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This product has been reported as discontinued.

By Gaspari Nutrition
MyoFusion Gaspari Nutrition
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When should I take MyoFusion?
Holy- Just bought this product and boy does it taste good! (10/10) Haha:) anyway.. When should I take this? I thought as I wake up to stop catabolism,...

BCAA's interfering?
do you think on! bcaas would mess up the myofusion ingredients?

Will this spoil my results?
Hey guys, i'm cutting and i was wondering if this product will spoil my results? I'm still pretty green to all of this and I just wanted to see what you...

When is Myofusion Hydro and Superpump Max hitting the stores?
Does anyone know when the Myofusion Hydro and Superpump MAX are hitting the stores? Can't wait to try them.

What is the verdict on myofusion?
What is the verdict on myofusion? Seeing how it is mainly whey concentrate would this make it a low quality protein blend?

Is myofusion or 100% whey better?
hi guys! im trying to lose weight ...im currently 200lbs.. i wanna lose the fat and gain muscle (like most people)... im aiming for 170 lbs by december...which...

What age is it ok to take MyoFusion?
How old are you suppost to be to take Gapari Nutrition Myofusion?

Better product?
What is the difference between this and taking a 100% Whey protein? I currently take EAS 100% Whey throughout the day as well as my post workout protein....

What is lean muscle?
hi guys, im new to this so i was wondering what lean muscle actually is and i was wondering will cyclone and phd help me to achieve this(if it is what i think it is)

Will MyoFusion help turn fat to muscle?
Can this turn fat into muscle?

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Myofusion? Or something Different?
Just finished my first tub of myofusion. From what i can tell i was pleased with the product. I like to try different things so should i got another myofusion...

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Myofusion stack
this coming april, im going to buy my second tub of myofusion. Im also going to buy scifit kre-alk powder plus scivation xtend. Im a new noob to stacking...

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Myofusion and size on stack
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Myofusion before bed!!!
just wondering if i can take myofusion before i go t bed???thanks...

Dymatize Vs. Myofusion Vs. ON?
I'm about to buy a 5lb tub of protein and am deciding between these three.  What you think??  They are all fairly cheap so that is good,...

Just got some myofusion how many times a day should i take it to gain weight?
well the question pretty much says it all but ill say it again i just got some myofusion and im trying to gain weight i try to eat 7 meals a day but sometimes...

myofusion probiotic VS platinum hydrobuilder for postworkout
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Gold Standard, Myofusion, Stomachs!
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Pro complex vs Syntha 6 vs fusion 7 vs myofusion
i was wondering which is the best of those 4 as a meal replacement or to take it any time during the day. not using them as a pre-workout or post-workout powder....

hi guys! is it true that the original blend of myofusion or the hydro is already phased out because of the probiotic series? if this is true, its a shame...