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This product has been reported as discontinued.

H-Drol Reviews

By: Competitive Edge Labs


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H-Drol is a Prohormone manufactured by Competitive Edge Labs. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.


Rep: +512
Trust: 100%
  November 30, 2011


i have experimented with SARM/AAS/PH in the past. stayed away for a while and recently decided to try it out again, but i wanted to do it the right way this time. i want to begin by saying thank you to the SR community for all the extensive info i have learned from you guys. because of you guys, this cycle was done to full efficiency.

starting with the ratings:

DOSAGE: 9/10. i did my cycle as 50/50/75/75/100/100. the pills are in 25mg. spacing out the dosages was very easy. i would take 1 or 2 pills an hour before workout, then space the rest of the dosages accordingly throughout the day.

EFFECTIVENESS 9/10. i didnt give it a full 10 because it was towards the end of my 2nd week that i started to feel it. by the 3rd week, nothing could stop me. i would walk in the gym, run a few laps to get heart going then would lift, i would finish each set and look at the weights and think to myself "i could do an extra 10 pounds". i was in the gym with an alpha male feeling, strength went through the roof. i didnt gain a whole lot mass, but people at the gym noticed that i was bigger and even complimented me. i gained 4.3 pounds within the 6 weeks but lost fat too (recomp). i looked like i gained about 10 pounds though. my libido went up on this too. vascularity definetly went up several knotches.

VALUE: 9/10. one bottle runs about 40 bucks, but it takes about 2 bottles for a full cycle. 80 bucks isnt neccessarily cheap, quality of h-drol made it worth it.

SIDE EFFECTS: the neg side effects didnt kick in til about week 3. i started getting back pumps on week 3, wasnt bad but the further into my cycle i went the more annoying they became, taurine helped significantly but backpumps still remained. noticed i was more lethargic, but nothing that a PWO couldnt fix. my cardio went downhill, i believe this was do to a combo of the back pumps and lethargic sides, wasnt a huge issue because by week 5 i noticed that i was actually losing fat. i did get some aggression on h-drol, it was mainly in the gym, but everyone at the gym annoyed me. i didnt care to talk to people at the gym, i was there on a mission and it was to rip poo apart. i was a little more short tempered outside the gym, but kept it under control. i dont look at needing a PCT as a neg side effect to h-drol, just like i dont look at taking a poo as a neg side effect to eating... its a requirement.

OVERALL: i would recommend this PH to an adult 21+ that wants to try their first PH cycle or even as a summer cycle for the experienced user. i loved h-drol and will definetly do it again. i must say that i do believe that if you decide to take h-drol, to have a proper PCT following it. and to be responsible on any PH, understand the side effects of what you are taking and learn to adjust to them or dont take the product.

now for the stats!!!!

week 1: 192lbs
lat pulldowns 200lbs x 6
bench press 225lbs x 6
isolated rows 175lbs x 8 per arm
decline bench 265lbs x 8
squat 395lbs x 8

week 6: 196.3lbs
lat pulldowns 225lbs x 8
bench press 255lbs x 8
isolated rows 225lbs x 6 per arm
decline bench 320lbs x 8
squat 430lbs x 8

** the numbers are accurate (even the decline bench increase), these numbers are conservative to what i was able to do without a spot **
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Libido
  • Minimal Sides
  • Good Strength Gains
  • Felt Like A Monster
  • Back Pumps
  • Lethargy
  • Mild Aggression
Rep: +970
Trust: 100%
  June 21, 2011

So finally after doing my cycle of H-Drol, here is the review.

I first of all decided to jump into taking a Prohormone due to the fact that I was hitting a plateau for about 5 months on any gains. I tried changing up workout techniques, eating habits, and nothing seem to help much. After doing almost 6 months of research and thinking about if it was worth it to do a cycle, I decided it was time.

I intended to Originally do a standard 50/75/75/75/75/75 cycle, but right after the 4th week, I felt that I needed to up the dose because it was somewhat mild.

I started by preloading Hawthorn Berry and Milk Thistle. For on Cycle Support supplements, I had Anti-Oxidents, Amino 2222, Fish and Flax oil, Cycle Support, Casein Protein, Hydrowhey protein, multi-vitamins.

1st Week - I didn't notice anything in the first week, taking my first 25mg in the morning and the other dose 12 hours later. I had a mental placebo effect that I was taking a Prohormone and thus I was pushing harder in the gym. I had no side effects at this point either.

