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Dermacrine is a Prohormone manufactured by BPS. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

Hormone naturally produced by the body that is heavily involved in glucose metabolism. Low levels can lead to CVD and metabolic syndrome.


A synthetic-derived flavone that acts as a potent aromatase inhibitor.



Rep: +495
Trust: 100%
  June 17, 2015

(Background info on yourself, diet, experience, goals, first thoughts on the product and how you discovered SR)
Ladies and Gents of SR,
I love good supplements, and I hate spending money on bad supplements. What we have here is a great product. It helped me get halfway thru my OstaRX cycle and that's only because I had one bottle on hand and never re-ordered.

----Ingredient Profile----
(Your thoughts on the ingredients/label of the product)

Pumps per bottle: 130
DHEA 72mg**
7,8-Benzoflavone (99%) 36mg**
Resveratrol (99%) 36mg**
Pregnenolone 18mg**
Chrysin (99%) 9mg**
Other Ingredients: Water, ethyl alcohol (organic), dimethyl isosorbide, ethoxydiglycol, propylene glycol monolaurate, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Trans-resveratrol (98%), 7,8,benzoflavone (98%), tiethanolamine, carbomer, pregnenelone, tetrahydropiperine.

So the main ingredient that made me purchase this is DHEA. DHEA is freaquently used to combat lethargy while on cycle and that was my drive behind buying this product. Also according to BPS the topical version of DHEA used in Dermacrine is 20 times more potent than your normal oral DHEA, so you're certainly getting a bang for your buck. 8.5/10

It topical so there is no tasting, unless you're reaaaaally brave! (Remember you'd be wasting product, its 20 times more potent due to being topical)
As far as dosing, I started it on day 1 of my OstaRX cycle at 3 pumps as BPS recommends for my weight 190.
(150-190 lbs : 3 pumps, 191-230 lbs : 4 pumps, 231+ lbs ; 5 pumps).
I applied Dermacrine after showering and before bed at night. It did not give me any problems with sleep. I liked the scent of it, the texture was sort off like hair gel with some beads in it. It took 2 to 3 minutes to dry out and I could go to bed safe and sound. I did not notice any effects at first but I did not care much. However once my OstaRX started slowly suppressing me and making me tired I went up to 5 and 6 pumps and that's where the product worked really good for me. 7.5/10

So as mentioned above, at 3 pumps a day it didn't do much. Once I started running OstaRX at 26mg(4caps) a day,it took a while to kick in and I thought perhaps SARMS are BS, the lethargic feeling and suppression kicked in, I decided to pick it up to 5 and then 6 pumps of Dermacrine a day. It was like day and night. Before, at 3 pumps, I would wake up 1000 or 1030 AM, I work evenings, and still feel tired even though i slept for 8-9 hours. Once i started using 5 or more pumps, I would wake up at 0830 without an alarm and felt great both physically and emotionally throughout the day. The biggest problem I've had with the lethargy I procured from OstaRX is the mental and emotional fogginess that would hunt me in the early stages of the day, with 5 pumps of Dermacrine that was gone and I felt amazing. Unfortunately at that point I've been wasting it away at 3 pumps for too long so only had a couple of days left at 5-6 pumps.

One bottle of Dermacrine is around 40$. There are 130 Pumps per bottle. If you were to use it at 5 pumps a day, it would come out to last 26 days at 1.5$ a day. Now yes, I will be the first to admit that that is too much for DHEA that is only being used as support for my Ostarine cycle. But if I get rid of can of RedBull a day and use this instead, I would be much happier. The energy, mental/emotional clarity and overall feeling of well being I've received from this while on Osta, were definitely worth the money spend. I wish i wasn't foolish and ordered two bottles.
----Side Effects----
The only thing I got was some minor acne on my shoulders, but that faded within days. Nothing crazy.

