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C4 Extreme

By Cellucor
C4 Extreme Cellucor
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What are the side effects of this products that you may get?

Will I test positive on a drug test from C4 Extreme?
I go to a trade school where I am subject to random drug testing. I was wondering if 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (also known as Methylhexaneamine) in this product...

If you take c4 and don't work out what happens?

Will this product help be burn more fat as well as build more muscle?
I am 5'7", 205 lbs, 40 year old man who wants to get to 180 lbs. I have a discussing tire around my stomach which I am trying hard to lose. I am very stocky...

Friend had a seizure from taking Jacked, does C4 carry the same risks?
I am a 125lb fitness instructor wanting to build lean muscle. I had tried half a scoop of C4 blue raz and LOVED it. A memeber of our gym had been taking...

take on an empty stomach?
if i workout in the mornings can i take C4 extreme on an empty stomach?

Five minutes into my workout my face begins to experience a burning sensation?
My face and forehead begin to burn extremely bad 5 minutes into my set. Any ideas on why this takes place?

why dose my heart beat really fast when i use this ?

is this a safe supplement for a 16 year old ?
I am 160 lbs and 5ft 9 , as the label does say not suggested for someone over 18. Is there a perticular reason for that ? My parents dont think its a good...

How safe is this with creatine?
How safe is this with creatine? (sci fit kre-alkalyn)

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C4 Extreme (30 Servings) 2 for $38.99 at Costco!
Great deal here in NC, you'll have to check to see if your store carries it....

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