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1.M.R ranks #40 of 148 in (Pre-Workout > Stimulant) and is rated better than 73% of all products in this category.

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Did I fail my drug test??
My employee drug screen for the sheriff's dept. is yet to come in and was expected 2 days ago... Another...

Is there anything illegal in this that will show up in a drug screen?
I am to take a mandatory drug screen for the hiring process of a deputy sheriff and I do not want to fail!

Safe to use in Army?
I am in the army and am curious if anyone knows if they have banned the use of 1MR? I used to use Craze...

Stacking with 1mr
Hello.....I am bout to starting hitting gym hard. Been off for two months, getting ready to join army....

may i eat some food before use this product?
may i eat some complex carbs before use it and hit the gym?

Is this product legal for an NCAA athelete to take or will it show up on a test?

1MR or Jack3d for better result
Hello, I'm interested in this product. I'm using jack3d and i don't feel much pumped.. Is it better than jack?

Does anyone know where i can get this in its original formula?
I know some may say its the same, but i feel like the old "original" formula was better than the new...

1 M.R scoop change?
I was just wondering Why 1 M.R changed the size of there scoop?

Whats actually in this?
Composition per serve?

What pre workout should i use today?
I have trial sizes of the new 1mr and animal rage, samples of AI Maniac, and Musclepharm Assault. Which...

Is it ok to take 2 servings or may 1.5 serving ?
I have a high tolerance to caffeine, I just took 1 full serving and really dont feel much. Is it ok to...

No caffeine at all?
I am working out 5 days a week, and it is mentioned in "1.M.R Powder Disclaimer from BPI" Do not consume...

Any bad side effect?
Does this cause depression as side effect? That does sound a little bit weird, but true. Jack3d always...

can I stack with animal stak and pack

Is it okay to take small servings of this?
hey stupid question, i got a bunch of samples of this and i know one pack is one serving or scoop, is...

How should I cycle this?
Anyone have suggestions on how i should run a cycle of this? i only take it preworkout about 2 times a week.

Is it normal to experience skin crawling when taking 1.M.R?
I wonder about the skin crawling is it the result of use of 1 mr combinated to other supplement or is...

How much to use?
How much of a scoop should i use? since theres not really like an actual measure on the scoop?

Why does 1.M.R. want to limit L-glutamine intake?
Can anyone tell me why the directions for 1.M.R. say 'while taking 1MR it is ideal to keep L-glutamine...

Is 1.M.R. safe for teens?
I got a sample pack of this stuff im not sure if i should drink this because of my age (16). what do you guys think?

Is 1.M.R better then Jacked?
Hi to all. I have two questions, the first one is about ''one more rep''. I have tried Jack3d and though...

Bad to switch back and forth with supplements?
i went to an expo about a week ago and got a ton of samples.. My question is.. Is it considered bad to...

Is this or Hemo Rage better?
Cant choose between this and Hemo Rage? Anyone have an opinion?? let me know, Thanks!

Does 1MR pills come in capsule form or an actual pill?
Does 1MR pills come in capsule form or an actual pill? (I can't take capsules) And can anyone tell...

GOod product for my goals?
i was just wondering if this is a good product to help burn fat and promote lean muscle? my girl friend...

Is it safe to take with GNC Mega Men Extreme Athlete?
Im taking GNC MEGA MEN EXTREME ATHLETE is it safe to take 1.M.R with it ? Or do i have to leave extreme athlete ?

Use while on PH?
can i take this on a ph?

What is better pills or powder of 1.M.R?
Which works better, pills or powder? I'm guessing the powder would absorb more quickly but I'm not sure.

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1.M.R vs jack3d
For those who have used both products, please compare and contrast. ...
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1.m.r and L-glutamine
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taking kre alkalyn 1500, 1.M.R, and musletech alpha amino is it safe?
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