So my experience with Dermacrine started out all wrong. I used it at way too low of a dose. But when I needed it and bumped my dose up, the product really shined for me and made all the difference. I will definitely use this product again, I'm planning on using 2 bottles with my future Epi cycle and part of PCT. Even at this price its worth it.
  • Reduces Sides
  • Easy Application
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Endurance
  • Reduces Suppression Induced Lethargy
  • Too Expensive
  • Minor Acne
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Trust: 100%
  March 23, 2014

Hey there SR. Big shouts out to jimbuick and the people over at BPS for presenting me with a great logging opportunity featuring Dermacrine and Endosurge Turbo. I've recently finished the Dermacrine so here we go with the review!

I want to first note that I only took the staple supplements with this for the first few weeks of the run and added in RCSS Stacked N.O. and Pro Antium for about the last week.


The main ingredient is DHEA. The theory behind the use of DHEA is that the body converts it to androstenediol, androstenedione and testosterone. All hormones that provide strength and muscle mass and other qualities that the active male can appreciate. There has been some controversy regarding this ingredient. In a normal oral ingested DHEA, the results have been minor to non-existent. This approach, however, seems to be the way to go. Dermacrine is a transdermal, topical product. The application absorbs almost instantly and is said to be 20x more effective.

Dermacrine also includes:
Ethyl Alcohol(organic)
Dimethyl Isosorbide
Propylene Glycol Monolaurate
Trans-Resveratrol(98%)-prevents estrogenic effects
7,8-Benzoflavone(98%)-prevents estrogenic effects
Pregnenolone-prevents hair loss
and last but not least Tetrahydropiperine
WHEW! Lots of million dollar words there.


So the instructions state that there are a different amount of pumps to use in relation to your bodyweight.
150-190lbs- 3 pumps
191-230lbs- 4 pumps
>231- 5 pumps

I weigh in at approximately 175 lbs so I used 3 pumps after my shower and right before bed. I applied 2 pumps to my upper chest, back, and traps and 1 pump to the scrotum. These areas are suggested because of the amount of receptors located in these areas and the efficiency of absorption.

Now, there is a warning stating to avoid contact with open wounds and to avoid contact with other and to wash your hands afterwards to avoid inadvertent eye contact etc. So, you will have to use your judgment and handle anything you may need to handle before applying this. Just be smart about it!

There is also a warning that this may cause a failed drug test in some organizations because of the conversion to the said hormones. Do your research to make sure that you will not get yourself in a bind by using this.


This was the first time I have ever used a product that converts straight into androgenic hormones. With that said, I have taken my share of natty test boosters and this gives these same effects but on a greater scale. Within the first week it was in full effect. I was hardened and leaned out nicely. I had a dry look and the vascularity was noticeably improved. I felt amazing in the gym and never wanted to leave.

I started using this right after a cut and with the added eating, I still wasn't gaining a lot of weight but the strength starting increasing at a pretty rapid rate. I felt my recovery was improved and I was always ready to smash weights in the gym. My libido was also increased.

Basically, this product makes you feel like a man of men. I saw some minor aggression and lack of patience at work and was a little on edge which so people will enjoy but some may not like. I enjoyed it. It's a good sign to see if the product is doing its job.

I want to also note that I felt like this stuff kicked in within minutes of applying it. I would get a small pump type feeling and felt the need to stretch and flex which explains the random selfies in the log lol.

This product claims to provide a thermogenic effect as well which was minor but still apparent. I couldn't tell if it was from going harder in the gym or the product itself.

Also, if you look at the other reviews, some of those guys ran this along with a PH cycle and one could benefit from this far the lethargy that comes with running PH's. Many uses for this product.

Side Effects-9

There were no physical side effects to note. The alcohol in it was very apparent during the application and was quite strong. I had VERY MINOR acne on my back but I never got any type of rash and this was just like applying lotion. It was very soothing and absorbed in minutes. As noted above, there were some aggression and irritability changes but I welcome that. No issues here.


