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Beast Mode Reviews

By: Beast Sports Nutrition


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Ranks #145 of 220 (better than 34%) in
Pre-Workout > Stimulant

Beast Mode is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Beast Sports Nutrition. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.


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  April 2, 2013

Beast Mode provided a lot of energy for my workout from start to end. I have tried other pre workout products so I was aware of what I wanted out of it. Beast Mode does all it promises, really gets you pumped, training hard and focused, however, the crash was horrible at the end.

Taste and Mixability: 7/10
I did not like the taste of the fruit punch flavor because I could not taste much of fruit punch. Mixing of the powder was easy, just pour the product to shaker bottle together with 18oz of water. No sign of
clumps and powder dissolve quickly in about 8 seconds.

Effectiveness: 8/10
In terms of effectiveness, this is the most important part for a pre workout supplement. Beast mode provided me with enough energy to get me in the mood to go train and train for a good period. Focus was great and strength was noticeable. I noticed after couple weeks dosage doubled because I wanted that good feeling to stay high. I could sense I was building up my tolerance to the product but I justupped the dose and it kept me happy. The crash at the end was worth it because of the good workout I got, but appetite did also suffer.

Overall: 8/10

Beast Mode I think is a great pre-workout supplement that gave me high levels of energy and increase stamina. The mixing of the powder was good, a normal after taste like any other pre workout but all in all it was a great pre. Would definitely use again and recommend. Wish the tub didn't finish so quickly..
  • Increased Energy
  • High Beta Alanine
  • Slightly Increased Strength
  • Added Focus
  • Bad Taste
  • Crash Post Workout
Rep: +1,390
Trust: 100%
  April 24, 2012

Ah yes, Beast Mode. A loooong overdue review for a product that pretty much landed in my lap for free. I actually had to review my "Beast Mode" log to jog my memory, but I remember quite a bit about this pre. To make a long story short, decent preworkout that can serve as a nice change up to a staple product. To make a long story long... keep reading.

Background/Label Claims:

Well, as some of you can remember from my logs and the forum that after a long run around with PharmaPro and Beast Nutrition, lots of bottles of pills and powders changed hands. In the end, I ended up reimbursed with samples, a bottle of Super Test, a bottle of Beast Mode, and a shaker cup. Big shout out to Beast Nutrition for their efficiency and understanding given the situation. If you want to know more, check my "Beast Mode Recomp" log.

Anyways, I figured this would be yet another serviceable "concentrated" preworkout. The label claims that this is a "professional strength pre-workout blend that energizes the body to compete on a higher level." Nothing wrong here, got above average energy with every use. Other claims: quick dissolving powder, fast acting formula, increased energy/focus/intensity, and boost body mass & strength. Other than the fact that the powder mixed like a nightmare and I didn't gain (actually lost) weight while taking this, I'd say that Beast Mode lives up to, but doesn't exceed, the rest of the claims.

Profile: 7

I used 3 scoops at a time versus 2, so my numbers are a bit higher than listed:

Calories: 15
Carbs: 3g
Mass/Density/Muscle Endurance Blend: 9775 mg (CreaPure, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Di-Arginine Malate, Vandium Citrate)
Energy/Intensity/B-Vit Blend: 612 mg (Caffeine, Thiamine HCl (B1), Niacin, Pyridoxine HCl (B6), Methylcobalamin (B12))
Neurostim Co-Factors: 393 mg (DMAE, Mucuna Puriens, Ginko Biloba, Huperzia Extract)

Active Ingredients: 10.78g/3 scoops

Decent profile but nothing special. I like the fact that they use CreaPure because it's the most pure form of mono. I am also a big fan of Beta Alanine and Citrulline. However, I HATE when supp companies try to pass ANY Arginine off as a pump product, and Vandium Citrate provided no noticeable affects.

Speaking of no noticeable affects, it would appear that even though some solid supps are in the mass prop blend, none of them are properly dosed. The whole prop blend of 5 ingredients doesn't even provide 10 g of ingredient, and for comparison's sake a full dose of CreaPure and Citrulline alone would come to 11 g. Underdosing is a huge pet peeve of mine, so for that, and for adding arginine, the Beast Mode loses points.

