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The Curse Reviews

By: Cobra Labs


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Pre-Workout > Stimulant

The Curse is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Cobra Labs. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

Powdered form of caffeine that has 99% of the water removed and exhibits all the same benefits as standard caffeine: increases alertness, mood, and exercise performance.

(Amount not disclosed)

Non-essential amino acid that buffers lactic acid in the body by increasing cellular carnitine levels leading to greater endurance, strength, and power.



Rep: +10
Trust: 0%
  March 31, 2014

Hello everyone, this is my first review on here, so please take an easy on me! This isn't my first pre work, I have tried tons of them, Jack3d, Pwr, Jack3d micro, Herbalife Pre, ON pre-workout.

First let me tell you what I take every Day,
Creatine Monohydrate (3 grams before workout, 3 grams before bed)
Creatine Kre-Alkline (3 pills before and after workout)
Protein supplements (A wide array of different types and brands)
BCAA (during 10grams)
Fish Oil (6 grams a day)
Glucosamine (3 grams a day)

-Then pre workout I take "The Curse" Blue Raspberry
The outside of the bottle is what captured my attention as it is wicked, the skull, makes it extremely appealing.

Whats inside the Serving
1 Scoop is 5 Grams
+Energizing Muscle Fuel Blend
-3030 mg
-Beta Alanine, Creatine Mono, Citric Acid
+ Blood Flow Amplifier
-1000 mg
- L-Citrulline, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG)
+Extreme Mental Focus Blend
-147 mg
- Caffeine Anhydrous (145mg), Olive Leaf (standard for 15% oleuropeins)

This has a great value as it has 50 total scoop and for me it lasted 43 days as I take 2 scoops on leg day. I purchased this for 24.99 off of

-The first week it was insane, my pumps were through the roof and it felt as my muscles were going to explode, and veins were poppin' like crazy. I was able to increase weight and get that last rep, extra rep, with ease. It was insane.
-Second week I started to experience the tingles and it was awesome, I still had the insane energy, and my strength was increasing. It was amazing.
-Third week it was going away, all the insane energy and my strength was leveling out, and I was getting pretty mad over it, I stopped taking it for a few workouts, then I soon saw what it gave me, it truly helps.
-Fourth-sixth week, I continued to increase strength and it was amazing, the beta alanine feeling went away 100 percent, which kinda sucks, but overall I saw insane progress with this product, I am going to be pre workout free for a month, and buy another tub of this... I love it, so far it is my favorite pre-workout.

Amazing, I love this... It made me crave it before my workouts and it gave a edge to this product, I love it... I have heard the other flavors suck, so I recommend you try the Blue Rasp, as it was good. It tasted like a Warthead, mixed with a blue rasp jolly rancher, so overall it tasted amazing.

I really loved this product, My strength increased while on a cut, and I dropped 10 pounds over 6 week on this product, it helped me get through the dreadful cardio, and through my lifting routine which is insane, most people think its overtraining but I love it. My squat increased from squatting 315 for 9 reps to 335 for 12 reps, It made me feel like a God in the gym. It was a great product and I hope you have a chance to try it. The taste was amazing as well, I craved it before my workouts, it was great, I recommend to get the Blue Rasp... I have heard the other flavors are the best, but this is the best pre, I have every tried. Hope this review is adequate for everyone, if you have questions about my experience with this product please contact me... I would love to help. Truthfully this is my favorite pre. If you are looking for a new pre workout, give this one a try.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    Rep: +23
    Trust: 15%
      October 20, 2013

    This is my second review on this site. I stumbled upon in the past when buying products I had never tried. As I became more of a self-proclaimed supplement veteran through ingredient knowledge and personal experience, I decided it was time to offer my own opinions and insight on the vast number of supplements I've used.

    Before trying The Curse, I had heard absolutely nothing about it. I pride myself in being the first out of my friends to try a product, and let them know how it worked for me. I enjoy experimenting and keeping unbiased views toward products/companies.

    I used this product 2 separate times, 2 full containers.

    Taste (10/10):
    I had the Lemon Rush flavor, and after the first taste I was in shock. I'd never tasted a PWO supplement that I actually enjoyed, until I tried The Curse. Over time the flavor does get old, but I expect this with every supplement I take on a daily basis.

    Energy (8/10):
    I live for the "tingling" sensation that Beta Alanine gives as well as a significant energy boost, and this product definitely delivered on that. Within 30 minutes I would feel a rush of energy from the caffeine, and I felt ready to dominate the weights.

