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Nitro Active Platinum

  By: Body Fuse

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I absolutely love this product! This is by far the best vasodialator i have ever tried, ever! the pump that I recieved from this product was out standing you could really feel the blood rushing through your eins and through your muscles. i literally just finished my last one today and I plan on going back to get another bottle. I guarentee you will not find another supplement that will give you a better or even equal pump to this it is absolutely amazing. it really give you those pumped up veins. SIDE EFFECTS: well it does kind of make you alittle dehydrated and when i was on my first cycle it made me really sleepy but now it doesn't, now it makes me feel great. i have tried a few other products that say they give a good pump but seriously, this is the ONLY product that delivers, highly reccomend it!
  • Amazing Pump
  • Vasodialation
  • Vascularity
  • Volume
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
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