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Protein powder supplements are among the most popular on the market today. They are a great way to expedite recovery from workouts, increase dietary protein intake, increase daily caloric intake and provide a sense of satiety for those looking to lose weight.

There are many different types of protein. First are the dairy based ones: whey and casein. Whey is the most common of all the proteins and is the fastest digesting available.  

Some additional options include powdered animal sources such as beef and egg proteins as well as plant based ones...

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Massive Savings on Optimum Nutrition Range + Free Samples

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Free Gaspari Shaker With Glycofuse while supplies last.

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4 EVER FIT Fruit Blast the Whey Strawberry Cream Exp12/14 2 lbs


You get 2 per household. You just have to enter some basic information.


Usually GNC has the highest prices on everything, but for some reason, they are offering a 4-pack of RTD Muscle Milks for $3.99. Not sure about shipping. Not the best protein, but the convenience might be worth it.

Supplement Warehouse

Deal is for 2 x 2lb containers, Best by Dec 2014.

Supplement Warehouse


Platinum Hydro Builder - Chocolate Shake (11-2014 exp date) 3x7 servings. Chocolate Shake only


CHEF JAY'S Tri-O-Plex 50's Bar Roasted Peanut Exp 12/14 12 bars, well under $1/bar.


Muscle and Strength

For anyone who has experienced the mouthgasm that is PES protein, it is on sale for 43.99 at thatsupplementguy. There are some other good deals under the Labor Day sale section.

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