2nd Week - This is where the back pumps started. I starting supplementing 4-7 grams of Taurine a day which helped considerably. My workouts tended to get a little better, and by the end of week 2 I had gained 3 lbs. No other side effects noticed at that time. My dosage was one pill upon waking, one pill before my afternoon workout, and one pill before bed. The H-Drol did not affect my sleep. **Key part during this week was that I was taking Calcium along with Fish Oil pills together in one gulp, being that I read calcium helped with back pumps, but after the first couple days of week 2, I seperated the calcium from the combo and I noticed a difference. So take note that calcium effects the absorption rate of H-Drol in my opinion.

3rd Week - This is where I started to get the feeling I was on something. The lethargy really started kicking my butt this week though. I hated the fact that I couldn't use a PWO to obtain energy to get through a good workout. Halfway through the week, I took Jack3d before a few workouts and took my B.P. levels before, during, and after my gym session and noticed no significant increase that would be considered harmful. I did this 6 different times by the way. This is where I assumed that I would be fine taking a PWO since I have no family history of B.P. issues, don't smoke, and don't drink. I also started taking Creatine Monohydrate and it drastically helped my back pumps. I HIGHLY recommend taking creatine during cycle for this reason.

4th Week - The 'on' feeling was getting better, and I was having much better workouts since I was taking a PWO to get energy. At this point I gained 6 lbs since begining the cycle. This is where my joints were so dry, that I was damaging them. It was unbelievable. I bought Super Cissus Rx, and Multi-Flex, and tripled my dose of Fish Oils to help alleviate that issue.

5th week - Now this is where I decided to up my dosage. I only had two bottles, so I upped it to 100mg a day until I ran out (approx 10 days at this dosage). This is where I absolutely had the best workouts. In this week maxes 20lbs more then where I was when I started the cycle. My joints started to get a lot better with the supplements I bought. The first signs of acne showed on my arms. I was waking up with hardcore woody's, and my sex Drive was highly increased.

My last day of the cycle was by far the best. I had an amazing full body workout, had great pumps, and just felt great. It felt crappy that it was going to end right when it was just getting so good.

PCT : I was continuing my Cycle Support and started dosing Clomid. Taking 50mg the first 2 days, then continuing with 25mg for 2 weeks and tapering it off making it a whole month. Starting week 2 of PCT I will be adding Supress-C.

It has been 1 week into PCT and I've lost approx. 2.6lbs of weight. My strength is all still there, at the end I gained 30lbs on my bench which was unbelievable for me. But this is where my acne went out of control, and it finally caught up with me.

Overall : The sides were a lot more than I thought they were going to be. It is always said that H-Drol is just so mild, and I don't think that's the case. The back pumps where bad until I started taking Creatine, the lethargy was horrible until I started taking a PWO, and now the acne is just ruining my image. My arms look like a million bugs have bit me. But all in all, I got the gains I wanted, and it helped me through my plateau greatly. Another reason perhaps I got such great gains was that I worked out 6 days a week, compared to before I started my cycle, I was doing around 4-5 days a week. My recovery was also pretty good, besides the joints at least. This is why I gave it an 8, because it wasn't super amazing, and it had some side effects that bothered me. I developed zero signs of gyno throughout cycle including into the PCT. I bought each bottle for $45, so it cost me $90 total for the cycle, which is so-so.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Strength Gains
  • Back Pumps
  • Lethargy
Rep: +31
Trust: 1%
  December 4, 2011


Let me start off with a few stats:
21 years old (if you're younger DO NOT TAKE)
2.5+ years experience lifting
Started at 146 lbs
This was my First cycle
Cycle for bulking up

This is an EXCELLENT first PH cycle for anyone wanting to get there feet wet in the world of anabolics. It is known as a dry compound so gains are easily maintained. It is arguably one of the mildest PH's out there, and with PROPER CYCLE SUPPORT AND PCT SUPPORT you will see next to no sides. In order for you to gain ANYTHING off of this supplement you HAVE TO have your diet in check. I'd say 3,000+ calories a day with at least 1g of protein per pound of body weight. Please, do not run hdrol if you just kind of eat whatever you feel like eating and say to yourself 'Well I'm probably eating enough so I'll be good' You'll be wasting your time and money. Also, make sure you have you staple supplements that you're running everyday such as vitamins, and fish oil (save creatine for PCT!)

