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Muscle Milk Reviews

By: Cytosport


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Ranks #64 of 65 (better than 2%) in
Protein > Blended Protein

Muscle Milk is a Blended Protein Powder manufactured by Cytosport. It contains a blend of different types of protein and will promote lean muscle mass and fat loss.
(Amount not disclosed)

Slow digesting protein derived from the casein found in milk that consists of 92% protein and is often added to protein powders to lend a thick texture and slow release of amino acids.

(Amount not disclosed)

Contains a minimum of 90% protein composed of casein and whey proteins typically used in protein powders and bars.



Rep: +65
Trust: 67%
  November 27, 2010

This is my first review so please bare with me:

Cytosport's Muscle Milk.

Muscle Milk claims:
*Miscellar Proteins (Stimulate Muscle Synthesis)
*Leanlipids ("Designer" fats- Promote Leaness)
*Lactoferrin (Increase in oxygen Delivery)
*Complete Caseins, Peptides, etc (Trigger new growth)
*Growth Peptides (Boost Nitrogen Balance)

- Overall, I expected a bit more from this particular "Muscle Milk" as it is all the rage being "America's favourite protein drink"...Not likely. I did buy it for 52$...a 2.47lb tub.. (1120g) how's that for pricy? This isn't a bad product, don't get me wrong, but you should really get what you paid for, and I feel cheated.

Taste: (10/10) WOW! This tasted like a really milkshake, with 12oz or (300ml) water with ice cubes I thought by FAR this is the best tasting protein shake out there! Sometimes, I'd spoil myself with adding low fat milk too it before bedtime as milk as natural caseins it which would prevent catabolism for longer. Anyway, this protein shake felt like a chocalate milkshake minus feeling guilty! (I got chocalate if you hadn't figured out :) haha)

Mixablity: 8/10- I used a blender, but one time I mixed it with a shaker and there were clumps, but no biggie, I shaked it for about 20seconds more and the clumps that were there were now non-existent.

Value: 5/10- This is really where the product takes a fall for the worst... 52$ for a 2.47 lb tub? It only has 16 servings a tub, and I would take two a day, in the morning, and before bed..So I finished it in precisely 8days! That's ridicolous!

Plus, the directions to take Muscle Milk are to take before & during workouts, after workouts, and prior to bedtime- that's 3 servings a day. At the MOST it'll last a week if you follow those specific intructions... (Just a tip, some companies make the serving sizes HUGE, so you use up the supplement faster, such as Mass-Tech, when taking the directions as said on the tub, you'll end up finishing it faster than expected, this is a marketing stratedy for you to spend more on their particular product- TIP: Half the servings)

3.25$ PER SERVING? I think i'll save my money next time...

Plus, the amino acid profile is not the best, recovery was mediocre with this product too, there are ALOT of better proteins out there, invest in pro-complex, or any protein from Optimum Nutrition, they have QUALITY proteins.

Here are the ingredients for Muscle Milk (The new advanced formula w/fiber)

Amount of calories per serving: 300.
Calories from fat: 110 ( Still too much)
Total Fat: 12G!
Saturated fat: 6G
Cholestrol 15mg
Total Carbohyrdate: 16g
Sugars: 4g
Protein: 32Grams

+ Vitamins A,C,D,E

Overall: I wouldn't try this protein again, but I mean, it wasn't horrible! It was mediocre but it won't go down as my most favourite protein shake in the world, the taste will always be remembered...

Quick Summary:
*Value- Not good.
*Effectiveness- Mediocre
*EXPENSIVE! - Save your money. (Buy pro-complex or any protein from Optimum)
* 32Grams of protein each serving
*Builds muscle...But thats what all protein shakes are supposed to do, and at this price, you don't get what you paid for.
*A rip-off for newbies, look up Optimum.

Unfortunately, this product gets a (5.55/10)
  • Builds Muscle
  • Tastes Great
  • High Calories
  • High Carbs/fat
  • Loss In Definiton
  • Rip Off!
  • Save Your Money- Invest In Optimum.
Rep: +463
Trust: 100%
  June 10, 2015

So they started selling more of the mainstream protein powders and supplements at H-E-B (primary grocery store in TX). I had just finished a tub and don’t like to go a day without using whey, ever I have some issues related to gastrointestinal absorption, so the addition of whey allows me to get the 200+ grams of protein I need per day. I had planned to go to the supplement store later in the day after my trip to H-E-B, but saw Muscle Milk Cookies and Cream and decided to give it a try. MM has 32 servings (32g per serving) if you used 2 scoops or 64 servings if you used one (16g). As far as I knew this is a reputable brand that had been around for a while, or at least I have seen their products everywhere (not necessarily an indication of quality).

