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MSten Extreme

By Assault Labs
MSten Extreme Assault Labs
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Trust: 0%

Did exactly as the bottle said!

January 29, 2014

Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 10

I purchased this product from one of the various PH sites on the web and I wanted to give a full review on the product (including a medical analysis). But first I need to discuss my dosing. For the first three weeks, I took 1 4mg capsule three times a day spread over 8 hour intervals, adding up to...

Trust: 3%

M sten assault labs by maddman

March 28, 2014

Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10

I took msten for four weeks.I dosed it at one capsule a day for four days.Then two caples until second week then finished off with three capsules for remainer of bottle.after week one I notice muscle fullness from more glycogen being stored.week two I noticed four pounds in weight gain and looking a...