"), i suggest trying this if you liked the Original Superpump 250 but without some side affects but still want that pump that everyone loves and a good amount of energy. overall i say good job Gaspari Nutrition.

    • Good Pump
    • Great Taste
    • Boosted Endurance
    • No Crash
    • Clean Energy
    • A Little Pricey
    Rep: +201
    Trust: 100%
      December 22, 2011

    First off, this is my favorite pre-workout and the one I always end up coming back to cause I feel it is the most well rounded.

    Taste: 9/10- I have tried all 8 flavors and they were all good. my favorite would have to be rasp. lemonade or Green apple. The taste is solid (not amazing) if you are drinking a pre for the taste go back to Dairy Queen.

    Mixability: 9/10- It has always mixed well and stays suspended in the liquid for a while. Just like every other pre if you let it sit for too long it will settle at the bottom.

    Quality: 9/10- SP MAX is one of the few brands that actually uses high quality creatine in their pre. It has 1.3g of Creatine Magna Power which is high quality patented form of creatine (and my second favorite type only to Creapure)Some highlights are: 2g of L-Citrulline
    1.3g Creatine Magna Power
    4g of BCAAs in the 2:1:1 ration
    about 110mg Caffeine

    Energy: 7/10- Like I said this product only has about 110mg of Caffeine in it. That is not a ton of stimulants. I prefer low stim preworkout because you get a better pump and too many stims can make you catabolic. This is my only source of caffeine daily so it works fine and is very steady energy with no crash. If you are a stimulant junky and like 1,3 dimeth this is not the product for you.

    Value: 8/10- You can find it online for about $35 for 40 servings. So it is right in the middle pricewise, But that is 40 full servings.

    Overall: 9/10- I always try new pre workouts and I consistantly go back to SP MAX. If you want a low stimulant high quality pre workout that you can always find everywhere give this guy a shot.
    • Good Pump
    • Normally Samples Are Available
    • Lasts And Isint Jittery
    • Lean Mass Boost
    • Clean Energy
    • Extremely Focused
    • No Crash
    • Boosted Endurance
    • Great Taste
    • Not High Stimulant
    Rep: +15
    Trust: 0%
      October 5, 2010

    Uh, where do I start. Let me begin by saying I was REALLY excited to try this product. It was hyped up pretty good and I thought the Original Superpump was a decent product, so I figured this would be a big improvement.

    Boy was I wrong.

    Energy - 2/10 - Even at 3 scoops, energy was just ok. Nothing more than a small cup of coffee would give me. I was very disappointed at this because this is one of the main reasons I use a pre-workout product. I hadn't really used many stimulants recently either before I began my cycle and typically will only use them a few times a week, so this wasn't a case of my adrenals being shot.

    Taste - 7/10 - taste was ok. I had the Fruit Punch flavor. At 1 or 2 scoops it was better than 3. As the scoops increased, so did the artifical taste. But overall the tatse was decent and I had no problems drinking it.

    Pumps - 4/10 - at 1 and 2 scoops pumps were blah, just not much more than your average arginine. At 3 scoops, it got a little better so thast why I ranked it a 4.

    Workout performance - 4/10 - Workouts were ok, but nothing to write home about and more to my sheer will to get good workouts in. Endurance, strength & power were not improved. Highly disappointed here.

    Value - 1/10 - First time I took it I used 1 scoop. Second time I tried 2 and finally by my third workout I was up to 3 scoops.

    I worked out 4 times per week so this container lasted me just over two weeks. At $65 (I know it will get cheaper, but I wanted to try it when it came out), the value just isn't there. I would imagine most people would need at least 3 scoops (or more) so this isn't going to last very long.

    Overall this was a let down. I'm ok with rolling the dice on a new product so I'm not going to cry about wasted money. I took a shot and I was disappointed. I'll move on.