This product is not going to be for everyone but given that a natty test booster is gonna run 25-35 dollars, it will be hard to turn this down at 35-40 dollars. It will also depend on your body weight but at 3 pumps I got 35 days out of this. A very good value IMO. You also get anti-estrogen and anti-hairloss within the product so a "PCT" is not necessary, although a natty test booster would be great to take afterwards. That's what the Endosurge is for.

Overall-Solid 8

I would love to give a higher score, but with this being my first run of a product like this, I really have nothing to compare it to. I thoroughly enjoyed this run and will probably try an 8 week run in the future. I felt this performed in all the areas in needed to and backed up its claims. I would recommend you give this a go for sure. Ditch the Lubriderm and go with a lotion that will make you more of a man instead of less of one!! Thanks again Jim and BPS.

Link to log is:

  • Easy Application
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Libido Increase
  • Moderate Leaning Effects
  • Some Strength Gains
  • Better Endurance
  • Minor Acne
  • Not For Everyone
Rep: +3,989
Trust: 100%
  February 9, 2014

First, a special thanks to Metroba, jimbuick, and BPS for giving me the opportunity to initially try out dermacrine as part of their holiday giveaway.

I first incorporated dermacrine during the beginning of my new log following my run PCT with IML's osta rx. In the first half of dermacrine's usage I stacked it with EVL's ENGN and RCSS's products Pro-Antium and Amino tone once they arrived about a week into the new log. In the beginning, I was not using any other natty test boosters as a way to assess dermacrine's benefits. It wasn't until about mid-way into the six week run with dermacrine that I started to see some noticeable benefits, particularly once I introduced Blackstone Lab's PCT 4 into the mix. From my experience, dermacrine does have some benefits as part of a natty stack, I would say that it is indeed more potentially beneficial for those of older age and as part of a hormonal support product during prohormone cycles.

Profile an Overview:

The following profile is based on an application of 5 pumps of dermacrine;

DHEA 72 mg **
7,8-Benzoflavone (99%) 36 mg **
Resveratrol (99%) 36 mg **
Pregnenolone 18 mg **
Chrysin (99%) 9 mg **

As many would already know, dermacrine is a dhea-based trans-dermal anabolic product with added anti-estrogen and general hormonal support. One of the main purposes of dermacrine is to allow users to experience the overall benefits of DHEA through higher bioavailability supplementation via trans-dermal application.

When applied, the DHEA in dermacrine is said to convert into more anabolic hormones such as testosterone, adrostenedione, and androstenediol. Furthermore, a percentage also converts into the thermogenic metabolites 7-oxo-dhea and 7-beta-dhea. All in all, this will aid in areas such as muscle hypertrophy, lipolysis, and libido.

The added pregnelone is intended to act as a nerurosteroid, which is said to help enhance cognitive function and memory. Pregnelone also helps to control the conversion to DHT, reducing the likelihood of hormone related hair loss.

Finally, dermacrine contains an anti-estrogen support complex consisting of resveratrol, 7, 8 benzoflavone, and chrysin. These plant derived additives are demonstrated to have anti-estrogenic and fertility benefits.

In summary, dermacrine is designed to aid in muscle growth, recovery, libido, lipolysis, performance, and general well being.

Usage: BPS instructs that the most ideal places for application are the larger muscles of the upper body; more specifically the pectorals, shoulders, and upper back. It is also noted that application is best done following a shower to exfoliate the skin, allowing for better absorption. I myself applied 5 pumps of dermacrine a day following a shower. I applied one pump to my chest, two pumps to my shoulders (one pump for each shoulder), and two pumps to my upper back. The product itself dries quickly, left no residue, and did not have any overpowering smell.

Effectiveness (7):

While the benefits didn't really show themselves until later in my run, BPS did give me some decent effects.

The most immediate effect was increased appetite. I found myself hungry more often and consuming more food in frequent intervals. Clearly, this was in conjunction with dermacrine's hypertrophy benefits. Make no mistake though, my diet was still clean despite increased caloric intake. The key here is to increase protein and clean carb consumption for optimal results.