This is how I ran my cycle:

Pre-loaded Cycle Assist @ 8 caps per day for 2 weeks. 4 pills in AM, 4 pills in PM.

Hdrol - I ran a 6 week cycle of 50/75/75/75/75/75 (2 bottles needed). Each pill is 25mg. They were very easy to swallow and did not leave any taste in my mouth. You have to dose it twice a day. I took my first dose of hdrol at 11am, and then second dose at 7pm. I preferred taking 50mg in the morning during the 75mgs because near the last few weeks of my cycle it started to affect my sleep when I took 50mgs at 7pm. Also, DO NOT take your second dose PAST 7pm as it will affect your sleep.

Cycle Assist (2 bottles needed) - I highly recommend preloading it for 2 weeks as mentioned above. I continued to take it the same exact way @ 8 pills a day, 4 in AM, 4 in PM. Make sure you dose the cycle assist 4 HOURS AWAY FROM HDROL DOSING. Reasoning being that it can affect the absorption. The cycle assist pills are white and red and have a pretty awkward and weird smell to them but they were very easy to deal with and swallow.

Here is an example of my timing for Hdrol and Cycle Assist:
11am - 50mg hdrol
3pm - 4 pills cycle assist
7pm - 25mg hdrol
12am - 4 pills cycle assist

This was how I ran Post Cycle Therapy:

Nolvadex @ 20/20/10/10
--Nolvadex is a SERM. I personally think it is necessary to run coming off of a 6 week cycle. If you take hdrol for 4 weeks you can probably get away with an over-the-counter PCT (OCT PCT). Some say that nolva will make you emotional and that it has its own set of sides but I didn't notice anything different. And please, do not put those research chemicals into your body. It is so dangerous and unnecessary. Look for an online pharmacy that sells actual pharma grade tabs. It's honestly not that hard with a little research.

PCT Assist @ 4/4/4/4
--This was dosed @ 2 pills in am, 2 pills @ night. PCT Assist helps boost your testosterone after coming off of the hdrol and it is definitely needed during PCT (or at least something like it).
The pills are blue and white. The smell and taste is absolutely horrid. I cannot even stand smelling them. I had to throw them in my mouth and take orange juice to make sure that it wouldn't linger in my mouth.

SNS DAA capsules @ 4/4/4/4
--These are to help with libido and help naturally boost your testosterone back up. Serious Nutrition Solutions makes these, and although I don't recommend them, I did feel as though they really helped. I took 4 caps at once in the middle of the day on an empty stomach as the label recommended. They're pretty cheap so why not just throw them in?

Also, some recommend cortisol control for PCT. I didn't take it and don't think it's necessary but that's my opinion. I've read some say that it is absolutely necessary. Just do your own research and make your own call. Make sure you save your creatine for PCT and not to take it during your cycle. The creatine will help preserve gains. Some also suggest liver support but you should be fine without it.

All in all, I gained about 9lbs after PCT. The first few days of PCT were pretty rough for me because I had to force myself to eat since I had no appetite. It came back fairly quickly though. Strength gains were very good, about +20-25 on most lifts. Some lethargy during PCT but nothing unbearable. I saw absolutely no increase in acne anywhere on my body. Back pumps started showing signs at about 4 weeks in but taurine gets rid of them very quickly. I didn't even need a pre-workout before the gym because I'd get these unreal pumps from hdrol. It'll kick in at around 2-3 weeks. Make sure your diet is SPOT ON (if you have an iphone or ipod download an app called 'MyfitnessPal' to help keep track of calories; it's really easy!) and that you're taking in at least a gallon of water a day and you'll really love CEL's H-drol!

For more information here is a link to the H-drol Informative Bible:
  • Builds Muscle
  • Minimal Sides
  • Good Strength Gains
  • Back Pumps
  • Lethargy
  • Need Pct
  • Semi Sore Joints
Rep: +361
Trust: 100%
  February 29, 2012

My first cycle ever, I finally pulled the trigger due to the fact that I am getting married later this year so I wanted to dabble in the pro hormone scene before hand and return to homeostasis before summer. I have been lifting for about six years naturally, I had gone from a very scrawny 125 pounds up to 200. Last January after hitting 200 I realized I didn't like what I had become so I began my first cut ever and managed to get down to 180, and that is where my cycle started. I was trying to lean bulk as much as possible. I workout in the morning around 6:30am, and afterwards I have a protein shake and then eat breakfast.

