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Amino X

  By: BSN

Rep: +2
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whats more effective this or scivation xtend?

March 6, 2013

feeling the urge to add a refreshing drink in the weight room and a dosage of bcaa wont hurt, whats better to buy amino x or xtend?


Rep: +4,209
Trust: 100%
Posted March 7, 2013

Check out the reviews...Xtend in my mind is a much safer choice, as it is proven and has very solid reviews. AminoX on the other hand is relatively new
Rep: +2,453
Trust: 100%
Posted March 7, 2013

Neither is really BETTER. Both are gonna give you the BCAA dose you are looking for, but Xtend is far more established in the supplement world and personally I'm taking Scivation over BSN any day.

You could also check out Universal's Atomic 7, which I love. Or, if you hate your taste buds, Modern BCAA.
Rep: +1,336
Trust: 100%
Posted March 7, 2013

yeah bcaa's are almost the same wherever you are looking can't go wrong with xtend..modern bcaa was my favorite though.
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