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Adrenolyn Bulk

  By: Black Market

Adrenolyn Bulk is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Black Market. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

What should I take with Adrenolyn Bulk?
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  April 7, 2015

21 years old. Been training intensely for about 2 1/2 years. Trying to get big while maintaining aesthetics, while getting power lifting numbers damn high and maintaining overall athleticism. Tried almost every preworkout under the sun at least once. First time buying this particular product, always use SR for quality assessment before I buy and I saw this product didn't have a review yet so I figured what the hell.
----Ingredient Profile----
(Your thoughts on the ingredients/label of the product)
Ingredients include D-aspartic acid, creatine mono, beta alanine, caffeine (300mg/serving). Of course it's all a proprietary blend, the only thing they give is the caffeine. I really couldn't guess exactly how much D-aspartic acid is in here but if I HAD to guess i'd put my money on anywhere from .5-1G per serving. It's a decent amount, you feel like bossman in the gym and aggression is up there. Creatine monohydrate I have no idea but if I had to guess it'd be anywhere from 1-3 grams per serving. Beta alanine I have no idea either, but it's a decent amount, after taking a full scoop you get tingles and muscle numbness is pretty up there. If you take a full scoop plan to be at the gym until you kill that poo off, plus that 300mg caffeine, I'm usually at the gym 1.5-2 hours before muscle soreness gets to me.
I've only tried blue razz, it tastes amazing sorta like an energy drink. Mixes well. I would drink it at least 20 minutes before workout tho, takes a minute to kick it.

Effectiveness is definitely up there, I honestly have to say this is my favorite pre-WO at the moment, maybe cuz I got tired of all the other ones but regardless this product WORKS. As I said above if I take a full scoop (I only do when I REALLY need it, after all 300mg Caffeine is a lot) I'm usually at the gym for 2 hours killing it. My pump will wear off and I'll end up looking for other body parts to hit lmao. Gets you in the zone, music sounds better, mind muscle connection is there.

This product is a little to pricey for my preference but I'm at the point of my life where I'd rather pay a higher price for a quality product then not.

----Side Effects----
Standard preWO sideeffects, I mean if you take 300mg caffeine you will feel some type of way once you come down. But I like that I don't get super jittery and crack feeling, while still getting super energy. Sometimes I only sleep couple hours a night cuz of my work then work 12 hrs and this still gets me killing the gym.

If you have the cash, invest in it. Fave preWO atm, hopefully price goes down from 50$
  • Good Value
  • Increased Energy
  • Non Jittery
  • Too Expensive
  • Proprietary Blend Is Annoying
  • Specifically On How Much Creatine Is In Here
  • Occasionally It'll Give You A Nauseous Feeling Towards The End Of Your Workout
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