    Results (5/10):
    This is where the product fell short in my mind. While using this product, I did not have any significant strength gains. I saw gains in general, but none that I could attribute to the PWO itself. I also did not see any lean muscle weight gain while using this product. The serving suggestion is 1-3 scoops, and as I expected, I built up a tolerance quickly.

    No side effects were experienced.

    One thing that really concerns me, is when different blend dosages are given, rather than individual ingredients. I prefer to know the amount of each ingredient individually, especially with ingredients such as caffeine.

    I probably will not use the product again, as my goals now are different then they were when I used this product.
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • No Crash
    • Feels Clean
    • Build Tolerance Quickly
    • No Noticeable Gains
    • Individual Ingredient Doses Not Given
    Rep: +73
    Trust: 100%
      November 13, 2012

    So its about time I get a review, as writing sociology papers are getting annoying.

    Cobra labs The Curse seemed like a bargain of price when I got it for 25$ and thought why not try a PWO not many have tried.

    Ingredients: The stats are pretty basic with this PWO and that was one of the reason I wanted to try this.

    Energizing Muscle Fuel: 3204mg
    Beta Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, Citric Acid
    Blood Flow Amplifier: 1300mg
    L-Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG)
    Extreme Mental Focus: 147mg
    Caffeine, Oleuropein Aglycone (From Olive Leaf Extract)

    The profile is basic like I said, but needs a little more of some ingredients. Beta alanine is something they could have added more of, as I didn't get much of a tingling sensation. Citrulline Malate is also another ingredient Cobra Labs should have added more of.

    Dosing: I started out taking The Curse with just 1 scoop and slowly starting progress up to 2 scoops. After about 2 weeks worth of just taking Curse, I added some beta alanine and citrulline malate. With the addition of those two, Curse seemed to work a little better for me. I added, most of the time, 1 scoop each of beta alanine and citrulline malate, but towards the end of the tub Curse, I went with 2 scoops of citrulline malate. The Cruse claims to only need one 5 gram serving of this but as stated, I would end up using 2 scoops without the beta alanine and citrulline. I only took this 5 days a week on my stack and never more then 3 days in a row.

    Effectiveness: By itself, The Curse did give me a decent boost in energy but not too much of pump. If I worked out hard like I usually do, then Curse would give me a little pump. The energy from 1 scoop did give me a boost but adding 2 scoops helped get me dialed in. Getting a pump from a PWO isn't something that I really concerns me too much, because if I don't get a good enough pump from a PWO, I'll just add some citrulline malate.

    Value: I gave this a 7 because I would build a tolerance half way through a tub of a PWO, which usually happens with most PWO's. While i got this for 25$ at BBing on sale Curse originally goes for 29.77$ at BBing. Without adding the citrulline malate and beta alanine, I would probably be using about 2 scoops 5 days a week. Using The Curse at 2 scoops for 5 days a week, it costs 1.19$ a serving then.

    Cons: There wasn't any bad things to say about this besides you need to use more of the scooper. If Cobra Labs would just dose this at 10 grams (2 scoops) the profile would be better, but the flavor would be a little over powerful then. At 2 scoops the flavor would become a little strong for me. I usually down a PWO pretty fast so flavor doesn't really bug me too much, unless it's a strong flavor.

    Overall: Cobra Labs The Curse isn't a bad product by no means and I would say give it try. I had the lemon flavor and it wasn't bad. The Cruse at 2 scoops seemed to be a little sugary for me. The product claims to promote muscle pumps which it did but not much different then any other mild PWO with pumps. After trying this with my last stack, I already have ON new PWO in the mixed berry and got beta crete on sale. So i'm pretty excited to try those new PWO's on my next stack. Like I said give The Curse a try. It isn't something that's going to wow someone but it's a basic profile that you know what you're getting in it.
    • Increased Energy
      Rep: +8
      Trust: 0%
        September 29, 2012

      Okay, so this is my very first review. Whew. Goodluck to me. I hope I do well, since this is my first time here. I found out about SR as I look online on which supplements really work.

      Anyway, let's get started. So last 3 months ago, I finished a whole tub of Jack3d. (actually I've been using Jack3d ever since I started weightlifting last year, July 2011. I was at 180lbs that time. Now down to 151lbs; 5'7".) And man. It gave me awesome pumps, and the ED was pretty bad due to the 1,3 Dime. Last month, I was researching on PWO products that don't have 1,3 in it and so I found Curse by Cobra Labs. I bought a tub of Lemon Lime, for nearly P1700 here in our country. ($40.59) Slightly more expensive than Jack3d. I checked the back for the supplement facts, it didn't have 1,3 Dime in it. Highest content was Beta Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate and Citric acid, amounting to 3204mg per serving.