I ran a four day split and lifted Monday thru Friday, with the weekends off. Some recreational activities on my off days consisted of skiing, hiking, indoor rock climbing, batting cages, etc...

Diet was very clean and almost everyday consisted of about 3,000-3,500 cals:
Sample day:
Breakfast: banana, oatmeal, and egg(3) with cheese sandwich on whole wheat English muffin
Snack 1: Protein bar or shake
Lunch of chicken and brown rice or whole wheat pasta, side of veggie or fruit cup
Snack 2: Protein bar or shake
Dinner: Almost identical to lunch
Night time snack: cottage cheese/greek yogurt/ kashi cereal

Entire cycle:
-Vit C
-Fish oil
-Dymatize Whey

Pre cycle:
-2 weeks prior started cycle assist
-cycled off creatine and caffeine for about three weeks prior to cycle

-H-Drol 50/75/75/75/75/75
-Finished off the bottle of cycle assist bottle
-After cycle assist finished I added in bulk milk thistle and taurine caps
-About a half scoop of white flood if I needed a pick up from caffeine. Obviously watching my blood pressure, but I did not have any problems with such a low dose.

-Nolva – 20/20/10/10
-Animal Stak- 2 cans
-AI nutrition DAA
-Body Tech Growth tech (l-dopa)
-Body Tech Bulk creatine mono
-Horny goat weed
-Glycobol (high carb meals only)
-White Flood

Value: (8/10) – H-drol is continuously getting more and more expensive as stock piles fade away. Since this was my first cycle I didn't mind spending the extra money for a trusted product, $75, for the two bottles even though I was fully aware that cheaper clones were available.

Side effects: (7/10)
–Minor acne, I am very prone to acne, so I expected this.
-I did get some nasty back pumps on my hiking adventures and when I went skiing, but other than that I was back pump free. I don't think I was drinking enough water those days.
-The second day on cycle I developed a severe headache, and although I didn't want to, I had to pop an Advil. But once again that only happened once.
-This may or may not be from this cycle, but towards the end, probably 4th week on, once in a while when I blow my nose at night there would be blood in my snots. I am prone to this in the winter time and have a humidifier in my room, so I don't know if it was the usual dry nose or high blood pressure. But I did check my pressure about twice a week at the local pharmacy. Everything was normal.
-Lethargy was bad, besides needing a little white flood in the morning on some days to get me going and workout. Almost everyday I would just get soo tired around four o'clock. I would pop a b-complex which would only help a little. I drive home around 7:00pm and some days I was just in such a haze that I couldn't put the heat on or I would start day dreaming. Not that good, but that was extreme of course and only happened 2-3 times.
-Libido was steady if not up a little bit nothing crazy, but morning wood was just ridiculous.

Effectiveness: (9/10) –
Weeks 1-2: I could see I was more vascular especially the area between my chest and shoulders. Veins started to put like crazy. Placebo was high I knew I was on something good so strength went up slightly.
Weeks 3-4: Strength started to increase a lot, I was looking fuller/ pumped up all day long. I was up about 5-6 pounds to 185-186 and my top abs started to show very nicely.
Week 5-6: Every single lift went up, period. Bench went up 20 pounds over all which is unheard of for me because that is my worst body part. I have bad knees and previous hernias, soooo I did not increase weight by a lot for squats, only ten pounds, but I was doing German volume training and I was destroying my legs like I never have before. Everything else went up at least 5-10 pounds and I was able to add more and more reps. I've never felt anything like this. I understand why people can get addicted to this feeling. I felt unstoppable.

Ended cycle at 192 (up 12 pounds)/some more stretch marks on the inner thighs, front of my shoulder where it meets the armpit, and rear armpit where it meets the back. Totally crazy. I took before measurement on an iphone app, but it crashed or something and lost my info. I am pretty ***ed about that.

Overall this cycle exceeded my expectations, and I am very pleased with the results. I will be running more cycles in the future, probably next fall.
Just started Pct three days ago, no weight loss yet.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Libido
  • Good Strength Gains
  • Felt Like A Monster
  • Back Pumps
  • Lethargy
Rep: +24
Trust: 3%
  April 26, 2012

I just finished my 4 week cycle of this product.

