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Whey Tech Reviews

By: BodyTech


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Protein > Whey Protein

Whey Tech is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by BodyTech. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.


Rep: +1,232
Trust: 100%

  June 18, 2014

I bought this during a Vitamin Shoppe BOGO offer a few weeks ago. I went with the French Vanilla flavor. I tend to use it during breakfast and post-workout (either lifting or cardio).

taste/mixability = 7/10
It doesn't taste bad, but it isn't the best. It is not overly sweet or fake tasting, which is a plus. It tends to mix well by hand, in a shaker or in a blender. It didn't matter if I used water, milk, almond milk, etc.

effectiveness/digestibility = 8/10
If I don't use whey after workouts, I am much more fatigued and sore- I did not skip any post workout shakes, so by assumption, this helped with soreness and recovery. As a first morning whey, it mixed well in everything I put it in (cereal, milk, coffee, oatmeal, etc). I also like a whey protein that I can digest with no problem. I had no GI issues with this product.

cost = 10/10
At my local Vitamin Shoppe store I can get this on sale for less than $10 per pound, which is pretty good value in comparison to the majority of the Whey powders out there.

profile = 9/10
I don't want to list the entire profile, but this product seemed to deliver 24g protein per 29.4g scoop and only 110 cals in that serving. I don't higher calorie whey powders, with less than 24 grams of protein per serving. I worry about "fillers", which I don't really want immediately first thing in the morning or post-workout, from my whey powder. Though they do put the first ingredient as "protein blend" of whey protein isolate AND concentrate, without saying how much of either is in the product, having both listed on the label, in that order is good enough for me.

Overall, I would buy this again (actually bought another tub yesterday, with a 10% coupon- can't beat the price!!) I recommend it for anyone that likes the ON whey powders. I felt that it was very similar to it in quality for a little less $$. Because I like vanilla for most powers, I have not yet tried the chocolate.
  • Great Value
  • Mixes Well
    Rep: +31
    Trust: 44%
      August 28, 2012

    Protein is one of those necessities that just stays in the shadows and inconspicuously does its job. Protein is kind of like a janitor: it is a key member of the team - a member whose contributions you probably take for granted - and he only get's noticed when he's not doing his job well; i.e., the toilet gets backed up.

    Here are my metrics for evaluation of a protein supplement (they aren't in any particular order and aren't all weighted the same): Taste, Mixability, Ingredient Profile, Digestability, Value.

    Product: BodyTech Whey Tech; 5lb tub; Whey Protein Concentrate

    Taste: 7 (Chocolate)
    It was pleasant, but with a bit of an artificial aftertaste. It tastes good in milk, and is definitely manageable in water as well.

    Mixability: 8
    It mixes better than I expected it to; the drink goes down smoothly and the texture is just fine. No clumping. There will be some residue that settles out on top of the liquid and gets left on the inside of the shaker cup. Not a big deal, it's easily rinsed out with water.

    Ingredient Profile: 6
    The nutrition facts are quite comparable to gold standard 100% whey. Per serving: 1.5g fat, 4g carbs (1g sugar), and...17g protein. That's where things get a bit off track. Each scoop is only 71% protein, and to get your 20g protein you're also taking in roughly 2g fat and 5g carbs. I didn't personally find this to be an issue; it's just something to remember when tallying up the macros.

    As far as the protein source goes, it comes from 100% whey protein concentrate, so that explains the extra fat and carbs. The label doesn't say how the concentrate was manufactured. There's 3.6g of naturally-occurring BCAAs, and "whey protein hydrolysate" (I expect that's a typo) and "l-glutamine" are both listed with the ingredients (though likely at minimal doses).

    Digestability: 8
    I know concentrate as a whey source poses a gastrointestinal challenge for some people. I've had poor quality protein before, and my stomach doesn't shy away from letting me know. I will tell you that my digestive issues with this protein were few and far between, and even then, some of that discomfort had to be due to the mass amounts of calories I was packing in.

    Value: 9
    I got this at Vitamin Shoppe. Regular price was about $45 with tax, but you can get it on BOGO 50% off or, like I did, with a 20% off coupon. As I said above, there's 17g protein per serving. Most protein supplements are at least 20g, so I did a little math: the 5lb tub has 80 servings of 20g of protein (calculated from 94 servings of 17g). Stick with me now – I did that so we can compare the cost per serving much more accurately to other proteins. (The calculations below are based on 80 servings.)

    Regular price = $.56/serving.
    20% off price = $.45/serving.

    I thought that was a great price considering how much protein costs these days.

    Overall: 8

    Lightning round:
    - I would buy this protein again, just not at list price. (With a 20% off coupon or the BOGO 50% off, yes.)
    - Acceptable taste and above-average mixability.
    - This is a solid quality whey concentrate; minimal digestive issues.
    - No, it's not fat-free and carb-free, but you get what you pay for. They save money on the filtration, we save money on the protein.
    • Great Value
    • Mixes Well
      Rep: +12
      Trust: 7%
        August 1, 2011

      Okay so this is my first review after I took an unpleasant break from lifting weights so here we go!:

      This whey came across to me as an effective "value" proposition after I started a lifting routine once again. The Whey is a mix of concentrate and "protein-hydrolyzed" whey.

      Effectiveness 8.: After I recovered from hernia surgery and after a long hiatus from lifting I was... well no other way to say it.. weak! This whey quickly helped me regain my strength and mass. Its only 17g of protein per serving but alas its also over 90+ servings.

      Taste 7.: Well, I am not picky when it comes to taste but have tried a lot of proteins and if you can get past the fact that its sweetened with Splenda then you will enjoy it. Mixability is pretty good as well.

      Dosing: I take this protein postworkout, at bed time (not the best for it... yes). On off days during the morning and at night

      Overall 8.: I would recommend this whey as a good value to someone wanting to save some dough and not obsessed with grams per serving. There is better out there but this value is hard to beat.
      • Great Value
        Rep: +29
        Trust: 61%
          August 29, 2012

        Alright everyone ive used 2 tubs of this so ill give my review!

        I was choosing between this and Gold Standard and decided to pull the trigger on this due to cost and servings.

        The nutritional profile is very similar to Gold standard and its a few bucks cheaper so i figured why not!

        Taste 10/10
        I honestly thought this tasted MUCH better than Gold Standard. I honestly feel Gold Standard tastes bland and i honestly get sick of the taste halfway through a 5 pound tub. I can say i actually looked forward to these shakes though. I had chocolate and to me it tasted like nesquick.

        Mixability 10/10
        I never had any clumping when using this product. I would just throw it in the shaker shake it up and i was good to go.

        Overall i say this is a good quality protein for a good price. You get a lot of servings for the money.
        • Tastes Great!
        • Great Value
        • Mixes Well

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