Another benefit that came around the middle of week 2 was a moderate increase in my libido. My overall drive was not "raging" in the same sense as it was when I was on Epi-1-Test, but was higher nonetheless. Had some occasional spontaneous erections (sorry if that is TMI) and was "in the mood" more often. I hate being single :(

When judging dermacrine's lipolytic and thermo effects, this one was a bit hard to gauge. It wasn't until I added amino tone around week 3 did the thermo and leaning benefits really start to take affect. I did notice increased perspiration and endurance, but I would be willing to accredit that more so to ENGN and amino tone at the time. Around the final weeks when i added PCT 4 is when I started noticing some visible leaning mainly in my back and legs. Therefore, I would conclude that dermacrine's lipolytic effects are best experienced when stacked with either other fat burners or anabolic agents to create a more synergistic combo. As a result, I would recommend that anyone seeking to use dermacrine as part of a natty cutting or fat burning goal, to definitely use it in conjunction with another primary fat burner. Of course don't forget training and diet.

In terms of strength or size gains, I did find that I was able to lift heavier loads more frequently, for longer, in higher intervals. This was most noticeable during my supersets. Didn't really see any critical increase in size though. However, I think this is more so my fault since my caloric intake was shunted at times due to cardio training. Still, I needed to improve my endurance so it had to be done.

Lastly, the more prominent benefit of dermacrine was the reduced post workout lethargy I experienced more so the following mornings. While Pro-Antium, and PCT 4 once I added it, had their own influences in my recovery, I noticed with dermacrine that I had less general lethargy and DOMS in the mornings following my workout. I felt more energized, refreshed, and my overall physique felt more full and generally stronger in integrity.

All in all, I had some good results with dermacrine over a course of six weeks despite most of them being a bit delayed. Still, I think older users and prohormone cycle users could benefit more from this than I could.

Value (7): I should note that dermacrine is facing potential discontinuation as noted at one point by jimbuick. Therefore, the price tag and availability of dermacrine can both prove adverse to some users looking to give dermacrine a try. In any case, from what I've seen, dermacrine's average price is about 43-46 dollars a bottle. On bottle will last roughly three weeks at the 5 pumps application protocol. For a six-week natty cycle, this can be costly especially when stacked. When only one bottle is to be used as part of a hormonal support protocol during a ph cycle, the price is not too steep considering the benefits users have noted while using dermacrine for this purpose.

Overall (7): I will give dermacrine a "7" overall. The benefits I achieved from dermacrine were noticeable and welcomed despite most of them being somewhat delayed. Based from my experience I would say that dermacrine is more best suited for those of older age looking to achieve the benefits of DHEA supplementation in a more natty oriented method or those looking to reduce side-effects associated with prohormone cycling.



  • Easy Application
  • Better Endurance
  • Some Strength Gains
  • Moderate Leaning Effects
  • Libido Increase
  • Reduces Post-workout Lethargy
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive
  • Being Discontinued
  • Delayed Benefits
  • Minor Acne
  • Benefits Could Be More Pronounced
Rep: +836
Trust: 100%
  February 7, 2014

I won a bottle of this in BPS holiday giveaway, and it came at a perfect time as i was starting an Epi cycle.I picked this beecause i had read about the help with lethargy and i didnt want to deal with that again(halodrol cycle previously). I work in a gym so being friendly and upbeat is a plus, but you just cant do it when you want to take a nap all day. Thanks to Jimbuick and BPS.

DHEA 72mg**
7,8-Benzoflavone (99%) 36mg**
Resveratrol (99%) 36mg**
Pregnenolone 18mg**
Chrysin (99%) 9mg**

Very easy to apply, few pumps, rub in, and let dry.
To me the smell wasn't bad at all i barely noticed it after the 1st week. Drying time was usually very quick bout 2-3 minutes. No residue or staining of clothes.

