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1.M.R ranks #41 of 149 in (Pre-Workout > Stimulant) and is rated better than 73% of all products in this category.

Trust: 39%

glishskiii's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 8

First, i would like to say that overall this is a solid product. I used this after Jack3d. I needed something with more of a kick so i decided to give 1MR a shot. It is really concentrated. All I used was like 3/4 of a scoop. The energy i got from it was really clean. No jitters. I felt really...

Trust: 0%

dizzyjojo's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 7

The best pre work-out so far... intense focus and strength!!! took jack3d and Xplode but I think this 1 is really the best sh*t!!! A bit pricey tho....what else can I say?

The best pre work-out so far... intense focus and strength!!! took jack3d and Xplode but I think this 1 is really the best sh*t!!!...

Trust: 13%

GripnRip3d's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 7

I just finished a bottle of the fairly new 1.M.R from BPI. This product is amazing and one of the better pre workout products out there. I purchased the Blue Rasperry, tastes great very good texture as well.(tastes like cotton candy) This is definitely something you should try if you want a great gym...

Trust: 0%

Bfried's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 7

1 M.R. is the first pre workout I've tried after having a sample packet of it from a friend. I bought it off of this sample packet and found that it has great results. However, you will build a tolerance to it after awhile which is why I recommend only taking it every other day. Also, BE SURE TO DRINK...

Trust: 100%

wjmathewsx's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 6 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 6

Value: I paid 30.00 for this at bb.com. the reason I went away from Jack3d was because I had to have something to compare Jack3d to. I bought some supplements from a local mom and pop shop around here a few months ago and they threw in a sample packet of 1MR and I tried it and it seemed legit. So I bought...

Trust: 0%

Rexiie's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10

I friend has recommended this PWO saying that it's one of the best at producing what it promises. I've tried other PWO like BSN NO-Xplode and Morph but I must say I'm very impressed with this product

I train early in the morning (around 5am) and I take 1MR 30mins before I hit the gym with...

Trust: 0%

zalescreator's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 3 | Effectiveness: 4 | Value: 6

So this is my first review so forgive me if I blow this up.
First day in gym on 1mr I felt unstoppable, lifted super heavy, never got tired and had unbelievable focus. That night I was up until 5 in the morning and felt Cracked out the entire night.
I committed to finishing the bottle and the...

Trust: 0%

bflip33's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 8

Doesn't cost a lot, but wow. You become a weight room hero taking this stuff. I've taken it a few times and my performance in the gym has gone way up. Really the worst part was that it stayed in my system a few hours after I lifted, so I spent three hours shaking after taking it. Then when it's completely...

Trust: 0%

JonP11's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10

This is the first supplement I've taken besides creatine and protein. I wanted something to give me a boost and a friend recommended 1 MR. This stuff is awesome! Plenty of energy and EXTREME FOCUS and eliminated soreness. Only negative is that I can't sleep. I do not recommend taking this stuff for a night workout.

Trust: 0%

AlbertW3sker's 1.M.R Review

Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 9

i'm on my second bottle out here in Baghdad and this stuff is excellent. i was using USP's Jack3d and i would have to say that 1MR tastes a heck of a lot better. the energy is sustainable, the focus is strong and the pump is a lot better than a natural pump. my mistake was buying the lemon lime. it tasted...