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This product has been reported as discontinued.

By Gaspari Nutrition
MyoFusion Gaspari Nutrition
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Myofusion + steroids
Hey guys, This is the first time i am taking protein supplements. Myofusion was recommended to me by a friend and told me its very effective however i...

Is myofusion or 100% whey better?
hi guys! im trying to lose weight ...im currently 200lbs.. i wanna lose the fat and gain muscle (like most people)... im aiming for 170 lbs by december...which...

Will MyoFusion help turn fat to muscle?
Can this turn fat into muscle?

Looking for focus supplement?
Hi Dear, After reading lot many review on this product, I came to know that people are taking this after there work-out whereas the seller of the product...

Whats a better protein overall, Syntha 6 or Myofusion?
Whats a better protein overall, Syntha 6 or Myofusion?

Should I try this protein? I'm going through cutting
Hi there I'm actually cutting down right now and I have become curious about this protein, I'm into buying either this one or gold standard as my last...

can this be taken after HIT cardios?
hey guys im on a low carb diet for loosing bodyfat and have some 15 scoops of myofusion left . was wondering if i can take it as soon as i finish my...

Is it good to take protein blends before workouts?
Is a blend Protein like this product good for preworkout ? Or would it be better to go with 100% Whey preworkout?

Can I take MyoFusion and lose weigh?
Hello, thanks for the people who answered my previous question but now i was wondering , if i took this product with thermobol and done cardio AND weights...

How do I know if I'm digesting it all?
I have been working out for 6 weeks, I go to the gym 5 or 6 days a week for an hour and a half session. I'm 6'0", 175lbs, and in decent shape. I just finished...

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Myofusion just came in.
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myofusion probiotic VS platinum hydrobuilder for postworkout
which is better for postworkout, is it new myofusion probiotic or optimum platinum hydrobuilder ??...

Gaspari Nutrition-Myofusion Elite Protein Series
Coming to store shelves near you:http://www.gasparinutrition.com/products/myofusion-elite/Just saw this product via a tweet from the company....

hi guys! is it true that the original blend of myofusion or the hydro is already phased out because of the probiotic series? if this is true, its a shame...

myofusion or ON STACK? confused..
hello is better to use myofusion for breakfast,post wo, before sleep or use on stack ( whey gold morning,post wo and casein before sleep)?...

Amp Mass XXX and Myofusion for sell
Just bought a new stack, so I need to clean up some stuff. Here is what I have:Amp Mass XXX - Vanilla - Full Tub - $20Myofusion - Vanilla - 3/4 - $15You...

5lb tubs PS Myofusion for sale!!!!
Hello!  I have 6 unopened 5lb tubs of PS Myofusion for sale if anyone is interested.  I'll have to double check on the flavors but I believe...

which whey is better Dymatize Elite Protein Whey or Gaspari's Myofusion?
guys if u had a choice between DYMATIZE ELITE PROTIEN WHEY  and GASPARIs MYOFUSION (not the pro biotic) for non training days ,mid night  and...

Gaspari Myofusion Elite Series Video Review!
http://youtu.be/tALSVuRRwHwRocking a review on a Friday morning!...

Myofusion Elite chocolate 4lbs. for sale.
Just bought, 1 scoop only used. Chocolates not really my thing. $40 shipped. Paypal preferred.Thanks,Sd...

Myofusion 5lb Banana & Cyto Gainer 6lb Choc. Malt
Selling both together.  50 bux plus shipping.  Both un opened.  ...

Quick question about Myofusion Elite
Hey guys, first off sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I've got a question I'm hoping someone can help me with.As a lot of you do I prefer...

Im just wondering if I could maintain my 6 pack while on this protein. Im also wondering if this supplement will get my arms bigger and basically add more...