Mixability-Not good.I tried some as soon as I got home with some vanilla rice milk; I shook it for the normal amount of time and it was still a little clumpy. Shook it some more, still clumpy. Threw it in the magic bullet, I finally thought that battle was over. When I finished drinking it, I noticed there were large clumps at the bottom that took a small amount of force to get out. This, in and of itself is not a deal breaker. Although, if the mixability’s not there; it’s not going to work for an on the go protein (for me). Sometimes when I have long workouts I don’t blend it before I go as I like it to be cold; especially in this case when I know it’s going to taste sub-par.

Taste-The taste in vanilla rice milk was alright, nothing special. The taste in purified water was not good; not terrible, but not enjoyable. The taste with ensure, which obviously has a ton of extra sugar in it was good. The way it tastes though is heavy. Compared to something like Protizyme or IsoPure, this stuff tastes heavy and is mildly difficult to get down (at times). It’s most likely due to all the extra fat and carbs, I suppose I was just not expecting that feeling from what I thought was a traditional protein powder.

Value(2.47lbs)-I bought this from HEB for $27.99; considering the quality the price could have been cheaper. Although HEB will charge about as much as GNC (a lot). Traditionally 2.47lbs for $27.99 would be a good deal, for commercial protein powder. This should have been a red flag; you get what you pay for doubly applies to supplements.
There are additional carbohydrates and fats in the protein, making 2 scoops 310 calories. Making this fall into the category of a protein powder/weight gainer; I’m looking for one or the other in a single product. Years ago when supplements weren’t so mainstream this product was most likely the standard but as the industry changed better products came; this one stayed the same ( my hypothesis).

I was excited to try something new but ended up disappointed on multiple levels. I would only take this again if I got it as part of a promotion.
  • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
  • Bad Taste
  • Not The Best Value
Rep: +16
Trust: 45%
  January 20, 2011

My first review so bare with me on this.

Taste 9/10 I bought mocha latte and chocolate both were very tasty and easy to take down. Mocha Latte was more of a cappacino taste and Chocolate was spot on in taste.

Mixing 8/10 Mixing in a shaker was not very good as it clumped up badly if not shaken very firmly. But with the tornado mixer or blender it was the smoothest shake i've had in milk or water.

Value 8/10 I bought this as it was on sale in GNC 2.5 pounds for 30 bucks and then buy 1 get one half off so i ended up paying 45 bucks for 5 pounds. Not to bad. A good deal at GNC for once.

Effectiveness 8/10 Over the course of me taking this i went from about 160 to 170 mostly muscle but also some fat as i didn't have my diet in check.

Recovery 8/10 I could feel a difference in soreness after taking this when i woke up the next moring but still had some. But as soon as i added some glutamine to my shake i would wake up with no soreness at all even when i started a new more brutal routine.

I have recently seen great results with this when i added the glutamine to my shakes. It added good size and strength pretty quickly for me.

Overall this is a great protein for teens just starting to workout. It will add good mass and strength gains. But for people who have been at it for a while there are better proteins out there. It really is only good for beginers because it only has 16 grams of protein per serving so the bigger guys are gonna have some trouble building a lot of muscle on this. But seeing as i am a beginer it worked great for me.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Tastes Great
  • Good Beginner Protein.
  • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
  • Cheap
  • Not Enough Protein
Rep: +14
Trust: 11%
  January 15, 2011

Muscle milk is a solid product.

Some key ingredients:
Whey Protein
Some vitamins

Overall effectiveness: 8/10
Muscle was a good fit for me and my workout routine, i staked it with Kre-Alkalyn 1500, Animal Pak, Animal Stak, and jack3d. Muscle Milk helped me with building muscle,which I gained around 4-5 solid pounds of muscle. It tasked amazing, i would honestly could drink it as a shake just relaxing around the house. I took it with milk, i rarely ever used water, i hate the taste with water but that's just my opinion. I took three shakes aday two scoops, and went through about to full containers in a month.

Mix ability: 9/10
I would put two scoops of muscles milk in my shaker cup first then fill it full with milk. I never had a problem shakin the Crap out of the shake. I rarely had clumps unless i mixed it in a normal household cup which i would stir it with a spoon. When i would use my blender it would come out incredibly smooth!

Price: 7/10
The price wasn't to bad which was around 45 dollars or so for a 5 pound container. i Purchased two containers had three shakes a day for a month strait. What started to add up for me it felt like was all the milk i used a day, i felt like i was buying a carton of milk every few days. oh well it was well worth it!