Other supplements taken with this product:
1)Universal natural sterol complex
2)Musclepharm creatine complex
3)Daily multivitamin with added vitamin D
4)Cellucor C4 Pre-workout
5)ON Protein , Taken 3 times daily

Exercise routine:
My normal routine consists of 2 on 1 off. About an hour and a half per workout

Here is my routine and current max weight for 3 sets of 8. I only added compund exercises since they are where you'll notice your strength increases.

Mon.Chest&Tri/Flat 225 / incline 205

Tues.Back&Bi/Deadlift 245/ curl 45's
Thurs.shoulders-traps-forearms/Military 165
Fri.Legs&Abs/Squat 315

My bodyweight at start of cycle was 164
I weighed in at end of every 7 days (Sunday)

The bottle says take 2-3 capsules daily , spaced out evenly to promote results

I decided not to load and strictly stick with 2 capsules daily. I took one per day upon waking , and another at dinner. That gave me roughly an 8 hour gap between pills.

Week #1: Not a whole lot going on this week since the supplement takes a little bit to get in your system. I decided to completely switch up my routine though and shock the muscle and get the best results.

Weigh in week one: 166 - I may have increased my intake of water a tad.

Week #2- My workouts got more intense. I see no significant increase in strength,no negative side effects, but my drive is up there and have a noticeable bigger pump , Added soreness in muscles

Weigh in week two: 168 a 2lb increase that can be seen

Week #3-Finally can feel and see an increase in strength. Overall i had a 10lb increase on all lifts except arms where the increase was only 5lbs. Only negative side i've noticed is oily skin and a little bit of acne on top of back. My libido is through the roof and i know my woman is happy. Still feeling motivated when i walk in the gym and my workouts are going smoother then ever , the longer soreness is also still there.

Weigh in week #3- 169 1lb increase

Week #4- This has to be where this stuff sold me. Like out of nowhere i get hammered with all the beautiful affects of ph's. Not only do i look great, i feel great. My strenght increases are even higher then before and then expected. Amazing. My incline is up 20lbs and my flat is up 40. Im still sticking to the 50's on arms but the pump makes it hard to go heavier. My deadlift is up 40lbs and my Squat got the most with a 90lb jump. Im sure my drive and determination helped.

Weigh in week #4- 174 a 5lb increase from last week and a total of 10lbs overall.

The start of week 5 i started PurusLabs Recycle and Clomid ( which i didnt think was needed but as a precaution) My strenght gains stayed intact and i seen a decrease of 4lbs (i figured this to be water weight)

Overall: I've seen excellent results with H-drol. A 10lb increase in Weight , No negative side effects. Increased Libido , and increased strength. I'd highly recommend anyone of an adult age to give this product a shot. I think now its availability is limited , but there is a lot of sites that still offer it.

*i didnt state in my diet in the upper portion. I'd say i got a clean diet that consists of oats , meat , and dairy but nothing strict. 3 meals a day and 2 snacks if more then likely average.

  • Builds Muscle
  • Weight Gain
  • Recovery
  • Went To The Gym Everyday For 30 Days Straight
  • Felt Like A Monster
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Jacked And Shredded
  • Good Strength Gains
  • Low Sides At Appropriate Dosing And Good Pct
  • Minimal Sides
  • Increased Libido
  • Acne On Back
  • Longer Muscle Soreness
Rep: +54
Trust: 89%
  September 20, 2012

Very interesting product.. For a while I have been debating if I should take it or not but I decided to anyways. I was totally amped to do it until it showed up at my door step. After a few days of contemplating I finally decided to go through with it. I had all of my support supps (cycle assist, super cissus, CoQ10, Taurine and a few others) and Serm on hand (tamoxifen. I gained a lot of water weight while on cycle, I was more concerned with staying hydrated and losing it during PCT than being dehydrated all the way through. Water weight was not a concern of mine. My diet was aimed for a lean bulk, with around 4k calories at 15-19% fat.

The initial cycle looked like this

Week 1 201.4lbs : I got the mental placebo that I was on a PH and ramped up my lifting a lot, but no initial strength increases. No back pumps, or other sides.

Week 2 205.3 lbs: Gained some water weight, minimal strength increases still a placebo of being on a PH. Libido started to drop, started supplementing horny goat weed (fixed that problem right up).

Week 3 209.5 lbs: Here is where things started to get fun. Muslce size was deeeefinately up and my bench was up from 255x8 to 275x6 for 3 sets, at this time i started using BLOX Silk Amino Acid for a pre workout, and the vascularity was nuts. This is when people started to give me comments on how good I started to look, and asking what I was on. Muscle soreness greatly increased, low libido and some joint pain.