    This product just doesn't perform and that's what all pre-workouts are judged on. I will not be buying again.
    • Decent Taste
    • Poor Value
    • Gave Me The Runs
    • Not Effective
    • Too Expensive
    Rep: +2,502
    Trust: 100%
      September 21, 2011

    It has been so long since I have done a review laziness has been getting the best of me recently haha. Today I will be reviewing Gaspari Nutritions pre workout supplement Super Pump Max. I have been around the block when it comes to PWO's, I have tried Muscle Marinade, Assault, Jack3d, C4, 1MR and a few others. Even though I have used quite a few PWO's I don't consider them a staple supplement in my stack, I don't want to be that person who needs that caffeine rush to actually have a good workout. When I use a PWO I only use it on days when I feel really sluggish or beat. I don't see any point in taking a product like this every time you workout...all you will end up doing is building up a tolerance to the caffeine quicker. As a result of doing this my tolerance to caffeine does not build up quickly. Now that some background info about my history with PWO's is out of the way lets jump straight into the review!

    Taste/Mixing - 9/10

    The flavor I got was Pink Lemonade. The taste was actually pretty good. The best tasting pre workout I ever had was AI's Maniac Pink Lemonade, that stuff tasted like Country Time Lemonade from the supermarket lol. Gaspari's own isn't as good as Maniac, but it sure as hell is a close second lol. The mixibility was good as well, you just had to make sure you gave it a few good shakes in your shaker before you drank it. I usually drank it immediately after I mixed it and for the most part it mixed. A little of the powder would get on the sides of the shaker when I was drinking it; all I did was put in a little water, shook it once and drank the rest. This usually got out all the leftover residue.

    Effectiveness - 6/10

    At first I thought this was the same as Super Pump 250, that Gaspari just changed the name. I personally thought that 250 was a much better product than Max. I didn't think Max was a very effective product. Most popular pre workout have caffeine in them to give you energy. What makes a great pre workout is one that can give you energy throughout your workout. This product didn't give me a lot of energy, maybe about 30-40 minutes tops. Like I said before I don't have a strong tolerance to caffeine, so I followed the directions on the tub and took 1 scoop the first time I used this. Well with one scoop I really didn't feel too much. It just didn't seem to last long at all. So I bumped it up by a scoop....I had a little more energy but nothing spectacular. The max you are supposed to take is 3 scoops, that helped more but like the energy was never sustained. When I took C4 I had a good bit of energy throughout my workouts. Maybe it was the 1,3 dimeth that played a role. The other issue here was that I crashed hardcore on this product. After im done working out I like to jump in the steam room or sauna before I hit the showers. Well by the time I get home its been about 45 minutes since my workout finished. At about 60 minutes I would start to feel like crap. I would feel really burned out, lethargic with a lingering headache. I was crashing hardcore haha. I would feel terrible for a few hours before the feeling would pass. My solution was to decrease the scoops from 3 to 2. Sure that helped with the crash, but that just weakened the effects overall. Either way this is a major downside to this product. Another issue was that the energy you get from this pre work out isn't clean. You feel rushed, jittery and a little bit anxious.

    Content - 8/10

    The contents of this PWO are pretty solid. It has NO components like Citrulline and a few others, your BCAA's in a 2:1:1 ratio, some creatine mono, chetlate and of course caffeine. . Im not going to go through ALL the ingredients...if you want to check them ALL out do a google search hahaha.

    Value – 6/10

    This is an expensive product. On its about $37 dollars. Sure that doesn't seem like a lot of money considering you get 40 servings out of a tub........but that's when the serving is only 1 scoop. Some of you guys out there have a strong tolerance to caffeine, so you will be taking 3 or more scoops. Lets say your taking 3 scoops; this is going to last you about 13-14 servings. So that equates to about $2.6 – $2.8 per serving. There are just some other preworkouts out there that are cheaper and IMO better than this. Looking around the internet, you might be able to find it cheaper, maybe a few bucks here or there....but still a bit expensive in my opinion.

    Overall I didnt really like this product. I though this was exactly like 250....stupid as poo on my part not to have looked at this more thoroughly before I bought it. But ya know you live and you learn. I know a few people who have taken this and liked you never know it might work for you, but I wouldnt take the chance unless you find it for cheap online.
    • Great Taste
    • Poor Value
    • Not Effective
    • A Little Pricey
    • Gave Headaches
    Rep: +7
    Trust: 0%
      January 3, 2011

    I usually do not write reviews but after reading some of the ones for SuperPump Max I had to chime in. There are many people giving negative reviews and I can't understand why? I know some people it just doesn't work for (I have a friend who no PWO's work for him) or they're just so Jacked up on other supp's (cough roids cough)they don't realize/ feel any difference. Personally i've never found a PWO worth spending my money on but this is different. Me and my friend starting using superpump 250 and were excited to see what MAX brought to the table. I am 6'1" 185. My friend is 5'7" 155 and my bud has the same feelings toward this as I do.