To sum it all up:
My Muscle Milk had some assistance with the other product i was taking,but anyways almost all of my max's went up around 15-30 pounds. Let me just say Diet is key, don't expect crazy gains if your eating at MC Donall's not taking in enough Calories proteins etc. Good luck with your lifting and i Deff. recommend this product if you are not trying to use a weight gainer :)
  • Builds Muscle
  • Tastes Great
  • Helps With Max
    Rep: +23
    Trust: 56%
      October 13, 2010

    A great protein. I used this mainly as a meal replacement or a before bed snack. The taste wasn't too bad but tasted a little metallic. I had the cookies and cream flavor. I loved how there was 6g of saturated fat in each serving, but it's made up of triglycerides which are used as fuel for the body meaning there was virtually no fat storage at all. It can also be used before bed as well. Just a great multi-purpose protein plain and simple.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Tastes Great
    • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
    • Cheap
      Rep: +72
      Trust: 9%
        April 6, 2012

      I felt compelled to write this review after seeing some 'experts' slam Muscle Milk. Muscle Milk has been a staple of my supplement routine for over 5 years. I will be reviewing MuscleMilk Chocolate today, the 4 lb tub, which I purchased 2 tubs for less than $30.

      **Let me just throw out that while I am writing this review I am slamming down my 'Morning Starter' shake which is 1 1/2 scoops Muscle Milk Chocolate, 1 cup coffee, 1 cup milk, teaspoon of sugar**

      The 4 lb tub stats:
      -Flavor: Chocolate
      -Serving size: 1 scoop
      -protein per serving: 16 g
      -types of protein: Casein and Whey for instant and time-released protein absorbing.
      -carbs per serving: 9 grams
      -huge amino acid profile

      I took Muscle Milk Chocolate as followed:
      -1 scoop before my workout mixed with creatine and pre-workout. **the carbs mix well with the creatine and l-arginine and help with giving you a sustainable energy throughout your workout**
      -2 Scoops after my workout. I just love the taste so much when mixed with milk.
      -1 scoop before bed mixed with milk.

      Conclusion: MuscleMilk Chocolate mixes pretty well but just tastes SO GOOD that it is super convenient. It is great for not really replacing meals but getting you through class or work after a workout. I believe ISOPURE or 0 calorie whey Isolate proteins are BULLS*** and don't work. I love a protein with some carbs and some calories to really help me get an extra energy boost before workouts and to recover after workouts. The mix of Casein (time-released muscle feeding protein) and Whey(instant released muscle feeding protein) combines for a great overall protein that is EXTREMELY VERSATILE. All-in-all most proteins are the same and don't really work all that well but MUSCLE MILK IS THE BEST MIDDLE GROUND PROTEIN BETWEEN A 0 CALORIE ISOLATE AND A WEIGHT GAINER SHAKE!

      Definitely great for all athletes too!

      Also, Costco is the place to get your Muscle Milk!

      Fair and Honest,
      • Builds Muscle
      • Tastes Great
      • Healthy
      • Awesome With Milk!
      • A Bit Pricy
      Rep: +18
      Trust: 14%
        September 10, 2010

      I've used Muscle Milk on and off for years. I've tried other protein powders and they just don't measure up to MM. Yes there are better proteins out there. But when you include the cost of all these products MM works for me. The taste is excellent!! I haven't tasted a better shake. The calories and fat are up there...but i just watch what else i'm eating through out the day so that i can have MM. So for all of you that want a great tasting effective protein....and your still a million dollars shy of a million dollars....give MM a try.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Tastes Great
      • Good Beginner Protein.
      • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
      • Cheap
      • High Calories
      • High Carbs/fat
      Rep: +146
      Trust: 100%
        April 25, 2010

      As usual, I will start with an introduction. Notice for effectiveness and overall I rated a 7. DO NOT take these ratings to heart too much because this product is a complete hit or miss depending on one's goals.

      Taste - Lets get this out of the way. This product tastes AMAZING!! I got chocolate and I've bought chocolate every time I have purchased this and will continue to get chocolate. It tastes like chocolate milk/a milkshake. The texture is kind of gritty but in a good way. It will not bother you at all.

      Side effects: This product WILL most likely cause gas of some sort. It is a cheaper protein source and does not absorb as well as others and may even give you diarrhea. Be warned.

