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Is this a steroid?
Is this a steroid? What are the longterm effects of using this product? Are there any negative side effects to using this product?

Will P6 cause endocrine damage?
Will this cause endocrine damage or any permanent damage that a pro-hormone can do?

Anyone else have this problem?
I just had to stop taking P6 Extreme i was taking 4 pills a day just like the bottles says but i found I was having terrible headaches while on it, honestly...

Should I stack P6 with NO Extreme?
I'm 34 years old, 6'00", 200 lbs (218 lbs 5 weeks ago) I've been taking P6 with C4 for three weeks but recently saw on cellucor website that they suggest...

Worst that could happen?
Im 17, whats the worst thing that could happen to me if i took this product?

how long until i start feeling the effects of this product?
how long until i start feeling the effects of this product? well my friend hes 34

What is the difference between p6 Red and p6 Black?

What should I take when cycling off P6?
I am about 6 weeks into my initial 8 week cycle with P6. The bottle says after finishing the 8 week cycle, I should cycle off of it for 4 weeks. I...

should i stop taing it ?
So I've been on a stack with p6 with no3,c4,kre alk and cyto gainer ( and l glutamine and a multi v and fish oil ) for about 2 and a half weeks but I'm...

Does p6 actually improve Labido?

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I don't really care about the money. i want to know which will give me the best results.. help would be appreciated. Thanks :)...