I received my bottle in the mail about 4 days after i started the EpiSmash cycle i think. The lethargy from epi had already started to kick in so i started this immediately. It took about 7 days to kick in, but once it did the lethargy became very tolerable and on some days non-existent. I cant really give strength credit to this as i was on a PH, but i did notice some leaning out and vascularity increases which could also be complimented by the epi.

Joint Pain-10
I had heard that Epi could be rough on your joints, but this added along with lots of water and triflex from GNC took care of that completely never once had a stiff joint.

Side effects-10
Very tiny bit of acne nothing to discourage me from using again.

Price is a little steep, but to me its totally worth it to not feel groggy for a month. I received this 1st bottle for free but already put in an order for a 2nd.

I was very pleased with this product. I have always been a little skeptical with topical products, but BPS made a believer out of me with this one. Just sorry to hear that it and there other topical are on their way to discontinued status :( gonna stock up on a few of each hopefully.
  • Reduces Sides
  • Easy Application
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
    Rep: +966
    Trust: 100%
      May 22, 2012

    All right everyone,

    Here is my review on an interesting product known as Dermacrine by BPS. I would first like to thank BPS for the opportunity to use and review this product. I was supplied with one bottle, and also purchased one more. I was using this as part of a natural test boosting stack with D-pol and Recycle. I know some of you may be thinking; "How do you know which product was giving you the results?". I guess there is no way to be absolutely certain, but I have used both D-pol and Recycle before, so I knew what to expect from those products and some of the results I saw were not what I have experienced with those two, so I'm fairly confident about the accuracy of my review. So, let's get to it.

    Description(From company site)---------------

    The primary hormone in Dermacrine is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) - the precursor to all anabolic/andrognic hormones in the body.
    Although DHEA has been available for years, and is found in many other hormonal supplements, Dermacrine with Liqua-Vade technology offers a distinct advantage that makes it up to 20x more effective than regular pill or tablet based products. You see, with the rapidly absorbing Liqua-Vade technology, Dermacrine delivers DHEA to the blood stream within seconds. Within minutes, the body begins converting DHEA to other more anabolic hormones such as androstenediol, androstenedione and testosterone. This is where Dermacrine gets it's anabolic & androgenic horsepower - for increasing strength and lean muscle beyond your natural limit.

    The DHEA is also converted to more powerful fat burning hormones such as 7-oxo-DHEA and 7-beta-DHEA. These are powerful thermogenic hormones that increase the rate of fat loss, helping you shed fat as you gain muscle.
    The second hormone in Dermacrine is pregnenolone. This hormone was added in a precise ratio with the DHEA to balance and control conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which may cause hair loss in men prone to androgenic alopecia. Those sensitive to DHT who are concerned with hair-loss need not worry; Dermacrine won't cost you the hair-line! Pregnenolone is also a powerful neurosteroid, which can enhance cognitive focus and memory.
    Since certain anabolic & androgenic hormones can convert to estrogen, Dermacrine was fortified with an anti-estrogen complex which consists of resveratrol, 7,8 benzoflavone and chrysin. These are natural plant based compounds that block estrogenic effects such as gyno and fat storage. Resveratrol, 7,8 benzoflavone and chrysin have also been proven to have potent fertility stimulating properties, which can help promote increased sexual desire, erectile function and stamina.


    As far as topical supplements go, I don't know if it can get much better than Dermacrine. I always applied the maximum directed 5 pumps while using this, and never had any issues with application. The pump is very precise and never gets clogged. 5 pumps of the product appears to be a large amount in your hand, but I was very impressed on how easily and evenly it spread. I applied it to the recommended areas of the chest, shoulders and upper back. After application I would stand under my ceiling fan for a few minutes, and it would be dry enough to put a shirt on. The smell of Dermacrine is so nice that I actually enjoyed it. It also never stained my clothes, and my skin never felt greasy from it, but instead just well moisturized. So, no complaints with the application of this.

