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Usage Question:

Too young to use this?

Does anyone know if I am to young, 15, to take a NO product like this?

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Posted April 15, 2011
I started taking preworkouts at age dad was really into lifting and let me use his. It does have a good chunk of caffeine so I would stick with the lowest recomended servings until your a little older. Good luck buddy, big d


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Posted April 15, 2011
most people on this site will tell you no. i think you will be fin bud. my brother is also 15 and he takes jack3d and he loves it. just start out with a lower dose than whats reccomended.

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Posted April 15, 2011
I'd be careful on what I took at 15. If you insist on taking a preworkout, then make sure it's a clean product WITHOUT any stimulants. The industry's go to stimulant for its products is caffiene, and lots of it. Caffiene lowers bone density...not caffiene abuse, but its very presence lowers bone density. At your age, your bones are still growing and forming. You don't want to take anything that could potentially compromise your physical growth. So when you choose one, choose one thats very basic. You could just make your own preworkout consisting of:

3-5grams creatine
2.5-3grams arginine
5-7grams glutamine
20-30grams maltodextrin

You'd have the creatine for cell volumizing and the arginine for your vasodiolation (your pump). Glutamine is the MOST abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue, and in intense physical training is used up fast. So the muscles need more to keep from going catabolic. Which is why I take glutamine preworkout instead of postworkout...I think its best to already have some glutamine on the way before going and depriving your body of it.The maltodextrin is a slowly digesting carbohydrate. It'll maintain glycolysis during your workout, so you wont run out of energy so fast.

I hope you haven't already made up your mindand get a chance to read this. Caffiene=bad, lil dude.


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Posted April 15, 2011
I agree with brostradamus. I understand many people start working out when they are young, and become very induced to take supplements; with that kind of motivation to get in shape, being told "No, you're not old enough" usually doesn't stick to many as they wanna use what the "big guys" use and such.

But honestly, you'll be doing yourself a favor if you wait a few more years before you get too involved with crazy supplements and pills.