Week 4 211.2 lbs: Strength was now through the roof, started doing 275 for sets of 8 and 9 but this is when the back pumps kicked in. There were two or three times where I had to stop lifting because of the back pumps, but 5g of taurine worked wonders on that. Only sides at this point are low libido, some back pumps, muscle soreness and dry joints.

Week 5 214 lbs: Strength was beginning to slow down, but still increasing. At this point i managed to squeeze out 315 for 5 reps (new max). Muscle size peaked, same sides as week 4.

Week 6 217.4 lbs: At this point I really wanted to get off the cycle, I felt that it was just overkill at this point. Strength and muscle size was still through the roof, and no other sides came up aside from increased joint pain.

Tamoxifen: 20/20/10/10
Animal Stak
Creatine Monohydrate
Dark Rage by MHP
Cycle assist
Super Cissus

After pct i am still hovering at 213lbs, a lot of the weight i lost was water weight. Strength did decrease a tad, but I am still able to hit 315 for sets of 4-5.

***Although I did get everything I expected, the entire cycle I really regret doing a PH. Through the entire cycle I just got this guilty feeling that I had cheated everyone around me, even though I was pushing myself harder than ever. This was my first and my last PH cycle. Everyone is different in how they react to a PH, but for me the risk was definately not worth the reward. All in all I put 1.25-.1.5 inches on to my biceps, and my lats/shoulders exploded while on cycle. Definatley staying natural from now on.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Minimal Sides
  • Good Strength Gains
  • Lethargy
  • Low Libido
  • Guilty Feeling
Rep: +6
Trust: 0%
  September 23, 2011

I contemplated whether to write this review or not but felt obligated to do so in order to share my experience with those, who like me, are new to the pro-hormone world. I will keep it short and straight to the point.

I took every precaution, did my homework, loaded up on Cycle Support 1 week..used extra Milk Thistle, hawthorn berry, taurine, Fish Oil, multi, casein protein before bed and stayed away from alcohol but one night.

Initial side effects were hair loss, extremely sore joints and minor high blood pressure. I felt it kick in 4 days into it. My muscles were noticeably fuller and strength was great..even after only 4 days. By the end of my first week, that's when I started to notice the hair loss was considerable and the sore joints were just awful. On the positive side, my body was getting bigger and I had already put on between 2-4 pounds. I'm sure some of it was water weight but my chest, shoulders, arms and legs were visibly bigger and more cut.

By the end of my second week, I was already up 7 pounds and visibly bigger. I went back and viewed a home video my wife had shot while I was wearing a fitted long sleeve shirt and I couldn't believe how strong and well defined I looked. Anyway..up to that point I was willing to deal with the few sides for the sake of how I looked and the gains I had made. A couple of days into my 3rd week, and just before finishing my first bottle, my wife and I had dinner at home and decided to have a bottle of wine. 1 hour after having my last glass of wine, I began to hyperventilate, my chest felt tight and a panic attack set in. I stumbled outside thinking I was was the coldest, loneliest, most terrifying feeling I'd ever felt in my life. As I was struggling to breathe and feeling my heartbeat get slower and slower, all I could do was ask myself "what have I done"? I thought about children, my wife, my mother who I look after and all those I cared about and asked God to please look after them for me. I know I sound melodramatic and perhaps ridiculous to some, but you'll never know that feeling is like until you feel "this is it", and at that moment, you're so full of self-guilt and regret because you know YOU did this!!

Finally the ambulance came, when they hooked me up to their blood pressure was so high that it kept beeping constantly and I honestly thought I wouldn't make it to the hospital. Anyway..I spent the night there. I disclosed everything I was taking and they did attribute the high blood pressure to the combination of H-Drol and the wine I drank that night. My liver test was also abnormal.

I want to emphasize that in no way am I solely blaming H-Drol for this. I knew better! I knew I should have stayed away from any substance that could alter my blood pressure yet thought a couple of glasses of wine should be ok. I did some research and found nothing other than "it's ok to have a few drinks as long as you follow it with water." I did that, but it did not help. My goal is to simply educate those, who like me, are knew to this and are wondering what is safe and what isn't. H-Drol is a great Muscle Builder if used cautiously and to the letter. I would leave it to more experience bodybuilders and those who have the discipline and dedication that it takes to run a cycle of this stuff or any other pro-hormone. I thought I being wrong almost cost me my life.

