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Bronkaid is a bronchial congestion relief drug that provides relief for shortness of breath, chest tightness and weezing. It's off-label use includes being used as the backbone of a homemade ECA stack. This product should only be used in the manner in which it was intended.

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    • Supresses Appetite (1)
    • Increased Focus (1)
    • Increased Energy (1)
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    February 20, 2012
    Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 9


    Reviews: 14

    Age: 28

    February 20, 2012
     I have taken this in the past in combination with caffeine. Basically, I ran the EC Stack (leaving out aspirin). Since Bronkaid contains a nice dose of Ephedrine, this was my source for that.

    Taste: N/A

    Ingredients: 10/10
    Epehedrine Sulfate and 400 mg Guaifenesin. These ingredients are perfect for a cut. The Ephedrine gives you the extra boost, and the Guaifenesin is not really needed, but actually clears breathing, so it is an added bonus.

    Effects/Sides: 9/10
    You usually feel a nice little kick from the ephedrine in a standard dose. Each tablet contains 25 mg of Ephedrine Sulfate, which is not pure ephedrine. Ephedrine Sulfate is 77% Ephedrine by weight, so each table contains around 19 mg of Ephedrine. This is more than enough, and I would not suggest taking two tablets at once.

    Take this as prescribed. Of course the effects are intensified and synergistic with caffeine. I received a ton more energy, elevated heart rate (nothing major at all), increased focus, as well as a sense of euphoria. I really noticed appetite suppression from the Bronkaid. I also noticed some thermogenic effects from the Bronkaid as well. I tended to sweat more.

    I dosed three times daily as follows:
    Morning: 1 Bronkaid Tab + 200 mg Caffeine
    Mid Day: 1 Bronkaid Tab + 200 mg Caffeine
    Evening: 1 Bronkaid Tab + 200 mg Caffeine

    As with any stim, do not take if you have or have had a heart condition. See a doctor if you have questions or concerns. I wouldn't take this later in the day if stims keep you
    up at night either.

    Value: 8/10
    The value is good, but the price can get a little higher than most stims due to this being in the pharm section of your drug store. It's still not very expensive considering you get a lot of tablets per box.

    Overall I would give this a solid 9. For the money and limited sides, this is hard to beat. I would definitely recommend to a responsible, healthy, adult.
    • Supresses Appetite
    • Increased Focus
    • Increased Energy
      Reply #1:

      Joined: 1/2012
      Reviews: 3
      Reputation: +16
      Good review, I have taken it before also. I dosed it just like you said, it really does work. I like your last sentence "responsible, healthy, adult." AGREED. Don't be stupid you can hurt yourself taking this.

      Reply #2:

      Joined: 7/2011
      Reviews: 14
      Reputation: +180
      Exactly. That's why people end up in the hospital. Once you swallow that pill, there's pretty much no turning back. Do your homework ya know?

      Reply #3:

      Joined: 3/2009
      Reviews: 62
      Reputation: +2600
      You found 25mg tabs? I thought they all reverted to 12.5mg tabs starting in 2010?

      Reply #4:

      Joined: 7/2011
      Reviews: 14
      Reputation: +180
      Yeah they are 25 mg, but since its Sulfate, its only likle 19 mg.

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