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Diesel Diesel Test Hardcore

Diesel Test Hardcore Diesel User Rating: (5 Reviews)

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Diesel Test Hardcore Nutritional Info and Supplement Facts on:
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    Diesel Test Hardcore Reviews:
    • Increased Energy (3)
    • Builds Muscle (3)
    • Sex Drive (2)
    • Aggression (2)
    • Too Expensive (1)
    • Sweating (1)
    • Aggression (1)
    • I Wish It Had 1 Or 2 More Ingredients For Esrtrogen To Go With The Dim That It Has In The Formula (1)
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    February 9, 2012
    Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10


    Reviews: 1

    Age: 44

    February 9, 2012
     First off I have used almost every version of Diesel Test since Diesel products have come to market in 2003 and this is the best version that I have used. Since I have experience with Get Diesel and other brands of herbal test boosters I already knew not to follow the label directions this is how I dosed it and how I recommend dosing it and I have at least 10 other guys using this product and they do it the same way. I train in the early A.M. so the first week I take 2 tabs on an empty stomach when I awake and 1 tab in the afternoon and 1 tab early evening always 30 min. before a meal or 2 hrs after a meal. On the 2nd week I still stay with 4 tabs a day but on training days I do 3 tabs when I awake before I train and 1 later in the day and non training days I do 2/1/1. I do this until after week 3 then I boost it to 5 tabs a day 4/1 training days 2/2/1 on non training and I make sure to take off 1 day a week. Everyones dosing will be different some people will need more and some less. This is the results that I get from DTH it kicks in slowly but when it does kick in by about week three My strength in the gym is fantastic most of my lifts go up any where from 20 to 50 lbs. recovery, focus,and aggression also are at its peak. Outside of the gym libido is great and this product also enhances your recovery in the bedroom girlfriend or wife won't know what hit them. Another thing about DTH is that you can use either when you are cutting or bulking as long as it is a clean bulk you will notice your body harden up and look a little more defined. I always get it at DPS and for $38 a jar it has to be one of the best buys for a herbal test booster that comes with 200 tabs. I also strongly recommend stacking this with a product called Triazole from Driven Sports this is an excellent Anti Estrogen product that I have stacked with DTH with excellent results. Supplement Review needs to change the picture they have posted for DTH because that's from 2010 and the new jar looks a little different.
    • More Energy And Focus In The Gym
    • If Diet And Training Are Right It Helps Buidmuscle
    • Sex Drive Is Great As Long As You Find The Dose That Woorks For You
    • Aggression Will Definately Be Up And That Depends On The Dosage
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Sex Drive
    • Aggression
    • I Wish It Had 1 Or 2 More Ingredients For Esrtrogen To Go With The Dim That It Has In The Formula
    January 25, 2012
    Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 10


    Reviews: 22

    Age: 25

    January 25, 2012
     Very skeptical at first, so many extreme claims about DTH.

    my background :
    1.87 cm, 95 kg, bf around 10 %

    Training : won't list my whole routine. Generally low reps (6-8), sets 4 per exercise.
    4000 kcal diet, 300 g protein per day.

    VALUE 10/10
    first thing i've noticed, big container of pills.
    45 bucks for 200 Huge Tablets.
    3 to 6 tablets a day, 5 on , 2 off. Lot of value in the end

    Effect 9/10
    You feel it that it works from day 1. Great energy all day long, much increased aggression... i just wanted to crush the weights. ( never happned to me with any other herbal test booster !)
    Strenght increase (about 10 lbs some exercises) , more endurance, sweated MUCH more than usual.
    I had great sleeps , even if DTH has some stimulant effect.
    Libido way up !

    I had a great pump, but i was using Vasotropin + Agmatine for that purpose

    Sides 4/10
    Mild acne on my body from day 1. Well positive about it , that it showed me the product has actually to ramp up testosterone in someway.
    I also attribute the increased acne to the massive sweating i get from DTH.
    After taking DTH i can stand still and have to do something physical... this could be negative for some people.

    Taste 10/10
    no taste at all. The pills are huge, but they have enteric coating and are very easy to swallow.

    Dosing Protocol :
    2 am
    1 after launch
    2 , 1 hour pre workout

    Final 9/10

    I really can recommend this to anyone. I preferred this over many other test boosters, because this one really delivers ton of energy and aggression.

    I cannot judge well the ingredient profile, on the label there is no mention about the quantities of each ingredient.

    But well who cares, if in the end the product really works ?

    I cannot say how much lbs i put on muscle, because i wanted to NOT measure my weight for several months after i began DTH(i prefer to judge my progress by the look, not a number ...)

    My muscles looked more full and defined after 1 month DTH cycle. For sure i had a good drop in BF%

    • Sex Drive
    • Aggression
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Sweating
    • Aggression
    July 14, 2010
    Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10


    Reviews: 7

    Age: 22

    July 14, 2010
     great product, you can get two bottles for about 70$ on www.DPSnutrition.com, i just finished my first bottle about to start another, i take 2 pills 3 times a day and that is definitely enough, my fatigue is way down i can work out almost unlimited amount of time it seems like, no side effects maybe a little bit of increased aggressiveness but nothing anybody would notice except for myself
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Too Expensive
    August 9, 2009
    Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 8


    Reviews: 3

    Age: 39

    August 9, 2009
     I have used this product and I would say that for me it blew away T911. I was more aggressive and had more strength increases. I used it with Sunami which may have amplified the results. I was very dissappointed in T911 after hearing good things about it. Maybe I didn't respond to it or maybe they had a formula change which I heard some people say. As for Diesel I am looking forward to running it again in the future. The price also is good and you can get at a low price below.
    May 5, 2009
    Overall: 3 | Effectiveness: 3 | Value: 2


    Reviews: 1

    Age: 59

    May 5, 2009
     I have tried DTH on several occasions. Each time the results were the same. A slight increase in sex drive, a slight hardening effect, a slight incease in strength and zero gains. I ever tried stacking with other Diesel products with very little effect.

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