Overall, the product is good but I would steer away from me, if like me, all you want is a few extra pounds of lean muscle and perhaps add some MASS to a certain body part. That was all I wanted..h-drol for me was not necessary.

I hope this does not get delete. I think it would be a disservice to the many members and those looking for information and feedback on this supplement. Many thanks to those who answered my Questions and tried to know who you are!
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Libido
  • Good Strength Gains
  • Jacked And Shredded
  • Felt Like A Monster
  • Recovery
    Rep: +12
    Trust: 0%
      May 13, 2012

    This was my first prohormone cycle. I am 28 and have been lifting for two years. Price paid was ~$30/bottle including shipping, which I thought was a very good value.

    Lifting Routine:
    Monday: Alternating antagonistic upper-body heavy compound movements
    Wednesday: Lower-body heavy compound movements
    Friday: Isolation shoulder and core strengthening movements
    All Other Days: Off/Rest
    Sleep: ~8-10 hours sleep per night on average
    Other: Kept external stress low.

    Cycle was run as follows:
    4 weeks preload with Cycle Assist
    5 weeks on at 50/50/75/75/75; continued Cycle Assist
    4 weeks PCT with PCT Assist, Liquid Clomiphene, and Liquid Tamoxifen, as well as Lean Xtreme, and Formadrol Extreme

    Other supplements run through cycle:
    Vitamin C
    Milk Thistle
    Fish Oil and Flax Oil
    Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM
    L-Dopa (post cycle only)
    Creatine (post cycle only)

    Chicken, whole grain bread, oatmeal, brown rice, salmon, eggs, tuna, as well as various fruits and veggies @ 3-4 meals per day, intermixed with protein+carb+healthy fat shakes @ 3-4 per day through entire cycle. All shakes were taken with 8-16oz of 2% milk. Water intake was about 1.5-1.75 gallons per day. Absolutely no alcohol.

    Detail On-Cycle Report:

    Week 1:
    2 caps per day, spaced approx 8 hours apart; one in morning, one after dinner.
    Felt increased nitrogen retention by end of week, muscle pumps came easier in gym
    No other changes noted

    Week 2:
    2 caps per day, spaced approx 8 hours apart; one in morning, one after dinner.
    Mild and infrequent headaches occurred
    Noticeable lethargy setting in each morning and occurring during workouts
    Pumps in gym increased and were easily brought on in general by any movement
    Testical/groin pain by end of week
    Noticeable water retention be end of week

    Week 3:
    3 caps per day, spaced approx 8 hours apart; two in morning, one after dinner.
    Extremely dry joints, affecting workout quality due to pain
    Random and extremely annoying muscle spasms and cramps begin to occur
    Mild, infrequent headaches continue
    Lethargy became extreme, also negatively affecting workouts
    Testical/groin pain continues
    Debilitating back pump causes back snap; could no longer work legs for rest of cycle

    Week 4:
    3 caps per day, spaced approx 8 hours apart; two in morning, one after dinner.
    Extreme joint dryness in shoulders continues to degrade workout quality, especially on bench press movements
    Mild, infrequent headaches continue
    Extreme sweating and lethargy persisted during workouts
    Noticeable loss of libido
    Crazy pumps in gym, but also crazy muscle cramps occurring at random in neck, throat, and other strange places.

    Week 5:
    3 caps per day, spaced approx 8 hours apart; two in morning, one after dinner.
    All the previously mentioned side effects persist.

    Post Cycle Report:
    No gyno, no acne, no hair loss, no liver damage, mild testicular atrophy (fixed with clomid), mild loss of libido (came back in about a month), no depression, headaches and muscle cramps subsided immediately after cycle end.
    No increased appetite or aggression at any time.
    No drastic increase in strength.
    Placebo affect of "being on something" helped a little with lifts.
    Was not able to perform any heavy compound leg movements for several weeks following cycle due to back pump induced "injury."