    Effectiveness (8/10)-------------------------

    Although the effectiveness is a little hard to determine due to the fact that I used this in a stack, there were some things that I noticed that makes me feel this stuff was doing it's job. Before I get into that, I want to explain how i used the two bottles I had because I did do a little experimentation. The first bottle I basically followed the directions exactly for about 22 days. I applied 5 pumps to the suggested areas after getting out of the shower. Although not mentioned in the directions, I also exfoliated the application areas periodically. Not sure if that made a difference, but thought it couldn't hurt. Although I was noticing some good results, I decided to switch things up on the second bottle. I noticed zero negative side effects up to this point, so I decided to apply 10 pumps every day. In the morning I would shower, get ready for work, and drive to my girlfriends house and have her apply 5 pumps on my entire back(she wore latex gloves for this). Then, when I got home in the evening, I would shower again, and apply 5 pumps to my chest, shoulders and upper abdomen. This application method lasted about 12 days, bring the total time used to about 5 weeks.

    Okay, that out of the way, how did this stuff work? The most noticeable benefits I saw from Dermacrine were an overall hardening and leaning of all my muscle groups and helping to shed what I feel was probably a pound or two of fat while adding an equal amount of lean muscle. I really wish I would I have gotten my BF tested before this, because I stayed the same weight from beginning to end, yet lost approximately half an inch around my waist. I think it has been said in a previous review, but this stuff really increased my appetite. Eating enough calories has always been an issue for me, but while using Dermacrine I was always hungry. I never log my food intake, but living by myself it's pretty easy to notice and keep track of the quantity of food I eat, and I would estimate that I was eating about 25% more of the basic stuff like chicken, brown rice and veggies. 25% more, and I didn't gain a pound. Kinda crazy I thought. During the stack I added about 5% to my major lifts and since I've finished, I have found it fairly easy to keep them and still even see some increases. I found this especially impressive because in the past after natural stacks I usually have a dip in my progress, but that wasn't the case here. Doubling the dosage on the second bottle didn't dramatically change my results, but I do think that the increase allowed me to continue with my progress which can tend to level off during the end of these stacks. So, if I had it to do over, I may have just kept the directed dosing, but I thought it was worth a shot to do a little experimenting.

    Side Effects(10/10)--------------------------

    Other than a small amount of acne, side effects were non existent. I saw no estrogen related issues, which is sometimes mentioned with DHEA products, nor did I have any hair loss, another side effect of DHEA. Really the only negative was the ridicule that came when my girlfriend told everyone that she was applying "muscle potion" to my back daily. Still hearing jokes from my friends about that.

    Value (7/10)---------------------------------

    This is a tough one for me because while I feel that Dermacrine was effective, it is $40 a bottle. And although many natural test boosters fall in this price point, one bottle will last only about 23 days at 5 pumps a day, so I feel two bottles is needed for a successful run bringing the total to $80. So even though I would not consider this expensive, I give it a 7 because I do feel there are some cheaper test boosting products that will give similar results. But all thing considered, this stuff is a pretty decent value.


    I know DHEA products get kind of a bad wrap, and I am one of those people who do not really have much faith in the traditional pill form, but when presented the opportunity to use Dermacrine, I was intrigued, and became surprisingly pleased with it's effectiveness. Like many supplements, and especially natural test boosters, I feel this one could be a hit or miss for people, but I would definitely recommend giving it a shot. If nothing else, your skin will be nice and moisturized throughout the day.

    Thanks for reading- SoCal
    • Easy Application
    • Builds Muscle
      Rep: +3,297
      Trust: 100%
        May 14, 2012

      I was given the opportunity by BPS to log their product Dermacrine. I would like to thank BPS for their generosity and for also including their product Endosurge which I am currently taking. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dermacrine and the effects that it had on my body.

      Dermacrine is a topically applied product that can dramatically increase testosterone, while maintaining a safe balance of estrogen and DHT.

      Dermacrine's formula is perfect for any man who wishes to increase energy, lean muscle, reduce fat, and optimize his sexual performance.