    Taste- 10/10
    After taking a few other PWO that have literally made me gag, the taste of MAX was excellent. I've been using fruit punch and it has a great taste. Not bitter like many other PWO's and is actually something I wouldnt mind drinking on the regular (ovbiously a waste but you get the point) Although I would recommend adding more water with the more scoops you use.
    Price 7/10
    At GNC it usually is around 65$ which is very spendy but they have had it at 45$ lately, at that to the BOGO+ 20% gold card deal it ends up being about 70cents a scoop which is a pretty good deal. All in all if you can get this discounted its a great deal but will get spendy if you have to pay full price. Also depending on how often you use it (me about 1 1/2 scoops a workout, 4 days a week) it can/will last a while.
    Results 10/10
    Amazing! I know that PWO don't always work for some people but I am not one of them and this stuff is amazing. I started with 1 scoop which worked but found 1 1/2 to be the best amount. My friend uses just 1 scoop (hes 5'7" 155) and that works perfect for him. The energy you get from this is very pure and non-jittery. When they say you'll throw weights around in the gym they mean it. You get this feeling that no weight is enough and you can just keep pumping iron all day without a crash. Anyone ever seen the youtube Ronnie Coleman videos of him yelling YEAH BUDDDDYYY LIGHT WEIGHTTTTTTT? That is exactly the feeling I get. Pump wise this stuff is wow. Usually I am not one to pump endlessly waiting to feel that feeling of my muscles about to explode but now I get start getting that after the first set of 8. I got pumps on muscles I've never had before! Vascularity? Yes! Naturally i've never been a veiny guy even at 7-8% BF but at about 10% right now Im get more and more veins as I continue to use MAX. And yes this stuff has got me stronger and putting more weight up that without using it. Throw another plate on? I think so.

    All in all this is something I feel everyone should atleast give a try. Results are amazing, taste is amazing, price is blah but the feeling you get is unlike anything Ive taken. IMO onlything better would be roids, no thanks.

    Other Supplements
    Eas/MRI whey, ON Micronized Creatine on/off, multivitamins
    • Good Pump
    • Great Taste
    • Boosted Endurance
    • No Crash
    • Extremely Focused
    • A Little Pricey
    Rep: +40
    Trust: 64%
      December 20, 2010

    SuperPump has always been my go to pre-workout supp for a year now. I've gone through so many different pre-lifts and this is the only one that sticks out to me as different than the others.

    Taste:Pink Lemonade-Hands down the best tasting pre-work out I've ever had. If there was just a flavored drink that tasted just like it I would buy it. No joke its down right delicious. You don't find yourself looking forward to chugging down a supplement everyday but with this stuff I did.

    Energy: This is where I love SuperPump over the others. Its not a gittery "I HAVE TO MOVE" type of energy. Its a calm focus that makes you just pound out those weights. You feel it you get focused on what you have to do and its just an awesome feeling

    Effectiveness: SuperPump Max is noticeably more potent that 250. On week 3 I was taking the 3 scoop limit and I knew that this stuff wasn't messing around. My arms literally couldn't bend to grab my steering wheel in my car. And the pumps lasted considerably longer than I expected. Vascularity was extremely noticeable and no crash for me whatsoever. And with this you're able to pump out those extra few reps that you otherwise wouldn't be able to without it.

    Value: The only downside to this stuff is it gets pricey. I buy at GNC and and GNC with my gold card had this at 31 bucks. Which isn't bad at all for superpump. It's normally alot more so I mean it depends where you go for this one.