      Results: This product should be taken as a Meal Replacement NOT POST WORKOUT. The fat and carb content do not make it an ideal post workout shake. The fat content is 12 g total fat and 6 g sat fat. 80% of the sat fat is said to be MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and are claimed to not contribute to fat storage. Take that with a grain of salt/believe what you will but I would not recommend this product for post workout ever.
      This product gets a bad rep for being "too fattening" but if these lifters were the "seasoned" lifters that they are, they would realize after one glance at the label it is not good for post workout but rather a meal replacement.

      Value: Horrible value almost anywhere you shop. GNC,, etc all have it for about 50 bucks for a 5 lb tub. This is over-priced for the quality level of this product and you are better off buying Pro Complex for that price tag.

      Stacked with: Size on, NO Shotgun, ON gold, Multi vitamin, Monster Amino. This shake was used SOLELY as a MRP.

      Overall I would recommend this if you have deep pockets and want to bulk or need a tasty MRP but honestly there are much better options and you are paying for the taste and the popularity behind the name "MUSCLE MILK."
      • Builds Muscle
      • Tastes Great
      • Good Beginner Protein.
      • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
      • Pricy
      • High Carbs/fat
      Rep: -9
      Trust: 0%
        June 6, 2013

      So I've tried so many brands of protein powder I figured what's one more. I went to GNC expecting to get a tub of Syntha6 orange smoothie. Instead I bought the Muscle Milk. I like orange smoothie so much I figured I'd see if Muscle Milk has a superior taste, that and I'm a little tired of the 200 calories a scoop of the Syntha6. I supplement a lot with whey protein so the calories rack up fast.

      So onto the review. It smells phenomenal. I was eagerly anticipating the taste that was associated with this aroma. Now, understand I mix all my whey with ice water. Having said that, I found the taste to be acceptable, but not a good powerful orange taste. Where the Syntha6 tastes just like an Orange Julius, the Muscle Milk seems weak and maybe like a melted orange ice cream flavor. The texture isn't great either. It's a bit chalky in consistency. This is most likely due to calcium caseinate and sodium caseinate being the top two protein ingredients. They tend to be chalky but I do think Cytosport did a great job of covering up for it. Next on the ingredient list is whey isolate. So right off the bat you see the majority of the protein content is good, high quality protein. I'm a little discouraged though at the lower than normal per scoop protein content. That the calories are 150 per scoop it's not terribly bad though.

      The taste isn't horrible, the protein make-up is top notch, it's easily found even at WalMart, they have tons of flavors, the price is acceptable, and it mixes easily with a blender bottle. I haven't had one clump yet.

      All in all it's a good solid protein product. I would buy it again but if taste is a huge issue I suggest you stick with or try Syntha6 by BSN.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Beginner Protein.
      • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
      • Helps Promote Good Health
      • Variety Of Flavors
      • Not The Best Value
      • Weak Taste
      • Chalky Texture
      Rep: +21
      Trust: 6%
        April 30, 2013

      Alright, just finished the tub not too long ago and figured I should share my experience with you.

      First off, I did not pay for my tub of Monster Milk. Which is probably why I'm not all that upset right now. I was given a tub by a buddy who works at GNC and had bought it on closeout for like 12 bucks. I needed a protein to hold me over until payday. So it was 2 long weeks with nothing but "Muscle Milk" to keep me going.

      Taste: 8

      I'd say the only real upside to this product is the taste. It does kind of taste like a milkshake. Unfortunately, it will give you similar nutritional results as if you were drinking a milkshake as a post workout.

      Effectiveness: 3

      This bottle is out to trick you. On the front it says 32 grams per serving. However, if you turn the bottle around. You will soon discover that a full serving is 2 full rounded scoops of this crap. Which leaves you with about 2 weeks of this crap to go through. And when you DO use 2 full scoops, the consistency becomes extremely thick and chalky. Even if you use water. You get clumps constantly.

      It's high calorie and high fat content should warn you away from this stuff. It is low in protein and high in false promises.

      Results you ask?

      I lost 2 lbs of what was clearly muscle during my 2 weeks of using this product. I had been using Pro Complex from ON.

      If you are new in the gym, or on the field. This could be a good starter protein. But as we all know, as our training progresses. So should our nutrition. So if you're a veteran of the iron arts, steer clear from this tub of lies.

      Seriously, don't buy this. If someone gives it to you as a gift. Smile, and then pass it on to someone you seriously don't like. Or a newbie who can't afford protein. I guess it's better than nothing. But only slightly.
      • Tastes Great
      • Good Beginner Protein.
      • Cheap
      • Not Enough Protein
      • High Calories
      • High Carbs/fat
      • Garbage.

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