      Dermacrine is a well balanced forumla that supports testosterone without compromising cholesterol levels, prostate or liver health.

      As a benefit to all men, Dermacrine will not overly suppress the bodies hormonal production like steroids or other hormonal drugs.

      Dermacrine rejuvenates and protects hormone production pathways for continued benefits that are realized even after cessation of use.

      By combining hormone precursors and natural anti-estrogens, Dermacrine helps boost testosterone and other important hormones to support muscle growth, fat loss, sexual function and mental performance.

      Dermacrine combines the proprietary anti-estrogen Phyto-AI complex of 7,8 benzoflavone, chyrsin and resveratrol with DHEA and pregnenolone to support testosterone production while combating estrogen.

      Skin is the optimum site for delivery of the hormones and flavonoids contained in Dermacrine and is far superior than oral preparations. Oral DHEA suffers from poor bioavailability - about 3 percent -- as we can see from studies with un-methylated hormones, whereas the bioavailability is about 30-40 percent when delivered topically.

      The hormone profile has tremendous influence over body composition, mental performance, the immune system, cholesterol levels, prostate health and sexual performance. Genetics, lifestyle, and age can all influence your steroid enzymes and hormone profile for better or worse.

      For maximum testosterone boost, apply product to shoulders and upper back, as these areas of the skin contain the highest concentration of enzymes required to convert DHEA to testosterone and other beneficial androgens. Use Dermacrine everyday for 2-4 weeks

      Product Facts:

      Application Size: 5 pumps
      Applications per container: 23
      DHEA 72mg**
      7,8-Benzoflavone (99%) 36mg**
      Resveratrol (99%) 36mg**
      Pregnenolone 18mg**
      Chrysin (99%) 9mg**

      -------------Effectiveness (9/10)------------

      Some people use dermacrine as a standalone or part of a natty stack. Dermacrine for my purposes served more as a support supplement with additional benefits. Dermacrine is used on cycle to provide the
      necessary amount of estrogen to the host to prevent unwanted low-estro side effects, such as joint pains,
      lethargy, and other things. When I used this product I used 4 pumps instead of 5 so it would last throughout my cycle.
      Having taken superdrol in the past, I was expecting to treat symptoms similar to that, such as almost immediate onset lethargy, massive water weight gain, and with the epi, dry joints ect.

      The biggest effect that I noticed, however, along with lessened side effects, is that I did not get the testicular ache or the drop in libido or any other sides of shutdown or restart. Sure my libido was decreased slightly, but I think that this product may have prevented complete shutdown, which has made everything return to normal very very quickly. Also, I barely gained any weight on this cycle, around 4 lbs. Since PCT, I have put on another 5-6 pounds (probably from eating over maintenance to keep gains). This showed me that the Dermacrine was indeed effective at keeping weight off and I will consider this product whenever I am on a cut or recomp to maximize benefits.

      Dermacrine is one of those products where you probably wouldn't notice the effects until you ran the same cycle without it. Joint pain did not become an issue.
      Lethargy was delayed and greatly decreased overall compared to a standalone SD cycle. Weight stayed the same for most of the cycle, no matter what I ate. Body composition improved greatly.

      This IS THE EXACT SAME THING as Primordial Performaces Dermacrine. It even has Primordial Performance printed on the bottle somewhere.


      This is the most pleasant transdermal I have ever put on my body. Its smells good, its not overly greasy, it dries relatively quickly, and it does not irritate the skin with prolonged use.

      ----------------Value (8/10)-----------------

      This product is a bit expensive for 23 applications costing approx $2/day. However, you get what you pay for and the effectiveness of this product cannot be denied. Therefore, I can comfortably give this product an 8 rating.


      This product is a solid 9. Sometimes the effects aren't as noticeable unless you take a similar path without it. Changes in weight, lack of sides, and other effects have led me to believe that this is a effective product that should be used for heavy PH cycles or as part of a natty stack that would knock your socks off.
      • Reduces Sides
      • Easy Application
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Too Expensive

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