Value/Usage: 8

Like I stated earlier, I was taking 3 scoops/workout instead of 2. But I liked that unlike most concentrated preworkout formulas, 3 scoop servings would still provide 30 days of product. With most concentrated pres (Jack3d, Craze, etc.), 3 scoops = 15 servings. Literally double the product.

After shopping around, I found that this product is reasonably priced (as far as pres go) for about $34. At my serving amount, that's ~$1.13/workout. Solid value, not the best, but worthy of an 8 considering how many workouts it will last you.

Taste/Mixability: 5

I had the fruit punch flavor, and I used 3 scoops in ~10 oz of water 5-15 minutes before a workout for 30 straight workouts. Let's just put it this way, this product is not for people who get caught up in minor details like good taste and mixability. Reason being is that this stuff smelled and tasted like fruity cough syrup with a chemically aftertaste, and it mixed pretty terribly. There was never a time where it mixed fully off of one round of shaking the cup, and it left bits on the bottom every time and even stained my cup a few times (until I washed it off). Even when mixed, it was very foamy. But I personally don't put too much stock into taste, and not as much as other do into mixability because I don't mind adding some water to my shaker a few times to get the last bits. Good taste for me is just icing on the cake; Beast Mode = no icing.

Effectiveness: 7

Yet another 7 here. Might as well call this stuff "7s". This did give me energy, but nothing drastic. For those of you who've had Assault (old formula), it's a mild stim blend like that. For those who haven't, imagine 2 cups of black coffee. Nothing special, but better than nothing.

Focus was hit and miss. There were a few days where the going was really good, but on a better note there weren't really any days where it didn't increase focus AT LEAST a tiny bit.

As far as the pump goes, it was definitely there, but mild as well. Considering the Citrulline is the 3rd ingredient in the prop blend of only 9gs, I'd guess there's about 3g Citrulline in here (probably less). I got solid pumps with 6 g pure Citrulline, but 3 g is mild at best. Also considering I got some decent pumps from the Super Test I stacked with this, I'd venture to say this is a mediocre pump product.

As far as strength goes, I did continue to add strength consistently, and I'd venture to say that it was slightly better than taking nothing at all. But I only got the Beta Alanine tingles a few times, which was just re-affirming my underdosed assumption. I was also able to lose weight (~6 lbs) while on this product, but I attribute that mostly to changing the style of my workouts to include plyometrics and sprints. I wouldn't consider this a weight loss product in the slightest.

Overall: 7

As you can see, I am under the assumption that this product is the epitome of an "average" preworkout. There was no singular category that stood out except for value. With every product, there's usually one aspect that sticks out: Jack3d and Muscle Marinade for energy, Craze for focus, Assault for strength, etc. But this one gave average/slightly above average increases in everything. That's not a bad thing, but it's not really a good thing.

In conclusion, Beast Mode is a decent product, but my recommendation is a bit ambiguous. If this stuff falls in your lap like it did for me, or if you find it on sale, or if you just want to take a break from your regular, you should consider running it. If you don't fit those categories, look elsewhere.
  • Good Value
  • Slightly Increased Strength
  • Added Focus
  • Full 30 Servings
  • Funky Taste
  • Underdosed
  • Includes Arginine
Rep: +25
Trust: 52%
  April 18, 2012

Just finished off my bottle of this stuff today. This is a pre-workout and i had decided to try and est the waters with since jack3d was starting to build a tolerance with me. I had gotten it for around $28

I had ordered the fruit punch flavor and i must say it kind of tastes like cherry robitussen, not the best stuff. But its not about the taste, right? it mixed up perfectly fine in my blender bottle with a little grit at the bottom, i just added a splash of water and pounded the last bit back, cant let any go to waste.

I'm on the border with this stuff. I did notice myself being a little stronger taking this compared to nothing, but nothing too special. I didn't really get a whole lot of energy, just more of my heart wanting to explode while doing cardio on this stuff. The beta-alanine tingle was sick though, took it about 15 mins before i got to the weightroom and by the time i stepped in the door i got tingling and knew it was go-time, everytime.

All in all, there are easily better pre-workouts on the market that i will surely use before i order this stuff again. but for those who are a little strapped on cash it is a starting place.

  • High Beta Alanine
  • Slightly Increased Strength
  • Not Much Added Energy
  • Bad Taste

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