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RoxyLean ECA

RoxyLean ECA BPI
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How long does Roxylean stay in your system?
I'm having a bad reaction with neck and chest pain and Im hesitant to take Ibuprophen because I dont want to mix them. The last time I took roxylean was...

This vs. OEP?
I heard this is the new go to fat burner with similsr properties to the ECA stack. Has anybody tried it?How to you think it stacks up against oxyelite?

Is it normal if your neck hurts when starting Roxylean?
The first week I took half a capsule. I just started a full capsule and the right side of my neck hurts. Is this normal? Am I adjusting or having a reaction? Please help.

RoxyLean Occasionaly Making Me Allergic???
I still don't think it made sense, but has anyone had this problem? I have no known food allergies and never had the problems prior to taking BPI Roxylean I've...

Probation test issues?
does this product have anything in it that could make a person in a strick probation drop dirty

How to start this?!?!
So I am new to this fitness world but VERY VERY interested on learning how to do it right! I have never had a problem with my weight (always active) until...

Is this product NCAA legal?
I am looking at using RoxyLean but I am wondering if anyone knows if it is NCAA legal as I am a student athlete. So far from what I have read it is legal...

Should I take RoxyLean ECA on an empty stomach?
i just bought roxylean and my question is would it be better to take it in the morning on and empty stomach with a whey protein before my cardio session?...

fluid retention
i am having problems with fluid retention

Can I take this pre workout?
I was wondering if I can take this pre workout (on an empty stomach), since I usually workout first thing in the morning. I kinda need the energy boost...

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