    Overall Stats:
    Weight gained on cycle: ~15lbs
    Weight lost post cycle: ~5lbs
    Estimated increase in lean body mass: ~2lbs @ 100% retention
    Estimated increase in body fat mass: ~8lbs

    Overall Experience Summary:
    I loved the awesome muscle pumps and the general feeling of being swole and somewhat stronger while on cycle. Faster recovery was very noticeable--muscle soreness lasted barely a day even after a hard-hitting workout. I did achieve modest increases in strength and size by end of cycle, however, I don't believe the H-Drol was as effective as I had anticipated. I also experienced a lot more sides than expected. I could have kept it natural and gotten nearly the same results without any of the obnoxious side-effects. I am somewhat disappointed overall, but 2 lbs of lean body mass increase in 5 weeks is pretty solid, considering one can only add only about 1 lb per month naturally. I may run another cycle, but not for a long time. Would like to try Test Enanthate, as I hear it's far more effective and "better" for the body in comparison to prohormones, but I don't have the money to run that with proper cycle and post-cycle therapy.

    Warning to anyone considering taking this: Even if you have your diet and a comprehensive supplement plan in place, you should expect to endure relatively harsh side effects regarding joint dryness, muscle cramps, and lethargy, as well as dangerous back pumps.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Recovery
    • Amazing Muscle Pumps
    • Random & Violent Muscle Cramps
    • Mild Testicular Atrophy
    • Libido Loss
    • Dry Joints During Workout
    • Needed 2 Bottles For 1 Cycle
    • Need Pct
    • Lethargy
    • Back Pumps
    • Did Not Increase Strength Much
    • Excessive Pct Costs
    Rep: +13
    Trust: 4%
      July 12, 2011

    ok so i ran a cycle of h drol, i did much planning , and had specific outcome in mind. i want to start off by saying that i am not a Monster, i am in great shape , but i am lean, no body fat, and that is how i like to be , i go hard in the gym 5 days a week , and have for 3 years...........any way here is my review

    WEEK # 1
    pre loaded on Life Support 4 caps a day

    WEEK # 2

    life support 4 caps a day, h drol 2 caps a day
    i didnt reallly notice anything , asside from a stange feeling in my body that i beleive was increased blood pressure, and i swaet more than normal at the gym

    WEEK # 3 LS 4 caps/ hdrol 3 caps a day

    same as week 1 , but i did begin to notice fuller muscles and veins that i had not seen before

    WEEK # 4 LS4caps/hdrol 3caps a day
    this is where it kicked in ,i began to really feel great overall aside from some lethargy, i went from 200lb bench at 6 reps to 225 at 5 reps, pull downs went from 195 at 4 reps to 210 at 4 reps , and i noticed considerable growth to my entire body

    WEEK # 5 same dosage

    considerable growth i think at this point i had put on 10 lbs and was just Shredded with veins and deffenition, strength gains mellowed out but the growth continued, every day i noticed new growth and felt great

    WEEK # 6 LS same/hdrol 4 caps a day

    oily skin shoulder acne(very mild) terrible back pumps , but a rockster energy drink took care of those, strength still same but continued to pack on lean muscle

    WEEK # 7 same dosage as week 6

    very oily skin , back pumps , strength increased dramatically , up about 15 to 20 pounds on everything , and i was just ripped , i have never looked so good

    i am now 3 weeks in to PCT , using tamox, and a testephen and tribulus, and still running Life Support, i started out at 175lbs at 6"1'
    i ended at 193lbs i have lost 6 lbs but u cant really tell and i have lost NO strength gains , i actually am continuing to get stonger, i need to ad that i consumed 3 to 4 thousand calories a day for this cycle and still do , u have to eat a lot , over all i was very pleased and will do it again soon , hope this helps someone
    • Builds Muscle
    • Long Lasting Results
    • Jacked And Shredded
    • Good Strength Gains
    • Low Sides At Appropriate Dosing And Good Pct
    • Minimal Sides
    • Increased Libido
    • Lethargy
    • Back Pumps
    • Need Pct
    • Oily Skin
    Rep: +7
    Trust: 25%
      April 7, 2011

    LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I ran this up to 100mg a day my last 5 days. I jumped on HDROL directly after my BOLA cycle, thank god. H DROL put 2 more lbs on me and droped my bf% 2% from what BOLA did to me. My bench went from 300lbs to 320lbs. It did give me mild acne on my back and shoulders, but nothing like BOLA. Sex Drive was great, did not affect it any. I would say to get really good gains you need to get to 75mg-100mg daily as long as you have good supporting sups and a way to check blood work. I highly recommend this product.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Minimal Sides
    • Low Sides At Appropriate Dosing And Good Pct
    • Good Strength Gains
    • Jacked And Shredded
    • My Backs Hurts A Little The Next Day.

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