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  By: Gaspari Nutrition

Halodrol is a Prohormone manufactured by Gaspari Nutrition. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

What should I take with Halodrol?
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  January 15, 2011

Did an 8-week cycle of this awhile back. Stacked it with Novadex XT and Anadraulic State. Was trying to run an 'over the counter' cycle to add some muscle mass.

First off: depending what country you're buying this in, it may/may not contain DHEA. I live in Australia and that blend does NOT... which sucks. So you're basically relying on the Archodonic Acid to do work for you without a PH kicker (DHEA). I took a bunch of Flax & Fish Oil on this, to make sure my Omega fats were in check. Read more in-depth reviews on this topic - from memory, your body needs to keep a certain ratio between Omega 6s and 9s and the AA throw this off, so you need to supplement Flax and Fish Oil to balance it out & keep the ratio. I also took Milk Thistle 3x daily for liver support.

This product (of the combination of what I took; although I've run Novadex on its own since without problem) really tightens up your muscles in a bad way... Yes you want a good pump in your muscles when you train, but I found that as week went on, muscles like my pecs would get EXTREMELY tight while training chest. Felt like the muscles were dehydrated and weren't lubricated or something. In case you're wondering, I drink 4-6 liters water/day, so I hydrate enough... About Week 5 into my cycle I was training chest and I had the usual 'tight pecs' while lifting. While pushing 275lbs on flat (heaviest set is 295-315) my left pec tore about 5 reps into my set. Thankfully wasn't a complete rupture, more like a rip down the length of the muscle fibres between upper pec & main pec. Went on some Celebrex for awhile thereafter and kept training and finished up my cycle (obviously didn't train left pec for awhile).

That was about 18 months ago now, pec fully recovered. Point though: I had been training 15 years and have NEVER torn a muscle when training. That alone, I would NOT ever take this product again or recommend it to anyone else. With the huge array of other options out there to chose from, go with something else. A product that doens't work well is one thing, but a product that fk's you up is another. Could have been the Anadraulic State that caused the muscle tightness, but I doubt it. I know it wasn't the Novadex XT...

Prodcut did help me put on a bit of size though (mabye 5 pounds muscle). I really like Gaspari's other products so it's nothing against the manufacturer...

  • Builds Muscle
  • Too Expensive
  • Under-dosed
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