      So I took a scoop and a half, half an hour before my workout. I felt the pins and needles, and it got me all pumped up to do some bench! My usual was 130lbs, and I went up to 160lbs! Veins were bulging, and I had a pretty good workout. It felt as if it was my first time using Jack3d. (you guys get that feeling, right?)

      So after 2 days I had to take it again before workout. I felt the pins and needles once again, and the feeling was the same. So in other words, everytime I take Curse, it never fails to give me the pins and needles. It really does take a while for your body to get used to it! Builds muscles? Hell yeah. I noticed that my pec size have increased too.(since I was able to bench heavier)

      ED? None at all! In fact, my libido has increased. During my rest days, my tool was always ready to "pop". If you knwo what I mean. Hahaha.

      Effectiveness: 10/10 'nuff said!

      Value: 10/10 I don't mind this being a little expensive than jack3d since the product truly speaks for itself

      Taste: 10/10 Lemon Lime was soooo good. It didn't have the bitter taste like what Jack3d had.

      Mixability: 10/10 it really dissolves with water. When you finish a glass of this after mixing it well with a spoon, there wouldn't be any reservoir powder at the bottom of the glass.

      Overall? 20/10 if only that was possible! I'll definitely buy this PWO drink when I finish my next cycle. I'll try the berry flavor next.
      • Increase In Libido!
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value
      • Extreme Focus
      • Takes A While To Become Resistant
        Rep: 0
        Trust: 0%
          October 17, 2011

        So a mate recommended the Curse to me as i found jack3d to be very weak. Well i can say this stuff will blow your mind away the focus and energy i got from this stuff was out of this world. I could lift more and get my work out done at a faster rate also i found it very hard to leave the gym as i just wanted to keep lifting and lifting.

        Taste Well there is only 1 Flavor which is Magic Berry which i found to be ok i have tasted better

        side effects i can say i didn't have any bad ones besides if you take the 3 shots of it you will be pinging off your head for a few hours.

        Gains after measuring up and viewing photos i found i had made some good gains on it.

        Would i buy this again. Yes i would but im trying out all the top pwo at the moment to see which one works best for me but i would recommend this pwo to people.
        • Increased Energy
        • Builds Muscle
        • Good Value
        • Extreme Focus
        • No Crash
        • Takes A While To Become Resistant
        • Too Expensive
        Rep: +20
        Trust: 15%
          September 3, 2011

        I orginally completed my first tub of The Curse eight months ago, since then I have finished two additional tubs with a 1 1/2 month break between them.

        This product is manufactured in New Zealand by Cobra Labs, a subsidiary of Shotgun Supplements. As this product as manufactured on a relatively small scale, I am not aware of its being marketed internationally; however, I would strongly recommend that time is taken to order online from NZ.

        My previous experience with pre-workouts includes: NO Shotgun, x2 tubs Superpump, OxyElite Pro, Napalm, Mesormorph, Jack3d, and many others.

        I would rate The Curse as follows:

        Effectiveness: 9/10 - In comparison to Jack3d, which many users have experience with, I have found this product to be many times more effective. I am particularly resistant to stimulant based products and feel little to nill effects on three scoops of Jacked, but on my third tub of The Curse I can still take only 1 and one-half scoops and feel insane effects.

        Taste: 7/10 - Nothing amazing, but then not intended to be taken for the flavour.

        Duration: 10/10 - No crash, and will still be feeling extremely focussed and Motivated 8-10 hours after taking.

        Energy: 10/10 - Nothing I have yet taken, including ephidrine, is comparable. Will shave 30-35 minutes of my 1 3/4 hour lifting routine. By way of example, my routine previously included 90 press-ups without rest, the first time I used The Curse before this workout, I was able to complete my 90 reps and THEN was still able to clap inbetween push-ups.

        Value: 10/10 - $72 NZD for 50 scoops; therefore, 25 days supply if using two scoops in a serving ($72 NZD = $61 NZD). Similar priced to Jacked, but as previously stated: much more effective.

        I would highly recommend The Curse to anyone interested in trying a new pre-workout, and would especially recommend to people, like myself, who find themselves resistant to many supplements.

        • Increased Energy
        • Extreme Focus
        • No Crash
        • Takes A While To Become Resistant

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