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Liver Armor

  By: CTD Sports

Liver Armor is a Cycle Support Product manufactured by CTD Labs. It is meant to be taken when using synthetic hormone products to help protect the body's internal organs, decrease blood pressure and prevent excess water retention along side helping with overall health.

What should I take with Liver Armor?
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  January 23, 2011

I have probably gone through 3 or 4 bottles of this, I have used it for prohormones(single compounds to triple compounds) and I must say that I have never had any liver aches or issues in absorption of the compounds.

It's the exact same formula as the himalaya liver care, but they added Milk Thistle and acetyl-cysteine on top. I like that because acetyl-cysteine can help metabolize byproducts of alcohol, so if you take it before and after you drink, it actually helps prevent hangovers.

you can get it for 25 bux at nutrition depot and theres a 45 day supply, so...pretty good
  • Good Support
  • Good For Ph Use
  • Alcohol Metabolizer
  • Good Value
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