    All in all I absolutely love this product you get all the great things from the Original but with more effective and updated ingredients. It's always going to be my go to supplement for pre-workout and prob my fav supp ever.
    • Good Pump
    • Great Taste
    • Boosted Endurance
    • No Crash
    • Extremely Focused
    • Gave Me The Runs
    • A Little Pricey
    Rep: +254
    Trust: 100%
      March 20, 2014

    Hi guys

    First of all since there is nearly a hundred reviews its fairly pointless for me to highlight the ingredient list... its already up there.

    With that said I feel like the ingredient list is not particularly worth bragging about anyway - it has a bunch of fancy words for a fairly generic set of components that are in my opinion belonging to an obsolete generation of pre workout formulas...
    The new ingredient list provides nothing groundbreaking in comparison to the original 250...

    It was a while ago since I used this...

    About 5 years ago when the oldschool pre workouts were around I had two favourites.

    Met-RX Amped and SuperPump 250 - I used to alternate them so I wasn't constantly running the same one.
    For back then they did their job, and pump and endurance wise they were both decent with Amped having the edge in my opinion due to the Creatine Source..

    When the MAX came out I got all excited, I was a little concerned about the lower volume and smaller packaging, but you kind of assume since its newer and 'stronger' that it is going to deliver a bigger punch in smaller amounts.

    I have to say sheer disappointment in both flavour (which was now bland compared to the tangy original) and effect.
    Like I said about the Maximise it was a big let down - it seemed to lack everything you expect out of a 'new improved' pre workout. The same happened to me with N.O. Xplode 2.0 - "newer and stronger" - big claims with little delivery.
    It's like they take a product that is becoming obsolete and dress it up as something next generation when in fact it doesn't move on at all - it got worse if anything - like they started out with a plan and then got bored and didn't bother finishing it....

    Weak Pump
    Weak Focus
    Weak Endurance
    Weak Taste
    Turns your lips into drag queen/Emo

    Only benefit vs 250 for me was it was less acidic and didn't upset my stomach - but I'd rather have the old one tbh if it were between this and that.

    I would say just look around - the game has developed and newer pre workouts are dwarfing some of these old ones (although I think the old 250 and Amped by Met-RX could still hold their own if it is pump and endurance you want...)

    Sadly this one goes down in the first round

    Aesthetics UK...
    • No Crash
    • Not Effective
    • Not A Great Pump
    • Blue Poop
    • Btw No Crash Because No Lift !
    Rep: +18
    Trust: 47%
      November 20, 2011

    Hey SR! i just recently finished a tub of Gaspari nutrition's superpump max. To be fair I will be comparing this to its ancestor superpump 250.

    Taste - 9/10

    The flavor i got was grape cooler. Which was awesome to say the least. I usually mix it with grape flavored gatorade ( then again i usually do mix and match powdered supp flavors with gatorade flavors).

    Taste is something that i have never been disappointed of from gaspari nutrition. Definitely maintained the quality of taste from superpump250 to superpump max. And if it tastes good then you will definitely look forward to taking it, provided it works of course.

    Effectiveness - 3/10

    The only reason i would even give this anything other than 0 is because i felt less sleepy on the days i was on this. I mean though i didn't feel energetic, It just made me less sleepy.

    Compared to Superpump250 this would be like any other fruit juice. I felt no energy nor pump while i was on this product.

    Interesting effect though is that on the days i took this my poop was green. I figure they used too much dye on this. I mean the moment you start mixing the powder with any liquid, there would be blue specs on my container. And the flavor was supposed to be grape!! How i got blue specs, green poop on a purple colored powder is still a mystery to me.

    Value - GOT IT FOR FREE

    My friend actually gave me a whole tub of this. Well, minus one serving. He didn't like it. And i was more than happy to take it off his hands, so i thought.

    Since i got this for free you bet i took the servings to the absolute border. I experimented with the servings from 1/2 of a serving to 5 scoops. 1/2 scoop, felt nothing. 1 scoop, nothing. 2,3,4, nothing. 5 scoops only made me dizzy and nothing else.

    I am a big fan of GN. I think they really are one of the top non BS brands out there. But they really have to take this off the market and get back to the drawing board with this. Because compared to their previous preWO superpump250. This doesn't even deserve to have the same colored packaging.
    • Decent Taste
    • Not Effective
    • Green Poop

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